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  • Truth be told, there is no combating Gold Sellers until some basic tenets are updated and observed by Cryptic/PWE. The overwhelming use of automation tools needs to be addressed! The fact that NW is modeled as f2p makes for an endless supply of accounts. This will never change and should never change, but what needs to be…
  • I think your first two points are enabling and defeatist at best. Why enable exploiters? Why not fix the exploits and therefore not need to use a special channel to get the game you want to play? I see this "special channel" as a temporary work around until exploits are dealt with, NOT a permanent fix. I don't buy in to…
  • Fix the exploiting.....then if people are reluctant to run or unable to run them, adjust the content. Don't however, use the community at large as a reason to not address the issue of exploiting.
  • They don't need to "add" anything. What they "needed" (past tense) and still "need" (present tense) is to send in some Quality Assurance testers to test each dungeon's geometry. I'm certain that they can even pacify or turn off the mobs so they can roam about freely while testing. The fact that they did not and still have…
  • I wonder how long they have been sitting on the data that proves out this change.... This is where accountability and credibility of an MMO provider should converge not diverge. There have been more questionable "calls" in Neverwinter than I can recall in all the other MMO's I have played in my life combined. It seems like…
  • Is the game getting to be so bad that even the Sysops are pulling the plug? :P
  • I laugh every time someone says this....makes you think that there are 100 zenshop workers creating items for every 1 content creator and bug fixer...right?
  • Hahaha! Close one, however I think I saw someone suggest "NeverZENter", that one still gets my vote!
  • They will work once PW adds the "Power Sources" for them sold in the ZEN store. :P
  • So, this begs the question....."Should this game still be in beta?" :P PWE is to MMORPG as North Korea is to Long Range Ballistic Missile building. PWE shouts: "Hey look at us! we have a D&D based MMO over here and we NOT afraid to use it!" The rest of the planet: "Um, did you know PWE has a D&D based MMO? I thought they…
  • Strike TWO!, PWE, Fail to wipe servers of ill-gotten goods from Caturday.... Fail to rollback the servers of ill-gotten Horses.... The reactions you have had to both of these events HAS BEEN WRONG! I think it's time some heads roll!
  • Yeah, like that will ever happen! Aren't we still a broken enough game (balance-wise) with only ONE PP!!!!!!!!! If they ever do eventually release new Paragon Paths, I expect it to be game breaking....yet again.
  • I think I am going to send this games install files to all the people I hate in life...that'll teach 'em!
  • Let's hope this change includes the free removal of enchantments then.
  • Funny... In most games, changes like this are handled by making the change and offering something as "change compensation". "We are changing the skills tree, have a respec token on the house..." etc etc. From what I read, the change happened but no "change compensation" has been given, sounds like a veiled money grab at…
  • Wouldn't it be much easier if they just removed the ability to cut and past into the chat window AND remove the "up arrow" repeat last line feature? Make the gold sellers re type each message each time....that'll slow them down. **AND getting the other meaningful but almost as annoying types of spam under control this way…
  • Idols are an intermediary item that when bought for gold between players can be exchanged into AD, and then Zen or whatever. The fact that they are 44kad in AH is probably a reflection of the seller tacking on the AH Fee so that they don't lose out. I'd like to see ALL intermediate Gold-to-AD conversion items like this…
  • Yes please! We need an Enchanter Class!
  • I find this conversation amusing. Metrics are worthless in trying to figure out a "True" population as many people have many accounts. My guess is that at best there is less than 20% of the quoted "Users" and the other 80% makes up multiple account holders to include mules, botters and gold sellers. I fully well know what…
  • They know they can hide the name from us and leave it for their bot/exploiting tracking needs.....problem is, will they?
  • I'd like to see a "Dev" pet. Main attack: Nerf Bat slot 1 equip: Pocket Protector slot 2 equip: Thick black glasses slot 3 equip: Keyboard with 101 "S" keys. <----post if you get this!
  • Not to mention, being a mage and needing that item for my Epic and having others farm it for Levi on their 2nd, 3rd, ...9th alts! Grrrrrrrrr! Hate to say it, but if EQ1 went f2p I would spend money there whereas this game is starting to get the reputation as the <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> that can not be polished.
  • Ohhh I like this idea, but lets take it one step further. Leave the exploitable shortcuts there, if someone uses them, have it generate an auto three day ban for them.
  • Keeping my word...... I put my card away for this game until things get fixed and customer service becomes priority number ONE. Funny how easily my card came out to support another recently gone f2p game that isn't as greedy as NW and has superior Customer Service. Like I said....just keeping my word. Until then, no more…
  • I ate that Troll with Fava Beans and a nice Chianti.............
  • New Mounts? I want a Rickshaw...... I want a Rickshaw pulled by a gold/AD seller..... I want a Rickshaw pulled by a gold/AD seller.....and a leather tipped riding crop..... I want a Rickshaw pulled by a gold/AD seller.....and a leather tipped riding crop.....and a bucket of water to dip it into....