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  • Guild Wars 2 implemented something that would be good here, and a possible fix to people salvaging the wrong thing by accident; "salvage all [rarity] and under" - so with a couple clicks it would be possible to unload everything Rare and lesser. If a player is new enough to still be using such gear and accidentally…
  • idr if anyone responded in the pages since, but it bears saying; remember in... i want to say it was Echoes of Light, when you discover that the Tzenkethi are using protomatter bombs to eradicate all life on planets, how when you reach the crystal cave in the temple Kuumarke mentions that it's ground zero for the…
  • It'd be nice if they actually gave you the appropriate contrails, but that's something they didn't fix years ago and certainly aren't going to bother with now.
  • We really should be able to force special one-off weapons to be able to match any other weapon of its energy type. i can't be alone in being unable to use things like, say, the Nausicaan disruptor array unless i'm also using nothing but standard-looking Disruptors; or not using a weapon at all if it's completely unique in…
  • Unfortunately, we all know the only way we'll get it is in a lockbox.
  • Probably the second lock box of the next expansion. Maaaybe the third, depending on how long the arc lasts.
  • RTS all the way. Peace through power!
  • The thing that pisses me off about the whole thing is that B'Eler has been on Ganalda, with some dialogue saying she's TRIBBLE, and you even speak to her for a mission, for YEARS and nobody cared. Now she and her mate show up in Fed content and everyone explodes? Nobody even notices anything KDF-side, nobody bloody cares…
  • Yeeeah but it would be nice if society matured enough for the game to do that officially :V
  • *weeks That's how it goes isn't it?
  • Ahahaha... I see what you did there. Also, hell yeah if they make a T6 Vo'quv. I miss my old freebie, though I still sometimes take it out to L50 Normal content for old times' sake :)
    in Vo'quv Comment by ssargon May 2015
  • The acronym of the name was probably picked specifically to reference Isis, who in turn was probably named for the Egyptian deity. Or maybe someone on the team is a fan of Archer, I forget how that timeline works out. Either way Cryptic used it before terrorists did, and IIRC they're not even using ISIS anymore. [EDIT:…
  • Hah! This thread makes me smile~ keep being you :D
    in Kurland Here Comment by ssargon May 2015
  • It's the Command Boff/Kit skill Strategic Analysis.
  • I think it's just a display bug that happens when you run out of/have no targets, it stops the animation but resumes it the next time you attack. In my experience, at least when I was paying attention, the secondary animation has played consistently while its targets outlast it.
    in Dual Pistols Comment by ssargon May 2015
  • Sounds a bit like what Mabi did for PvP; open PvP was a simple opt-in checkbox and if it was active, you could be PvPed from anyone else with the check on at any time. Granted it was a gankfest but you knew what you were getting into if you checked it. Your suggestion seems like a good refinement for space, as it would be…
  • Seems to me that a compromise, presuming the tech exists to do so, is to allow any account that existed during the old events [or even only accounts that participated during each event, if this information is tracked] to access the old event ships, and any account that didn't can't. There would be exclusivity as only…
  • It amazes me sometimes how quickly people forget there's a person behind the posts, one who clearly has been pushed past several limits and hurt quite personally to need to smack down their aggressors like that. At least I'd like to believe and hope it's forgetfulness and not a twisted enjoyment of knowing what they're…
  • Inb4 lock? Am I so lucky? :D
  • Those are KDF. Most of them left.
  • I've had a few. Let's see... Roliass and Ratass the Gorn Bigtit and Cokgud the Letheans Lucienne [forget] Clinkingbeard, a female M'ale, a female colonist a woman named Peter Bals the Duke Nukem-loving Orion man a few people named Lol, one just Lol, a H'Lol, Hell Ellol, Mistlol, and a Lol Pobaz Dos at least two different…
  • I like how this sounds. Sadly I imagine there will still be much crying and gnashing of teeth, and the odd person who misses the word "event" spoken several times and screams CRPTC LIDE 2 ME because they saw "every ship" and thought it meant lockbox ships too, but such is life. Regardless. I do like how that sounds. Thank…
  • You wasted your money anyway; those event T5 ships were a free T5U upgrade.
  • You didn't have to *actually* upgrade them; just selecting "upgrade" converts it from a levelless infinity-tier item to a Mk XII one, which could be equipped alongside.
  • Hrm. IIRC, when you use APB and fire a torp, it applies the debuff graphic immediately; since KLW has a debuff component, I wonder if it's applying that first, and then the damage upon impact while using the same graphic for both... Or maybe it is double-proccing and that's why; game might not know how to apply one effect…
  • Hah, forgot about Mabi's bot bomb. That was a fun little thing. I seem to recall the bots' scripts could get past it though, and you just froze them for a bit. Then again it's been several years since I stopped playing, is it more than just a captcha now?
  • I wonder - would it be possible to make an adjusted version that works with and only loads on bare chest, like how we have the new slim Romulan shoulder pads option?
  • Kinda hope the bugged tail length stays as a new maximum length option though. Loving the look on my Ferasan...
  • To be fair, your tricorder has enough range to revive both of them if you get in the right spot. Granted I revive them more to troll Sela than anything.