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  • what lvl is recommend to get these companions? and is stats very worth while i still see end game people with other pets coolest one is that Lihend not bad heals think has really cool lvl 30 skill.
  • but most pay to play weren't successful only when time they came out, time is changing people are either lazy, don't have much time or usually casual don't have time devote to the game, 15dollar monthly only worked for EQ and Wow, they had huge following but sony ruin EQ alot of people gave up on it plus its old game, wow…
  • so cryptic f'd up not surprising so sun elves should been exclusive elves, and moon should be the free one is that correct?
  • haha nice, true what happen before id like cape to with dead horse on the back :D u <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> killed my inferno how dare u
  • they probably give it to u after, if not contact customer support.
  • they should just delete the chests events over anyways they want push their new one anyways
  • well i got founders way back wasn't sure u guy got regular drow's yet, personally wish i didn't, this new one for 60bucks these elves look better, nice elf and companion the sylph is so cute, panther sucked
  • did u guys get drow race?
  • ^ to this my account wasn't properly set up not sure what was issue, why i had call customer support if had it set up right like it is now theres no issue at all, i got new elf race as soon i logged in np at all here, just waiting for server come back they are rolling back because of chest bug.
  • best advice is just ignore the forums and judge for yourself, its Free to play so not huge issue to try out, even with capped internet this game is much smaller other games i played, MH their updates like 3-6gigs in size thats insane for ARPG, for full mmorpg its pretty solid experience, still more content coming later.
  • im surprised this time around it just update my account right away, if u didn't get your items u have to do what i did with founder's pack u got call customer support, email is waste of time they take days get back to u, better just wait on the phone u eventually get through
  • yes very surprising did they actually got more people working there now omg
  • server went down they finally noticed what was happening thats just fail all aspects, they should just removed the boxes then
  • good point, but if u have a life u won't be doing so many dungeons a week im to busy im lucky i can play 2-3hours a most lucky i can run a dungeon or two, people going find dungeons very bored got to much time on their hands probably don't know what sun looks like no offense i think the new system should been in beginning…
  • sadly being in the forums it be ignored they have count down to update so yah they going ahead with the update, sad note i can't even play game keeps crashing when i try to update kind of wish I didn't have win8, either its something else but its only game crashes my system
  • understand u guys are upset but no one forced u to pay u didn't have to again its Free to play game spending on pack was your choice its not company's responsibility it was yours. Anyways i read these msgs all the time understand u are upset this isn't new thing alot of games do these type of nerfs to classes i played…
  • when there's nerf's people complain its same in any mmorpg cant' handle it why do u play mmo's it never change wow, lotr, just name any mmo they do samething just people like the game will deal with the changes, or u can just play on another character for time being crying in forums will never change when game gets…
  • umm sorry but its always been about money, can't think of any company out there making products just make people happy in mind, they do make certain people happy, they want make cash at the same time. before MMO's when company made a game it had genre's if u liked the genre cool u would buy it, me i don't like call of duty…
  • well my main focus getting recovery to 4k first then crit to 3k then rest to power once u have first two at their soft cap, rest is power, defense, hp in that order.
  • kind of sick reading same thing over and over again, wipe, no wipe, exploits whatever. can they just do roll over or whatever and get dam servers up i want play damit... im poor i don't care i just want to play, worry about AH when im 60
  • in future may learn to do your research first, clearly must be new to mmo's this isn't new thing alot of games go OB still have lots of issues its not end game product no in slightest, just because it has cash shop doesn't mean its Finished work, i played alot of games especially korean mmo's do this alot. Try not dive in…
  • Lmao i'll pass on that being same company made Tera Online, its be more of the same. Tera's combat was fun, questing and zones boring as hell very poorly made game they wanted 15bucks to play this? should been F2p from the start even so, pass on it after month of playing. ^ ditto
  • cry more? hey not my problem u spend 200 dollars game is "free to play" what u paid is just ingame service if u want your money back go talk to customer service. QQ on forums doesn't do much, I don't care if u lost your time, u got time if u invest alot into mmorpg, plus lvling isn't hard in this game clearly must be not…
  • Fail statement sorry if u have time play mmorpg u have time to start over, ever heard of alts? you be starting from scratch again anyways, if your type make one char, well still if your time so precious why are u playing this? go do something else worth while. Love these rants i read enough threads with same things, if u…
  • no problems at all, clearly if u are having hard time your pug team is just bad, tank and dps are bad period never had issue with healing plus people got relies that game makes u use potions the healer can't always keep u alive going be moments for rogues or mages they basically get one shot easily if they aren't careful…
  • neither once u get into higher lvls its better to get augment pet these are cat and alluna stone give stat benfit aura to u they start off with its own aura, but when u slot gear on to it that becomes aura u get reek the benfits. tank pet from zen shops okay really by lvl 40s to end game u want stats more, free companion u…
  • think the arts nice, looks hell alot better then cartoon graphics that wow has, rift has way uglier models
  • im enjoying cleric, aggro can be a pain, u have party doesn't have clue what they are doing of course u going be turned off the class, i got used to how cleric works i love it, its truly a battle healer, once u get that through your head u get understand, u shouldn't be over healing and try to attack as well problem older…
  • i don't regret it, yah it was abit much but 3 extra char slots, having nice strong early lvl weapon for all my alts, and mount for all them is very helpful, if i bought mount id be spending alot having rank 3 right at 20 rocks make lvling much faster, rank three are like 30-40bucks u be buying one each char no thanks, if u…