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Morai order/primal skills confusion after hiatus from game.

CaitlinDan - Heavens TearCaitlinDan - Heavens Tear Posts: 187 Arc User
edited August 2014 in Venomancer
Hi guys. I've been gone for way too long and came back to realize that I've lost most of my bookmarks for certain things, and am really lost.

I was wondering if someone could point me to information (old threads or otherwise, a reply here) about the following things.

1. Morai orders. Somehow, before I left a year ago, I went to Shroud, but I've no idea what for. Can I find out what is the best way to go about for orders, and the skills to get at each?

2. Primal orders. I've no clue what this is about. I hear there are new skills... Is there a thread about it as well?

Thank youuuu.
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  • Evryn - MoraiEvryn - Morai Posts: 1,437 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Morai orders and available skills:

    I've recently updated the wiki with all the skills the orders offer so you can check which order gives which skills for your class. AEU skills aren't order dependent so those aren't included.

    Primal: These are skills you can obtain after rebirthing your character. They are generally improvements over existing sage or demon skills, sometimes combining 2 or more skills into a single more powerful one (or, less powerful one - not all primal skills are improvements according to most players).
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  • Desdi - SanctuaryDesdi - Sanctuary Posts: 8,680 Arc User
    edited August 2014
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    Morai Skills:

    The link above has a lot of information about the Morai orders so you should check it out.

    Shroud has Natural Synergy. You can use it whenever you have a pet out to make yourself and the pet immune to movement debuffs (anti-stun) for 10 seconds and it also increases the pet's attack for a short time. The skill is pretty good but costs one spark, has a long-ish cooldown and requires a pet out.

    If I remember correctly you're Demon (unless you changed cultivation) and Demons already have Summer Sprint for anti-stun. I usually keep Natural Synergy for PvE purposes. For Sages, it's another story since that's their only anti-stun unless their weapon procs.

    Corona has Bewitch which forces the enemy into a Puffbird (or Tiger, Squirrel, if you get other versions later). The opponent won't be able to use skills and will be knocked out of their form (knocks Barbarians out of tiger/panda form, knocks Clerics out of UVD). It's one of your best interrupt/seal skills (available for Fox Form only). In PvE it only seals mobs, it's mostly a PvP skill.

    In Luminance there's Blazing Barrier. It's a weaker form of Bramble Hood but... it costs less chi (so more spam-able), the reflect works in open world PK too, it reflects ranged physical damage (like Archers), it stacks with Bramble Hood..and it's overall pretty awesome! It's great for both PvE and PvP alike.

    Out of the non-order Morai skills, Chi Burn is the most important one. Burns the opponents chi by 150. That's quite a lot. Couple that with Mo Zun's Taunt for 200 Chi and then there's also Crush Vigor too.. :D

    Primal Skills:

    Grudge Strike

    Redstone Venomworm

    Dark Taboo

    Malefic Crush

    Stunning Blow remains the same, just gets damage increase and always hits so there was no need for a thread about it.

    Chi gain: Sage and Demon might be an interesting read for you, as it includes the new skills (Demon Grudge Strike and Dark Taboo give chi).

    There are also new "passive skills" that increase defences, damage and critical hit ratio. They are like Wood Mastery/Melee Mastery that you learn and it's there forever. They require Primordial Blood and Sky levels (Sky levels are included in the Reawakening FAQ below).

    Misc Primal Info:

    Reawakening FAQ all you need to know about rebirth and at the bottom includes links to other useful guides if needed.

    War Avatar & Nuema the new "gear" type available in-game.

    Flowsilver and Venos new instance for farming War Avatars (requires Rebirth 1).

    Undercurrent and Venos another new instance (requires Rebirth 2) for farming a variety of things including Primordial Blood for new skills (the Blood can be obtained through dailies but the instance speeds up the process).

    Flowsilver Palace - Full Venomancer Squad because Venomancers are awesome.

    The Useful Venomancer Links has just about anything you might need I think.

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