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  • I can't seem to find the power replace devices. Where are they?
  • Are we ever going to get Laser pistols? as in the effects similar to the Pulse Beam Rifle??
  • Any way to establish opt-in text alerts for 1-day content? I would have loved to see the underwater city and Megaladon. I logged in on the 2nd, saw the patch notes and was like, "Noooo!"
  • Wish they would add a filter in the AH, to filter out unlocked costumes.
  • Will surprise items be available in the event vendor the day before it's removed like last time?
  • I got it straight now. Thanks for the help!
  • OK, went back and got the Hermese Revisted Mission. Was surprised I could get it again. Went back to MAJ Boudreau, completed the mission (again) and now I see the Realm of Destruction mission offered. Not sure why I had to do it twice...
  • So how does a lvl 40 character unlock the portal to get in the Q Zone?
  • Major Boudreaux does not offer any missions after I turned in the Project Hermes mission. She only offers 4 bits of information: 1. What is Project Hermes?, 2. What was the Demonflame Incident?, 3. Who is DEMON's leader?, and What's a Demonhame? I've checked the other contacts in the area and no Realm of Destruction…
  • I did get the Hermes Revisited mission and turned it in to MAJ Boudreau. Still nothing...
  • Where's the map?
  • So this seems new, and irritating...Investigating Foxbats around the city and I cannot investigate a Foxbat that I have previously clicked on. I understand not doing it right away as they seem to respawn quickly, but this is DAYS later! How about a 24 hour clock on the ones previously investigated. Otherwise, to finish the…
  • I'm not understanding where this is specifically?
  • I guess that's my question. Will the currency expire/be removed at the end of the year or after the event?
  • Will the event currency (Snake bucks) be removed from our characters after the event, or are there future High Noon event(s) later in the year? I don't want to try and save some if they are going to be removed.
  • How about some real looking spider legs as a back piece. Already have more tech legs. "Real" spider legs that move would be an awesome addition.
  • What about the other items that should be in the Weekly store? "In addition, there are new weekly rewards: a Tuxedo Kitten action figure, the Party Cannon device, and the Cosmic Cape. "
  • Is there going to be a particular Instance? or will the limit be increased? If multiple instances, will the devs be hopping through each one? Just curious how they plan on "judging" when there will likely be more than 1 instance.
  • City of Heroes have enough Sonic powers to draw from for a powertree here: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Sonic_Attack https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Sonic_Resonance
  • I figured, just never had a reason to get it before. It would still make more sense to offer the minigun hands as a weapon skin though. That way you aren't stuck with no hands...
  • Can we get the Minigun hads as a weapons skin in addition to the hands costume? Either that or an "invisible gun" skin. Otherwise looks rather silly to have the minigun hands with a munitions toon since he has to draw a pistol/rifle/etc.
  • Just checked all the Recognition vendors and no sell option. The Vehicle vendors did have the sell tabs and was finally able to dump a lot of my inventory. I appreciate the responses. Would be nice if they would at least put this in the "known issues" part of the Release Notes until they fix it, or tell us why they removed…
  • Bug: None of the claws adjust to body scaling Where it happens: tailor (male specifically; female not tested) What happens: parts of the claws disappear into the hands/arms
  • Awesome! I have a Lion based toon using a werewolf face. Hopefully this will round him out better!
  • I'll throw my name in the hat and ask that the fire effects for HW be optional (0 or 1 point adv?). I have a few toons that are weapon users and this theme would break them. Additionally, I'd like to have a few "fire HW" skins released to work with the new HW fire theme.
  • Thanks for the reply and others after this one. Looks like I can rework my beast and switch a few powers...now where did they leave that retcon??? <..< >..>
  • - Shred, Vipers Fangs, Reapers Caress and Blade Tempest now count as area of effect. So Shred and Frenzy are both AoE and both are Combos, with Shred Proc'ing Bleed. What will the advantage be to taking Frenzy now? Slightly more damage with no Bleed?
  • And the Winter Store? Is it the Santa's Helpers around the Christmas tree?
  • Can it be clarified where the "Winter Store" is? And is the only way to get the Winter Charms is through the Daily missions?
  • I took the end game content comment as them expanding the Moon missions like they said they were going to do when Mechanon was released. I could be wrong, but at least it's something relevant they mentioned in the past.
  • "So again, if I'm reading that right, it is saying:* the 3 are there by default * you can unlock more with tokens * if successful they will add "more and more" But it sounds like more than 3 is already in the system." I doubt they have more than the 3 to start. They are likely saying you can unlock more because they expect…
  • I think it would be cool, if this "first round" of Villian Onslaught works, is to be able to choose one of your current Nemesis to 'become'. Would work great for those with 'dual personalities'. :smile:
  • I have absolutely no issue with this. People that want other items in the lockbox will get the power as they gamble for their wanted piece. After they unlock one they'll likely throw them on the AH for anyone to get with G. Now, people can get it without spending real money on a Key and gambling. They can just buy it. It's…
  • Nah...just make an event where Mechanon and Destroyer both implement plans at the same time to take over/destroy the world. Of course they each want the credit themselves, so we have to fight both, and get in the crossfire of their lackeys. Final battle, Mechanon vs Destroyer. When they fight each other they get down to…
  • I think the issue is not that it's on, but they will assume it will ALWAYS be on. I had no idea there was a mission arrow because apparently I changed my settings years ago and forgot about it. The mission arrow is simply an optional setting that defaults to ON. Users can open their Options window via the Champs icon on…
  • Note 1: May want to have Pluto mention that the hero should enter the simulation via platform next to it. New players may not get that it's a transporter and spend time looking for a door. SGT Macavoy's repeating VO is irritating. He keeps repeating, "I'm glad you're here! Any assistance you can give will be greatly…
  • I'm using the Heavy weapons powers that have other effects with my melee brawler, such as Brimstone and Eruption. Awesome to be able to add more powers now and not ruin the theme.
  • I just happen to look at one of the "blogs" TT mentioned that the other "devs" do. "Dressed down for comfort after a fight or read to clean up Westside, why not look your best. A must for any Urban heroes looking to make mark and prove tights are not required to bring down the most hardened criminals." May want to have…
  • Can you use any of that to get all of the Power Replace items added back in game? Perhaps as a Power Replace weapons bundle? With a minor tweak that allows the weapons to scale with level? I'd pay a pretty Zen to have a flaming sword, or the Qularr weapons and their organic blasts, toxic dripping morning stars, etc. Just…
  • I wonder if it had anything to do with the new costume pricing system? Though Arcane tattoos are a drop from a lockbox and someone mentioned it happened a few patches ago. I confess I don't play the affected toon a whole lot and even more rare to mess with the costume, so it's been a while.
  • Did something break on this patch? I have a toon with Arcane Tattoos face and when I go to edit the costume it changes to cloth texture, with no skin option for the face. Normally not a big deal, however the cloth colors do not match the skin tones I use, resulting in not being able to edit my current costume.
  • I had a thought too..more water themed items., Such as a Trident, Gills (neck option), scaled webbed hands/feet, scaled humanoid head option, water/water animal themed emblems such as the Kraken, eel, etc, water dripping aura, seaweed pieces, sea urchin back piece, lobster claw hands, I could go on and on...this would help…
  • New effects for munition and energy weapons, such as the qulaar organic weapon effects Pretty much everything mentioned above added throughout the current gaming achievement options, such as the recognition vendors, Drifter, Q Store, Z Store, Lock Boxes, and open world drops. Seriously, a lot of this stuff is sitting in…
  • Face tattoos Claws (and not the strap on kind): 3/2/1 claws; bone, metal, psi, energy, etc more alien faces, bits and parts
  • Is there an issue with the Arc Wallet? I bought some Zen so I can throw my monies to CO I can't transfer from the Wallet to the CO server. Step 1> Select Game (CO), Step 2. Select Server (this is where "Live" usually is; now it says "No Character" and I can't progress to Step 3. (amount).
  • eh...I don't do that (photobucket or slap myself).
  • I'd post what I see but can't figure out how to add a pic that is on my computer...
  • Nope. I've always had it most recent on top. And if that was the case this thread would be buried at the end. Actually, the Last Post, Replies, and Views for all the previous release notes are dashed '-' out. I'll check my settings again but I've never changed them in the 3+ years coming to them. Edit... Hmmm...when I…