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  • Found this old gem in the EoA forums.
  • Mine was free. So idc. :P
  • Now you can take you head out of the sand.
  • The way this game went, I won't play any PWE game ever again.
  • Most larger PvP guilds will try and form a full 4 parties for GG(sometimes with assistance from other PvP guilds) this is why it is rare to be "that lucky pug" as it's sometimes called who gets into a 19 PvP guild player luskan instance. Luskans typically lose PvP becuase of a variety of reasons:* Lack of gear. Many…
  • /UI_save_file C:\...\save_file.txt /UI_load_file "" /bind_save "" /bind_load "" Keep different files on laptop and PC. Say, ui_gf_laptop.txt, ui_dc_PC.txt, etc, etc. Sadly you'll need to reload them as you switch computer, iirc keybinds are character specific(which is why I always had to rebind, potions, artifact and mount…
  • We'll see how it stacks up. The other classes aren't in much better shape.
  • http://nw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?567591-Trace-s-Guide-to-AD-Creation-and-Wealth-Building ^Making AD without doing PvE. Back when I was really hammering AD creation I was making 15-40mill a week. A fairly large number of the methods do require a significant investment to being with though, around 1-2mill.
  • At least you didn't appear to "duellist flurry high from distance as proof of your biggest cheats".
    in Love letters Comment by tang56 July 2014
  • You'll find out that HR and CW are pretty strong with trash gear. TR is still strong, GWF is weak and GF is really weak. Not sure where a DC would fall, but I imagine a trash gear DC would either fare very poorly, or very well, depending on the opponent.
  • Custom gear stats would be so easy to abuse, even if they capped at T1 quality.
  • WTS mod4 legendary mount, 80mill.
  • Why would I want to tag myself for PvP if I'm running PvE? Lets see... * Can't get healed by opposing or neutral DCs. * Can't get buffed by neutral/opposing players. * Friendly fire at bigger encounters. * Strong likelihood of getting randomly ganked by a group while already attacking NPCs. Sure, all my PvP boons are up,…
  • I experienced both lag and fps issues in a SP run earlier. GTX Titan, 5GHz i7 2600K, frames slowed down to 8fps at points. Ping also went up to 800-1600ms from an average (in the dungeon) of 190-220ms. Sometimes they even happened at the same time. Kinda assuming the fps issues are a driver thing again (I'm on the latest…
  • In other news today, "Are hit points overpowered and should we nerf them?".
  • You seem to have a habit of not reading posts properly. His complaint was that you lose ranking from winning. Not that you don't go up from winning vs similar ranked people. He is correct, stomping the unfortunate 6k fresh 60s or 14k PvE gear pugs(or anyone else who is under the top 50ish pages usually) with a team of…
  • Yeah, they'll swap to their HV set, which if they're doing draco they should have anyway. Also, I did a legit CN in open beta with a 10k T1 geared CW, no armor/weapon enchants and a rainbow party(doubled on CWs and the highest level enchant was a lesser vorpal) so I suspect that the current crop of CWs will be fine if they…
  • Any sensible CW would swap their encounter bar... it's not a case on PvE vs PvP in this case. It's the CW being a idiot.
  • It's because you can't have a point setup for PvP and PvE. If people were allowed to dual spec PvP/PvE then their 12 CON glass cannon would be fine in PvE, then when the queue for PvP they can swap out to their maxed CON tankier spec and hopefully, enjoy PvP more than they would if they were oneshotted repeatedly. Being…
  • Gear is only half the equation. If you're rocking 12 CON on your GWF and you wear PvP gear it doesn't nearly make up for your squishiness.
  • The hint earlier in the thread was big enough tbh.
  • Here you go. http://i.imgur.com/uHDpcBT.jpg
  • Same reasons as why people kept qqing about roar I expect.
  • Was replying to a post in the GWF thread. Probably shouldn't but the posts haven't been moved to a better thread yet. Severe Reaction - When struck you have a 15% chance to repel your attacker 1/2/3/4/5 feet and restore 2/4/6/8/10% of your stamina. This only works within 20 feet. Just so happens that "when struck" also…
  • Severe reaction + plaguefire = permanent stamina pool = always have dodges. Just so happens the feat also requires you to be in close proximity to the opponent. There's more than one way to play CW.
  • Honestly I don't know why I picked up most of those. That was just how I had it setup when I logged onto PTR. I probably fiddled around with feats and gave it a go just to try out a few combinations of builds. It's the preview server, anything goes. If I were to respec and play around again, I'd probably remove stillness…
  • Sure, here's a basic starting point then. http://i.imgur.com/i6MgGCC.jpg Rank 9s and 10s http://i.imgur.com/LZ3Y6C8.jpg Full archery. Was fun, although 2v1s are difficult. As you can see, nothing all that special or different. Had to adjust my playstyle a little for archery tot ry and make best use of the distance damage…
  • Your spec might be wrong. I was slaughtering people on PTR with archery spec and was still pretty tanky(basically felt like ranged version of current destroyer GWF) while I was incredibly tanky and still did great damage with hybrid combat/archery.
  • Ty character creation bugs. Next race is dragonborn.
    in Race spot Comment by tang56 July 2014
  • PvP would be much better with regards to the lopsided games of highly geared/experienced player facing much less geared casual PvPers if the matchmaking worked. Which it doesn't. At all. It'll only get worse as the playerbase dwindles into nothingness. People in terrible greens/blues/lower level enchants shouldn't even be…