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  • From a pve standpoint there is nothing wrong with trapper. The other two paths need high tier feat work or capstone changes to put them on par with other strikers. As for PvP, it's just broken as a whole and I don't think classes should be reworked around something broken.
  • If your using GeForces optimal settings then don't! They cause the white unloaded textures for me. There are two sliders in the game you need to back down from 200 to 100, I don't recall the name of them offhand but they are right next to each other.
  • Popping heroism before you first charge in will give some breathing room to get settled in so you don't get one shot. Ignorant dps can get you killed if you charge in bubbled and they eat a cleave before you get your temp hps up
    in Orcus with OP Comment by nosimo May 2016
  • If you have the most recent version of act it may not work, drop back a version.
  • The only stats you get from the companion are shown on the companion stats page (exception being bondings don't pass hps), extra threat, extra healing from the loyal aren't passed over. I believe the purpose of them is to make it so the companion can do a better job at tanking or healing or whatever it is you are trying to…
  • Ld rings don't add to player threat. If you were top dps then that doesn't say much about your party. If you feel differently I would love to see an act log.
  • They will most likely ruin trapper so my vote is stay far far away.
  • The only way to get rid of botters is to get rid of the need for them. Refinement is horrible.. "Legit way to buy cheaper rp" makes me laugh, toons should get more powerful by playing not using the ah.
  • I wouldn't expect any game engine changes, as was said numerous times it's just another distribution method.
  • This is with it summoned and it is actually very high for "companion done" damage which is why people say it's broken. I don't think any other companion comes near it as far as damage done. I never figured out it's exact dps because it will very depending on the target due to its low arp. For the sake of argument let's say…
  • 40 Percent of your damage from the shadow demon isn't a testament to it being op, it does however give a big tell about how poor dc dps is. The highest percent damage I've seen it do on a regular dps toon with gf and dc buffs is 7 percent. That isn't much more boost than an archon.
  • Sounds like they need to change the tooltip so it reads "You erect a pretty blue circle that slowly gives off a pathetic heal and sometimes makes you cc immune"
  • You can't help stupid players from being stupid, sometimes melee dps needs to step out to stay alive they generally don't and just keep swinging away. It's partially the devs fault for allowing god mode for so long but it's mostly the players fault for worrying more about their personal dps than a smooth run. Just remind…
  • I fail to see how you hold threat over high dps toons with that build.
  • No that's burning light, I tested smite the other day it's still putting a dot on surrounding targets but it takes a second or two before it ticks.
    in Smite AoE Comment by nosimo April 2016
  • A pally can heal but gfs have far better synergy with clerics. For endgame little healing is needed do to absurd levels of self healing. Buffing_debuffing is the better way to go and a cleric excels at that.
  • It places a small dot on surrounding targets but no major damage
    in Smite AoE Comment by nosimo April 2016
  • The shadow demon is not mega dps, shadow strike is about 5% of my Hrs damage when the pets totally buffed up by a party. An archon can add 5% which can be considerably more as the toon gets more powerful. Yes the multi proccing stones need to be fixed, 6 stacks is ridiculous and it would be nice if they made augments…
  • The only thing broken with them is the companions death resets their cool down so you can end up with more than 1 stack per stone. Aside from that devs have said they are wai. MO, they are far more overpowered than the lol set even if they fix the multiproccing.
  • Stopping AP gain while dailies are active is bad, we have that with HG and I'm willing to bet its only because it was the easiest solution for the coders to fix instant AP while it was up. I could agree with giving AA a cooldown since it can be chain spammed pretty hard and going that route wouldn't gimp lower il DCs. In…
  • Because the original design sent you to the next zone after 16 vigilance tasks, after doing 16 in the next zone you would get what appeared too be an optional quest to go back. It lacked cohesive direction and no rewards for doing so. To me I did play the content as directed at the time. I have 0 interest in going back and…
  • Feedback: elemental evil campaign Make boons retroactive for all level 70 toons or fix scaling to better account for item level. Snoozing through old content while grossly overpowered is not fun.
  • What we can still bring to a party: aura of courage, aura of wisdom, Bane, and either aura gifts or prism spam healing. Pallys aren't worthless and with all the speed kill videos being posted I would expect the bat to hit gf's itf at some point so don't panic!
  • Given that all the recent campaigns give you the option to replay quests I doubt you will be left out if you want to relive the ......anyway I'm grateful that it's retro active.
  • Does this mean any toon that has already completed the old grind should log in to free boons?
  • @nosimo - 4/11 @ 4-5PM Castle Never, prefer HR but can do op, dc, or gf if needed
  • 3 CN public solo ques with my Virt DC today, all 3 put me at the lost boss campfire. Took out Orcus in 1 try without issue each time, if "healer" DCs are worthless it makes you wonder why the groups were failing before...If the in game healing chart showed mitigation done and the paingiver chart credited buffed damage to…