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  • Yeah so that makes at least three Straxes :) Shame they fixed what wasn't really broken from a player level though. I only have two potatoes; Strax and my Blue Potato. I'll never get more simply because of that "fix."
  • Awr... Gorn females, if made can't be retroactively applied to existing Gorn D: I don't wanna reroll mine, she's got way too much irreplaceable stuff... Though I guess if they ever make tech where character bound stuffs and levels can be transferred to fresh characters...
  • Dunno. As a whole, nah, wouldn't. But she's got quite the nice body shape and skimpy armour; on a body and head that's more... relatable I can completely understand OP's desires. ...Oh who am I kidding I'm a freak, physically I'd be interested in her as-is. The psycho genocidal maniac thing though? Noooope. That's where…
  • Check your privacy settings in the Social menu; if you've set the "only friends and fleet can chat" to "yes" [or "on" or whatever it was], then it'll silence all public chat. Especially if ESD zone is also a ghost town; then you know for certain that setting's on.
  • Ahh yes Takin' Limbs... the voice is amusing once you get past how unsettling it initially is except for one thing; it's Q'nel. He seems to possess most/all of the Kobali out in the field. Hopefully when they fix her she just gets a different, but unique male voice...
  • Ughhh the PC Gamer one... all I can see is the C&C4 thing and memories of the franchise getting flushed down the toilet flood back >: Probably amounts to "we don't want to create unique female models because they would look off with TRIBBLE" They didn't even take the slightly less lazy route they took with Saurians and…
  • Ah. I had wondered if my Doctor was actually contributing the same nothing that whites do or if it was just a display error. Good to see he's getting fixed!
  • Yeah, but if you don't have a Ferengi but do have the 2pc Ferengi lobi space set that gives a similar discount, they were a good source of slightly cheaper commodities.
  • Sorry, but... http://i.imgur.com/3ztBOMY.gif
  • Is it just me or do the women look a bit... cold in those suits? :) heheh.
  • The torpedo bonus is seperate from the PartGens bonus, that's all. The set bonus does two things rather than one thing that does both, if that makes sense.
  • Played this on my DR again and yeah, still just as ambient and creepy as it was the first time I played it. But maybe it's just me and my memory playing tricks on me, but they redid the bonnie-kin lines didn't they? I swear they sound different than they used to...
  • That'd be cool, though I and I imagine many others have a non-human I play as a Lib Borg; if they made the parts [and maybe traits] available to all species with a lifetime sub alongside the actual species being Aliengen that'd be the best of both worlds wouldn't it?
  • To be honest though, maybe they should have a redo on weapon slots... more than anything because it just doesn't seem right that they're all identical. Feels, to me at least, that Runabouts should maybe have an aft slot and be, overall, the Cruiser of shuttles; Fighters all fore; and basic Shuttles balanced between the two.
  • Oh yay. For once I'm having these problems and it's not on my end.
  • Hmn... doesn't that Deferi on the Lliset share Gaius' VA, come to think of it? Wonder if they'll write him out too, or just recast him. Wouldn't miss that one; I find character annoying as Deferi tend to be. Oh well, we'll always have Capture the Flag. Or we will until it gets hit by revamps.
  • His voice is the best part about him, though. Just replacing Gabriel Wolf is really the same thing as killing off the character 'cause it just won't be the same. And they turfed Lani Minelli too? Wtf? She does a near spot-on Majel Barret computer voice, guess there'll be no more new recordings of that either... fekkin'…
  • Probably best to slot the beam anyway. Unless something's been improved since I last used the MVAE, those pets will be fiery wrecks almost as soon as you launch them.
  • Hrrm... gotta get a few things done first but I'll see if I can make it.
  • IMO any change/addition to ship holoemitters should include either a removal of the time limit or the ability to recharge them by equipping them in device slots or something. If they do that, I know I'd sure use them more because they're really quite fun little toys.
  • Aha... don't I look stupid now. Anyway yes, that tail absolutely should be accessible to players in some way.
  • Personally I don't care too badly if cat tails never make it into Aliengen; there's probably a reason for it and it may even be a good one. What I'd hope to see is the vaguely reptilian tail that exists on one of the pink alien NPCs in aliengen, or at the very least as an option on Gorn, particularly if it means expanding…
  • Pretty sure it actually only has one fore and aft beam, and a very, very high Energy Weapons skill. Many NPCs have few weapons with massively inflated damage. It'd be neat to see that kind of effect considered on a ship to ship basis though. Particularly on ships with few obvious arrays, like the Galaxy's fore strip.…
  • They must be stupider than I thought if they'd try to do something that'll TRIBBLE off Trekkies. Particularly the Klingon LARPers that have and know how to use a Bat'leth. ...Actually, that'd be kind of fun to see.
  • Heh, guess I'm just a bit too used to the usual fare as to take a "believe it when I experience it" approach. And cynicism. Should be fun~
  • It inconveniences everyone in different ways. I get alternating Thursday evening shifts and maintenance in the morning means no STO before work today and, due to when I get off, after work either. To the same end, European people who work the evening Thursdays anyway only lose out on patch time when they play the next day,…
  • Hrrm... stay socialization-shy as usual and fly around aimlessly doffing or out of STO, or bite the bullet and do something with some of my fav characters... ehh. Might show up. It's a Saturday I get off anyway. If people can tolerate someone with terrible reflexes, instincts, no skill, bad teamwork and useless builds :V…
  • This right here is the easiest way to do the course without shifting settings back and forth.
  • Correct me if I'm mistaken, but when you open a department head, it should act like an open dialog box, preventing any interacts from appearing. Most of the best assignments are in there anyway and personally, I almost never fly without a department head open; can't recall even seeing the new foundry popups at all unless…
  • Huh... I seem to remember them being random, particularly completing the accolade in a place like Sirius where I know for certain I've fought before. Could be wrong though. Wouldn't be surprised if it's locked behind a bug.