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Starting HA Veno.

gorgasmedgorgasmed Posts: 17 Arc User
edited October 2015 in Venomancer
Hello guys. Im an old player, i have lots of RB characters. I stopped playing for some time, and came back for the sake of having fun again. I have an AA veno already, and wanted to start something different, HA veno.

It's sharing stuff with all my HA characters. There is a full G16 (NV3) Set there, and also HH80 Gold HA set i want to wear before i reach endgame. I would like any clues how do i build myself through till lv100 (How to put the stats actually), and an advice for the add-on accesories/cape i might need to have to get a decent 80+ gameplay with the items i have.

I might need an advice for a STARTING DD pet which helps with some lvling, questing etc. Excluding cash shop pets for now.

Anything will be helpful. I checked the guides here and there, but still looking for some information they lack. (Sorry for the language, English is not my native one).
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  • eirghaneirghan Posts: 1,912 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    Well, I can share my experience which maybe will give you some insight that guides may not :)

    Despite guides suggesting levelling as AA, I insisted on being HA from level 1. I had to stack all of my stats into strength and dex in order to maintain decent gear which I chose to focus on instead of stacking for weapon (probably not the best idea - If I did it over again I would put enough dex/str to maintain gear 20 to 30 levels below mine and stack the rest into magic for weapon. Never stat any vit until you have points to spare, your survivability will be from str/mag stats). At lower levels, my pet heals were the absolute ****, so were my magic attacks, and my channel sucked to boot. When I tried to fight bosses I couldn’t tank myself I often found I couldn’t have my pet tank them either because I could not heal them fast enough, so that is definitely a consideration if you are really focused on solo play – don’t expect to be able to go in and do your own FBs straight off the bat just because you’re HA. It won't always work. That said i definitely soloed a LOT of things i should not have been able to xD.

    I honestly would still recommend to have a decent tank pet until you RB and get enough stats to wear your end game gear. I still use my glacial walker to aggro mobs at the end of large pulls as well to give myself enough time to nova without getting interrupted. Since you already have a veno I’m sure you know the basics (glacial walker being most popular tank pet). I personally used the scorpion you get at level 3 for attack, then I got a dark wanderer, and also expanded and got a moon toad (for magic tank) and a few others that looked goofy. For lower levels really any pet with a nice dps will do. For mid to higher level daily questing where you don’t need to worry too much about tanking and would like to have extra DD knowlin is a popular choice, along with the thorn bee and other high DPS/attack pets as in those situations you will be able to tank yourself. For squad play I often would choose pets with good debuffs that I could add to my own since I was not contributing a lot of damage.

    I was wearing TT80 gear with a level 80 magic sword until level 100 and I RBed. If you have TT80 gold, jackpot~! After I RBed I was finally able to equip both my HA G16/NV3 and my warsoul weapon and oh man that felt good :)

    My veno gets rekt in TW/NW against top tier factions, but can win 1v1s against some moderately refined/sharded r999s and can solo a ton of things. Her attack still is not amazing but what she lacks in firepower she definitely makes up for in tank factor! All in all I’m pretty proud of her and love to play her. I regret there not being a r999 HA option, but well, that’s what you get for being unique :P

    Current Gear and stats:mypers.pw/4/#151750
    A few goofy youtube videos on my veno:
    HA veno vs top tier faction: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Io3AWdGMp-M
    HA veno pk vs endgame r999 sin: https://youtube.com/watch?v=GQun0D_KoLg
    HA veno vs Warsong water pav: https://youtube.com/watch?v=ABIFiuJQf64

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  • kittyempressakittyempressa Posts: 268 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    If you can afford getting some stat ornaments, going HA-veno from 1 ish a good idea as a HA-veno can solo her PVs by spamming Befuddling Mist while AA-venos have difficulties later ones even RB'd.

    Before lvl 100 Kitty suggests statting towards what's needed for next available piece of gear. If you can get a dreamchaser pack, those armors are enough to reach lvl 80 to equip your TT80 Gold-set (which ish more than enough for reaching 100 if refined+sharded).

    As leveling ornaments Kitty suggests Eye of the Jungle, a lvl 2 stat-tome, whatever 3***-cape with str./dex./mag. stats you can find and Demon Panther Rings with minor str/dex/mag engrave(not expensive thingie to do, but these rings are a bit difficult to come by) and Dreamchaser neck. And some helm with one of those 3 stats, Warsoul of Earth being the best option.
    In case you can't find Demon Panther Rings, having 2 rings from Dreamweaver Treasure Hunt-quest(Treasure Hunt VII if Kitty remembers correctly) are good alternatives if you get one on HA-veno and stash another from other char.
    Those will be fine until 80+ when you can use Sky Demon's Pearl(with dex/str/mag engrave) @87, OHT-stat belts for more str/dex/mag(there's some around every now and then in AH) @93 and Bands of Heaven's Jail @97.

    With that kind of gears Kitty was able to use gears just a couple levels after they became available. She recorded a PV60+ solo video at 74: https://youtube.com/watch?v=bYMks8vjwFA (Link to PWcalc in description) and she recorded another video of her PV85+ solo run from time when she was leveling her demon HA-veno towards 100 (as non-RB): https://youtube.com/watch?v=AOnN7maRh2s(a bit OP-gears for level, though).

    At 100 Kitty suggests having 285 base magic and rest to str. so that you would be as little as possible dependant on a stat-gear piece. Though if you use only T3-HA set, aim for 285 magic with cape on. The reason why Kitty thinks a HA-veno should be able to use any kinds of ornaments ish because she prefers being able to use G14 elem. neck+belt and any rings.

    If you can afford, Kitty suggests getting T3 AA-set (for times when you need to go DPH-mode) and APS-gears(for PVE-DPS) for your HA-veno as APS-power with m. sword in Fox ish HA-veno's real power, Kitty thinks.
    True, pataka has higher m. damage spike and slightly better average phys. damage but you can't APS with it. With magic sword you can reach 2,5APS. With 650 dex. sin's phys. damage multiplier. And HA-veno's foxy tankiness.

    Kitty's reason for thinking of APS as HA-veno's best source of DPS ish that with APS you can hit 4-6 times while skillspamming you'd hit one slightly stronger hit. Like 4-6xbase damage vs 1,5xbase damage. And if you stat minimum needed for weapon in magic and rest to str, you'll have phys. base damage equal to your mag. base damage.
    Btw, if Kitty's accidentally succeeded in killing someone, it's almost always been by proccing phys. myriad and Stunning Blow -> APSing the enemy to death in full T3. Works especially well against BM's by luring them to first use phys. marrow, then mag. marrow and killing while marrows are on CD. If you want to kill by throwing spells, you're better off as AA-veno. Though Kitty admits that in AA-gears sage HA-veno has almost same sparked base damage as pure mag. demon veno.

    For a HA-veno Kitty finds debuffer or damage pet as best choice as pets can't really keep aggro from a HA-veno (at least not from Kitty's venos). Tank pet isn't too useful because you tank better and kill stuff faster tanking yourself than by tanking with pet. On debuffer pet Kitty prefers having def./res. debuffs and maybe phys. attack debuff to compensate for times when Myriads don't proc. As damage pet she's using evolved scorpion loaded with fire, water, earth and metal skills to have every element available for her. As mood skills she has Wraithslayer and some other buff to enhance her scorpion's skill damage.
    Btw, that uselessness ish why Kitty's named her Glacial Walker as "KittySama's FailQ.Q" and she's only using it to take first 50k hit at frenzy bosses. Such a good sacrifice to the Warsong God.

    If you want to PVP on your HA-veno, you pretty much need max. spirit available, passives leveled and preferably T3+10 HA-set as (at least on Tideswell) most people you're facing are r9rr+10s. Otherwise you'll be mostly 1-shot (like Kitty who's too busy to do all the primal stoofs yet and has just T3+7 HA-set).

    PVE-wise as T3+5 you'll be able to pull in FWS, solo any pav with ease (Kitty doesn't need crabs nor she ticks her charm in others than Water), tank many bosses(if you have enough damage to keep aggro, Kitty doesn't have that problem in her APS-gears) and solo all PVs. If you know how to play your class, that ish.
    But Kitty's making guide vids for doing stuff on HA-veno, among everything else, so at least there's some resources to learn from.

    Kitty's pav-videos on HA-veno:
    Water on HA-veno(in full T3)
    Earth on HA-veno(in APS-gears)
    Wood on HA-veno(in full T3)

    Btw, a little hint on how not to get interrupted channeling ParaNova: at the end of the pull use AD(or Fortify if mobs haven't reached joo or demon Summer Sprint), then Feral Concentration(you won't be stunned 'cause AD's anti-stun) and Fox Myriad -> ParaNova -> Noxious Gas. Also works for AA-venos.
    That kinda used to be Kitty's favourite TW-combo. First she ran into a group, AD-Feral'd, Fox Myriad and ParaNova, followed by sage Purge stealing boofs from everyone in range. Btw, Kitty's record at purging that way ish 6 enemies at once <.< >.>
    Kitty's actually won some duels wearing only her magic sword 'cause AD-Feral too OP.

    Kitty's sorry about super-long semi-educative wall of text.

    Kitty's gone. She gave up on PWI. And she's a black metal Kitty naow.

    Kitty's Youtube-channel("Kitty does eet"-series and much moar): KittysamaRT
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  • eirghaneirghan Posts: 1,912 Arc User
    Eh. I'm not into APS. It's mostly dead on my server.​​
  • gorgasmedgorgasmed Posts: 17 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    Wow, i love you both! Got everything i needed actually. Really appreciate those text walls!
    My veno is just a week-old, and lv82 now. Im wearing the gold HH80, with lv70 M.Sword from Qsand maze. Only thing i lack for now is the damage, which is really annoying sometimes, but can live with it. Also cant find the nix ticket, wasting teles like mad, and not even one PM after a week. But its not a rush i guess for now.

    Last thing im not sure about is Culti Path. As far as i looked on the benefits, i'd choose Sage over Demon but im still not sure about that. May i ask for one last advice? o:)
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