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weapons choices

im getting to the point to where i have to make gear and was wanting some input on weapons like Pataka, magic sword,Galives im a pure magic veno and doing a 9mag-1str every to levels and i have 5 points always remaining after so i have 213mag-25str and wondering witch weapon you guys would choice


  • catgirldesucatgirldesu Fluffy Fox Posts: 993 Arc User
    The pataka is widely hated by most players. The majority of players use them only because the Venomancer's rank gear has only one weapon choice. There are a few that like or are fine with Patakas, but for the most part people avoid them. The reason is that it has a large gap between minimum and maximum magic attack. This makes your damage random and inconsistent. It gives you a chance for high spike damage, but otherwise it's very random.

    Unless there is weapon restriction (eg. TT level 60 has only one magic weapon), people generally like to use Magic Swords or Glaives. The gap of the min-max magic attack of those two weapons is smaller. The Magic Sword is a bit more consistent in damage whereas the Glaive has a little better spike damage.

    Wands are usually used by Clerics or Mystics who like to heal a lot. Wands have the smallest gap, very little spike damage potential but have consistent attack power which benefits heal skills. Some Venomancers like them though.

    While leveling, you should probably just pick whatever new weapon you can get that is stronger than your previous one, but try to avoid Patakas because they are a little random.
  • cynderangelcynderangel Posts: 193 Arc User
    So glad you responded to her. Your veno knowledge is much better than mine.
    102/101/102 cleric
  • catgirldesucatgirldesu Fluffy Fox Posts: 993 Arc User
    edited November 2015
    You're doing well, don't worry. monkey-47.gif​​
  • cynderangelcynderangel Posts: 193 Arc User
    I'll take that as a compliment. :3 I'm not opposed to constructive criticism though. My veno is still a baby since I mained a cleric for the last few years.

    Back on topic, my veno has my cleric's glaive waiting for her for when she hits 100, but as I levelled, I wasn't very picky about weapon type. I do really like the level 85 glaive (aquadash), but anything of the appropriate level from the TT forges will be fine. I'd just look for add on stats that appeal to you - magic, channelling, maybe vit if you feel squishy. Or you could check out the Quicksand Maze forges. I'm not so familiar with that gear, but it's supposed to be very good.
    102/101/102 cleric
  • yeah a friend that played veno was recomending i run with her threw quicksand maze to make the gear that is there so i might trying switch between magic sword and galive to and Catgirldesu i have actually watched a few of your solo videos to see if i can learn a new things and finding when it apporite to heal pet cause i panic a lil still when glacial walker gets low on health
  • oh and wondering do you know where i can tame a low lvl petie wasp lvl 8-12 one cause lvl 80 one is far away
  • sylenthundersylenthunder Support Guru Posts: 3,052 Community Moderator
    The original sawfly was around Courage Path, just North of Antiquity.

    Personally though, the Cloud SkateFish that's just over Camp Wave Breakers North of Raging Tides is a lot more versatile.​​
  • yeah i have one and a friend and other recomend foxwing anf cloud is hard to keep lvled and im looking for a petie wasp for pvp way later on cause high damage and fast for a pet u can tame plus it evloves into thorn bee
  • also adding about patakas is why do most venos use them? i know the get the high spike damge but what if you switch between like magic sword and pataka? and keep ur str at 54-64 or if u have the +str gear on
  • testxvitestxvi Posts: 308 Arc User
    edited November 2015
    I use to dislike pataka back in the days and was more in favor for the magic sword and wand, but the pataka isn't too bad when you get better gear and will have a more acceptable minimum magic damage. Venos do have a little lower magic damage than other magic classes, so having a bit of spike damage isn't too bad, even though it can be a bit random. I believe the patakas has become more populair for venos after the game has been getting better and better gear. Of course that doesn't mean everyone will end up with pataka one day, there will still be plenty of venos with glaives and magic sword, but just a more even number between pataka, glaive, and magic sword.
    But for lvling purposes... I would stick to a weapon with lower damage range.​​
    Satyrion - Sanctuary (mypers.pw/9/#436708) Hoorah
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