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Amp Priority: Sage or Demon?

pwizz23pwizz23 Posts: 16 Arc User
When using amp, which one has priority? Will sage overwrite demon, or demon overwrite sage? Or will the 2nd one not have any effect?


  • catgirldesucatgirldesu Fluffy Fox Posts: 993 Arc User
    edited July 2015
    Amplify Damages overwrite each other, regardless of level, as far as I know.

    You'll generally want Sage Amplify to go first, because while the difference is about 4% in calculations (the search function on these new forums kinda sucks so I can't link you to the post with the calculations), Sage is still a little stronger, and therefore should go first.

    If the Sage Venomancer is too slow and doesn't use Amplify Damage in time, the Demon Venomancer in squad might use theirs instead. If this is a short boss fight, the Sage Venomancer should overwrite Demon Amplify with Sage one anyway.*
    If it's a long boss fight however, the Sage Venomancer should wait and use their Amplify when Demon wears off or is about to wear off. This is because if the Sage Venomancer overwrites Demon Amplify, then both Amplify skills will be on cooldown and the boss will be left without Amplify for some time.

    That's just nitpicking though. With today's gear, passives and other stuff, killing takes little time so any kind of Amplify is just fine. However, if a it's a lower level squad or a lower geared squad that take time to kill bosses, yeah you'll want Sage Amplify to go first. This is assuming you have a Sage and a Demon Venomancer in squad.

    *This might not always be the case though. If the squad is really strong, the Sage Venomancer might as well just DD, because the boss will die too fast. No need to bother getting Sage Amplify over Demon.
  • astralwalkastralwalk Posts: 58 Arc User
    Literally would love to see this kind of coordination from other venos because venos over writing or amping (or purging) at the same time is secretly my petpeeve. This applies to bramble too, which i really feel pertentious asking if you have demon bramble too when u over write my bramble on the whole squad for some reason. like why do that anyway if they're already buffed!?

    But yeah generally if u know someone else is sage let them amp first (and hopefully use soul degen too). If they don't do it in a timely fashion ask yourself wtf is this fox doing and proceed to amplify the damage yourself !!

    Veno is love. Veno is life.
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