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  • tbh i would wait until CW changes before sinking AD into gear. not in a good way pvpwise. in fact pvp as a whole is a mess.
  • cw is just flat out HAMSTER now. worst cc of any class. meh dmg and can be chain cc'd . im sorry but the devs should know better. they have had long enough and pvp as a whole is junk. never seen a game with devs this lazy/clueless on the pvp front. class roles make no sense, immunes are derp mode and pw2 ruins it even…
  • i would love some more element spells, fireball/lighting bolt encounter spell, melf's minute meteors, lightning motes as a spammable fast at will. disintegrate aside all of the new 70 powers were garbage also some buffs to magic missles, some of the worst feats buffed. and a bit more control, esp in pvp where every other…
  • less effect in pvp? Cw control effects last like 0.3 secs in pvp. or they are immune to them. i would LOVE more element powers tho. a fast casting fire and lightning at will and fireball/lightning bolt encounters. can't see it happening tho.
  • have no faith in them. pvp is awful its always been meh but now its just unplayble derp mode. worst i have ever played . no way they can or will fix it.
  • cant think of a game with worse pvp.
  • i have given up on this game for pvp. its just bad. the word control should be removed from the wizs title in pvp. we have none.
  • i do feel a little useless on my CW. thing i hate the most is how little my cc's last for and how many immunes there are. this along with broken p2w enchants have left me feeling that the devs have very little care for pvp in this game. which is sad as the combat is fun and fast paced. just totally broken imo.
  • also the fact that im called a CONTROL wizard and they (and gf to some degree) are 95% imuune to every i can do....its just bad/lazy games design, with little or no thought or care.
  • find this game so badly made in pvp. almost nothing makes sense. did the decs check out?
  • agree. also will become more pw2 with new ranks of stones. i just don't understand pvp on any level right now.
  • not true. cw was not good in pvp in mod and mod 3. gods in mod 4. ok in 5. seems bad so far this mod. pve sure, but not pvp.
  • thats totally untrue. cw were not good in pvp in mod 2 or 3. pve sure. but not pvp. we were gods in mod4 and good in mod 5. this mod seems bad so far for cw.
  • cw have great dmg yeah. but their cc sux again and with so many classes having immunes its a joke. a GF can face tank a cw then smash him. Hr has better cc than CONTROL wizard. say that out loud. it feels wrong huh? i don't want to be just damage. i would be fine with Cw damage nerfs. but my ccs should actually work, not…
  • trs need amount of time in invis and immune nerfs. its just stump dumb game design and promotes awful gameplay for ALL classes. im ok with trs having high damage, kinda what they should do. but the devs will never fix this game pvpwise. that have shown over and over that simply don't care.
  • gave up on these devs. most clueless in gaming. tr are the class for their kids. end of. they don't care about fixing it. really really poor. such a shame. i love the combat in this game, the balance is awful and classes make no sense (way to many immunes, stupid dmg, my Hr has twice the cc of my Cw...makes no sense). tbh…
  • this. i have never played an game with such badly made pvp. devs are snail slow. just got chained dazed from 100% hp with full tabbed sheild for around 7 sec. no chance what so ever to figth back. awful game design on every level. trs right now are derp. they are not fun (dont even play mine) have to much of everything and…
  • i gave up. its just not good. very low skill cap, gs plays to much and some really dumb mechs. the pvp gear itself sux in pvp. no real reason to do it, devs way to slow on fixes. its just bad. no way around it. which sucks.
  • nothing vs a geard one. they are immune to alomst everything, have insane dmg and their silence simply lasts to long. very poor game design. that fact that tr's havent been hotfixed is shocking. for shame cryptic.
  • yeha we got no buffs what so ever
    in Cw pvp buffs Comment by pzg33 May 2014
  • gettign trolled by endless rogues who are invi 90% and immune the other 10. and met a few unkillable HR who self out heal any damge and 3 shot. devs NEED to step the hell up asap. they are embarrssing themselfs now. truly awful.
  • new open world area was cool. pvp remains a unbalanced joke but this was at least a little fun. can't wait to try th new skirmish. looks cool. still not a patch on real IWD games tho... ah old times...
  • they should just lower the aoe feats. this would curb our pve aoe dmg.oh and give more control in pvp. being called a control wizard and have 0.5 sec cc's is a <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> take. really. pretty sure they are trolling.
  • if the rogue is geared or at least somewaht good, none of that will work. bad class mechs are bad
  • i'll belive it when i see from these devs. very poor at pvp imo. some really really stupid class mechs that should have been hotfixed months ago. to the ponit where you wonder if they have ever done pvp (that video where they get CRUSHED by players says a alot. esp as all the players were gwf. ho hum). and the pace they…
  • yeah that don;t sound right. this is clealry a pve mmo. like 90% of others.
  • how old is that game? how old is this? huge difference. huge.
  • Other mmos try and balance. this game simply does NOTHING. i have never and i mean never seen devs so lazy in one area of game. why even put it in? its so clear they don't care. its stunning