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The original thread was made by Mauntille from Heaven's Tear and can be found here: Useful Venomancer Links. Keep in mind all of the links there are broken. If there are links from the old thread that I didn't add in this one it's because of one of the following reasons: The information of the thread is outdated, there is a better thread for that particular topic or I couldn't find the link anymore. If you have any links you think that should be added to this list let me know.

Venomancer Class

Venomancer Guide
Venomancer Wiki
Venomancer in Dungeons
Weaknesses in PvE
Venomancer Luring

Venomancer Guide to Skills
Venomancer Skill Books

What gives more damage? Sage Amplify or Demon Amplify?
Amp priority: Sage or Demon?
Sage Soul Degeneration: How it works
Sage Soul Degeneration and nerfed EXP
Soul Degeneration: Any use in PvE?
Crush Vigor Uses

Reflect Skills
Reflect Skills Mechanics
How reflect damage works
Bramble and Clerics
Bramble on classes with leap skills
Bramble Guard Misconceptions

General Skills
Ecatomb Skill Tree page - no longer updated as of August 2014
Venomancer Skill Animations
Spirit Fox Form Quest
Lending Hand: How to spark yourself
When to pass Chi to someone
Passing Chi to Blademasters
Most underrated Venomancer skill?

Morai Skills
Video links are included in the thread.
Morai Skills Information
Morai Skills
Soul Link/Soul Shatter and Attack Levels
Soul Link/Soul Shatter

Primal World Skills
Video links are included in the threads.
Redstone Venomworm ^ Grudge Strike ^ Dark Taboo ^ Malefic Crush
Primal Malefic Crush Discussion

Elysium Skills
Video links are included in the thread.
Elysium update skills reviews/discussion

Primal Warfare Update Skills
Video links are included in the thread.
Primal Warfare Venomancer skills discussion

Venomancer Glyph Skills
Video links are included in the threads.
Venomancer Glyphs
Venomancer Glyph testing
Sanguine Glyph on Crush Vigor

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