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  • Yeah I tried that but it usually fails.
  • Yea it went to 3.25% for me and then dropped dead but since i got a new PC yesterday and had to redo launcher STO is giving me similar problems with their on demand patching too.
  • I wonder when will the CO and STO keys being mailed out for lifers? I'm downloading the client now but hoping I get to do the beta this weekend still...
  • I will probally play cleric because in most mmorpgs the rogue or assassin is liked so much in the begining that most mmo's will break them so to speak where they are unusable so investing time in them I've found since the MUD days to play something else lol.
  • As a life timer with STO aren't we getting into this beta? I probally will get it for neverwinter too I just want to make sure I like the game before doing so :)
  • Just remember Stargate Worlds and Tabula Rasa... The way Cryptic Studios and PWE make their money is no concern to genre fan or the mmorpg fan. In this day and and age of gaming with all the money it takes just to get the game released... The concerns are not how they make their money... but more so about when and if a…
  • Do you guys have any plans of making it not feel so 2 dimensional... I know most players in STO got so sick of foundry missions the only thing people can try to do now is take object pieces and try to make a fake floor above the actual map to try to make it look unique but in the end its like you are playing STO/Foundry…
  • Yeah its like this one game I sometimes like to play until I realize the reason why I quit playing it would say the name but PWE doesn't allow it to be put in a forum I'm guessing since its main game is a competitor of it. If you find some person you wanna play that game with there is like a 1 in million shot that person…
  • As far as PvE or PvP based areas one thing that will go along way is if as devs you make certain gameplay aspects of creating these where there are some specifics so that if a buddy goes and makes a map that they can be linked together so basically between authors you can have a whole region made and this could be like…
  • I'm all for it being extended if that ensures the game is going to be about something better than what we were expecting. TBH though I have no idea if this even going to happen but if there are multiple factions to be able to play this is only thing I can think of that will make in rich with PvE and PvP... The games out…
  • Summer is almost over now and ummm all we have been able to do is just talk, or speculate on something we know nothing about yet :(
  • That depends especially since the old way of making maps and organized pvp is online gaming is nice but becoming a way of the past. Now if you had more than one faction for PvP for instance and had behind enemy lines type of things going on I would say it would be good for the foundry if per say you wanted to make player…
  • I hope the keys are coming soon its been quite awhile since I was really excited about a D&D/Mud style game. There was one I used to play that recently went F2P but it lost its mojo from what it used to be... hoping one of the problems I am hoping not to see in neverwinter is working up a character just to have it nerfed…
  • How exactly are these earned or are you using the term earned by just owning a lifetime sub from STO or CO. I have STO lifetime but eh not sure how else you could potentially earn one :)
  • I hope they are taking it slow with this game to get their storylines and content in order before opening beta though. I just hope the people on the neverwinter teams are more receptive than the experience I've had with the STO teams. Besides horrendous bugs, glitches, etc... If offering a Neverwinter LTS... Make sure…
  • The first day STO had the foundry every player just about did this and they made changes to it immediately that stopped this from happening in STO. You can pretty much take it to the bank they already adapted those changes to neverwinter.
  • I'm wondering if I will ever find a key if I get one for having LTS for STO with having to check two different email addresses now of days for emails from Cryptic/PWE because of that account linking nonsense.
  • Ah the most missed of the STO forums is the Stormshade humor... its not so funny without you on those forums rofl :D
  • Yeah from little I have seen based on being an online gamer for the last 20+ years this one has already gotten rid of a lot of the things I hate about standard things people have in these games today. The biggest one is the 400 billion skills that cover up your character to the point you cannot even see it LOL.
  • There is one game thats D&D style I really loved but they made too many changes to that is censored int his forum but they made too many changes to the game that didnt make it as much fun anymore. The major thing I liked over it having the traditional look of D&D as far as graphics and UI is it appears you do not have to…
  • I'm for more than 4 base classes but to some feedback I've seen too many classes creates balance issues when you are dealing with pvp though. From my experience what happens in most cases is the laziest thing happens as a fix where you have popular classes like rogue/thief/assassin being the class of choice and then it…
  • Since I love the old style D&D games especially from the old muds and am also a Big Star Trek fan it would be nice to have a game to play like neverwinter when STO gets too much of a burn out on it. Although as a LTS of STO would be nice to get to see this game although haven't recieved any key for it yet.