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Quicksand Maze and Venos

Desdi - SanctuaryDesdi - Sanctuary Posts: 8,680 Arc User
edited January 2015 in Venomancer
Hello fellow Venomancers!

Since I did it for the Primal instances too, here's some Venomancer-related tips for the newest instance.

Quicksand Maze video by me.
Current Quicksand Maze discussion.

- You can use Sage Soul Degeneration on Captains. They aren't immune to HP debuffs. Bosses, however, are immune to it. (At least the ones I've encountered so far).

- You can use Parasitic Nova on Captains except those that can stun, petrify or have any other movement-related abilities/skills.

- Several bosses switch between Wood/Magic resistance and Physical resistance, make use of your Fox Form attacks!

- Use your AOEs and Myriads a lot! They help.

- The instance is rather pet friendly. It will die here and there, but you can make use of your pet for the most part. The chi-related boss, unlike FSP, doesn't kill your pet. Unless, of course, your pet steals aggro.

- I haven't tried the Hercules in there yet so I don't know if the he can tank any of the bosses.

I'll add more as I learn new things. If anyone has tried the low-level Quicksand Maze let me know :3
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  • Tsukishi - DreamweaverTsukishi - Dreamweaver Posts: 50 Arc User
    edited December 2014
    i did the low level quicksand maze for my stormbringer a few times now ill share what i have seen. I solo'ed it with my veno main, lvl 101 rb1 full g16. i think that a standard squad of tank/healer/dps can manage it quite fine though. the main problem was that only Nightshade are low level atm thanks to the lvl95 crystal >_<

    For the most part, its the same as the lvl 100 mode, i watched the video u linked cuz i havent done the high level one yet.

    Basically u can prt in at lvl 50 and u can get 2 quests once a day (you acquire quest automatically when u start instance) however u can run the instance as many times as u like. So u can get quest reward once daily, (each quest was 4 of the required material to make armor/weapon, so 8 total from one daily run) but boss mat drops multiple times in a day. One quest is to kill a boss and the other was to kill 2 manasprite; which is something the 2 main bosses will spawn when they die and you one hit it so cause the drops to well, drop.

    Also you need 4 people at least to start adn they must be inside the instance just like twilight temple. the party leader level will determine the range opened and if someone is lower than level range the leader would open u can't start it. however u can kick that person for 1 sec start instance and re-invite them.

    There can be 2-3 possible paths from what ive seen so far, at the end of a 'false' path the last mobs will drop these items called "source of force" or something like that (no, not the things u need to get a legendary cs pet xD ) which can be used at the last boss to dig 2 shiny staff looking objects. In the 50-64 mode it gave a mag or phys attk buff to the person who dug the thingy, in the 65-79 mode the buff from it was an aura around the dig point and u had it if u stood near it. If you are solo-ing it with a high level main like i have been those dont matter at all though.

    You have the same quests to kill the mobs and captains as you advance and the captains like in the lvl 100 mode have unique attributes.

    as for bosses i have encountered so far:

    A guy that resembles the Earth Boss in Warsong City but with floating dice around him. He spawns a Dice which u have to attack and it will say small or big (from what i have seen, this guy i haven't completely figured out yet). I believe that will determine his damage on his powerful skill he uses. If you do not attack the dice and kill it, the powerful skill he uese will kill you, as far as i have seen. I could be mistaken about this guy. He has been the only boss that killed me so far, when i didnt hit the dice. Also after he uses his big skill he will sleep you. He has deaden nerves and anti-aps buff.

    Next was a boss that spawned colored circles like in the 100 mode in the video u linked. this one seemed much less tricky or complex than the lvl 100 version, but did the same thing i think where u had to stand in the correct circle or it would become immune.

    A Pair of tall lanky guys, one blue one red. One will start with 4 buffs: phys and elem immunity, deaden nerves and anti-aps. The other will only have anti-aps to start. Focus the the non-immune one obviously. when he gets low the immunity buffs will transfer to him and then you must kill the other one. After that the remaining will become vulnerable and u gg him. Not too hard imo.

    A simple boss that had deaden nerve and anti-aps (not quite sure on his buffs but most bosses encountered had either one of both of those). He was big kinda round looking guy and after a little bit the screen will black out for a moment and then there will be 2. He was pretty easy to fight idk if he had any tricks besides the double thing, i didnt notice anything else.

    There was one other one i have seen so far but i dont remember what was special about him.

    another thing to note was 2 captain unique attributes. one of them picked me up and suspeneded me in mid air for a brief time. Another had 'witchcraft' which literally cast bewtich on me >_<

    Also im wondering which level you can get "Earthbless Tomes" from, which are used for the morai recast. i didnt see any drop in the lvl 100 run u did in the video and i havent seen them in ranges 50-79. if anyone knows please share :D
  • Desdi - SanctuaryDesdi - Sanctuary Posts: 8,680 Arc User
    edited December 2014
    Thanks a lot for taking to time to write this up, it's really useful! b:thanks

    I want to try the lower level Maze as well, but I've been caught up in some other things and didn't get the chance to b:chuckle
    ★ Venomancer videos - tinyurl.com/k6ppkw4 ★ Desdi - Demon ♪ Wyvelin - Sage ★
  • zenmonkeyzzzzenmonkeyzzz Posts: 48 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    Also im wondering which level you can get "Earthbless Tomes" from, which are used for the morai recast. i didnt see any drop in the lvl 100 run u did in the video and i havent seen them in ranges 50-79. if anyone knows please share :D

    You get these from the level 95+ maze. The one I did dropped 16 ( I believe the number is variable with 16 being the max).

    Other people in the squad got Skypool Scriptures ( the material required to make the Morai recast weapons). 4 x Earthbless Tomes can make 1 x Skypool Scriptures so I'm not going to try for the 720 I would need for a Morai Scythe.
  • morenawolfmorenawolf Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    *play the video*
    *recognize the Journey soundtrack*
    *get overwhilmed by feelings*
    *sit in a corner*
    *gross sobbing*


    Thank you for posting this Desdi! It will be useful when I'll decide to run the Maze. I don't know if I will ever farm the r8, but it could be fun. And thanks Tsuki for the extra info!

    Anyway, the last minutes of video killed me! XD "Desd run!! Don't die!! Noooo!!" New istances are priceless for moments like this. b:laugh

    Raujada - Venomancer
    Tempestosa - Stormbringer
    Archosaur & Morai server
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