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  • I spent over 5 years fighting a war with the Klingons that primarily had me chasing around B'Vat's schemes and very little else. I have spent nearly 6 years now fighting a Borg invasion that primarily consists of a handful of missions. At the end of the day I did not expect the Iconian War to be any bigger then the Klingon…
  • All Lockboxes guarantee are 4 Lobi. Everything you get beyond the 4 Lobi is a bonus. It has worked that way for over 3 years now.
  • Seriously, DR came out in October. We are now moving into the end of June. It is time to get over it. You cannot spend your whole life constantly harping about something from over 8 months ago.
  • In general I am not loving the layout. Too many categories and too much clicking to try and find them all. It might be time to take the forum down to 6-8 total categories.
  • I do not mind the Rep grinds because you can basically do 2 Rep missions per week and have enough points for a week's worth of leveling to the next Tier. So a 15 minute mission on Monday and another on Wednesday and I am done with that Rep for the week. The post 55 leveling grind, and the Spec Tree grind, is another thing…
  • I think I saw Askray getting into a Mod grumble with someone yesterday. Without the Dev Tracker it is really difficult to see Dev posts - because of the new layout I just do not frequent all of the forum like I used to pre transfer.
  • The PvP forum is under the Feedback category.
  • You mean pushing the "New" tab up at the top of the forum there is too confusing? :) It is not exactly rocket science. :)
  • Maybe that old forum ban is catching up to you? :smiley:
  • The point is Reddit forum does everything this forum does, and has Dev involvement as well. If you are going to post on a forum you might as well pick the one that has Devs also posting - even if you do not want to follow on Facebook or Twitter.
  • I honestly do not see the point of these forums any more. We are far more likely to get a Dev response on Reddit then we are here - heck, Salami has probably 10 to 1 posts on Reddit compared to here. Plus a lot more news is dropped via Website, Twitter, and Facebook then is generally dropped on this forum. For the most…
  • It does not really matter. June and July are traditionally STO's slowest times - as shown by last year's data. As long as June and July meet or exceed last year's numbers STO is improving over last year. Plus the game just came off a 4 month high due the the Delta Event. So STO is up for the year, even if June and July…
  • And yet the current 30 day average is 1,710 - which is essentially what STO's non-Event average has been for years: 1600 - 1,800. Heck, look at last June: 1,610 and last July: 1,401.
  • Either way you are simply turning the Event into more pew-pew. You are talking one of the few things in the game that does not require you to shoot something and adding shooting to it. That is the issue, IMO. And while you say only do it a "couple of times a day," that means there would be a lot of people who would never…
  • I do not believer you understand what a Gigabyte is. Most graphics cards are in the 1-2 GB range. No card could try to open anything that large. 425 GB is nearly half my entire C Drive - as I have a 1 TB hard drive. I am using a GTX 960 card, with everything set on Max, and I am not using all of my card's memory. I have 2…
  • Your AI must be different then mine. I was on for over 3 hours last night with over 100 Fleetmates and did not crash once. :)
  • Personally, I like he idea that the Risa Event is one of the few things we do not need to pew-pew for in the game. I have nothing against Iconians attacking Risa, but it would end up just feeling like pew-pew for no other reason then to throw in some pew-pew, IMO.
  • Are you saying you already own the LoR Pack, Delta Pack, Dyson Pack, Command Pack, and Pilot Pack? If so buy yourself $120.00 worth of Keys and go Lockbox crazy. :)
  • What you are asking is what every player has to answer for themselves. When I purchased my LTS before the game Launched I had no way of knowing if the game would last 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, whatever. I had to take the risk. And you have to decide if you want to take the risk. STO could easily last 5 more years, or it…
  • I feel that players should be able to move through Cover Shields as if they were not there unless they are specifically in a PvP match against someone using one. Doing that would rremove all possible griefing caused by the ability.
  • I believe if an Alt wishes to claim an account reward he must see the Temporal Agent on ESD.
  • I would probably be more inclined to play in a Farscape MMO then a B5. Farscape, much like Firefly, would feel more open-ended, with more of a rogue travelling the galaxy getting into trouble feel to it. B5 would feel more political, with stories driven more toward specific purposes within all the rival…
  • Even in your example it costs them 30 days of waiting, so the time has some value. And sometimes the anticipation and waiting builds wanting in a way that immediate access does not.
  • I assume ships have a predefined release schedule so as to not overwhelm someone's purchasing budget. That is why new Lockboxes only come out every Quarter. It feels less intrusive to spend $25.00 every month rather then $50.00 this month and then nothing next month.
  • Also includes Liberated Borg playable species. Free Respec token at each Rank increase. Account Bank access. Access to all Vet Rewards at Level 5. No EC limits. Priority access in login queues, etc. In general these are not bad things. If someone is going to drop $120.00 on 9 Pilot ships - or whatever group of ships - then…
  • I would go back to work and make it all back again. :)
  • The female Iconians are looking for the male Iconains, whom they call "the Others." But the male Iconains do not wnt to be found because "them bytches be crazy!" :)
  • The value of $100,000.00 really depends on where you live. Living on $100k in Manhattan or San Francisco is not the same as living on $100k in Booneville, Mississippi. In Manhattan it would be considered slightly above the median. In Booneville you would probably be one of the wealthiest people in the town. :)
  • I assume we need to get through 10.5 first. :) I think Season 11 will have new a new Fleetbase system, adding T6, and possibly T7, levels to the process as new Dilithium sinks. I also think we are going to see some new Crafting options to add even more sinks. I also expect to see a new Expansion Pack after the New Year.…
  • A high percentage of Lottery winners go broke because people are poor at managing their own money. So I will say that most people will spend it all foolishly and then file bankruptcy within 7 years. :)