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  • Never leaves my tab slot these days. Any CW who tries to do a T2 without it has a death wish. And the mobs there will be more than happy to fulfill that wish.
  • Another potential equation for the control duration: Control Time = (Base Duration)*(1 + Control Bonuses)*(1-Control Resistance) I thought this was how it worked. However, that's not based on much and could very well be wrong.
  • It is extremely hard to test this since we do not know how much resist the enemies have. We don't know the formula and we don't know one of the variables in the formula. That makes reconstructing the developers equation difficult.
  • Not all level 73 enemies have the same control resistance. Some Lvl 73 trash mobs have none. Some Lvl 73's like Elites have crazy high resistance.
  • I've personally tested this (with lots of casts of Entangling Force and a stopwatch) and found that Glacial Movement gives a flat 20% control increase to Orb of Imposition. It is not 20% per rank. So 25/30/35/40% control bonus instead of 25/50/75/100%.
  • I did some testing of the Loyal Master equipment and found that the control bonus does not get transferred to your character from your augment companion. So that needs to be removed from your calculations. I don't think this is a bug, either. I think only certain stats are allowed to transfer from your companion to you,…
  • The number you were hearing was for trash mobs which can have up to 40% Damage Resistance. Elites in Well of Dragons can have that much. But major bosses like Dragons and Tiamat do indeed have 60%.
  • It's not always the number of damage ticks that indicates how many chances a spell has to proc effects. Ray of Enfeeblement counts as 1 encounter spell even though it does damage over time. Entangling Force works the same way. Whereas Steal Time, even though it only does damage once, has multiple slow ticks and each tick…
  • Apologies. The first line of your post made it seem as though you were attempting to calculate and compare the damage output of the sets as is. It wasn't clear that you were calculating it as it should be.
  • There's where your math is off. The Lostmauth set bonus is doing 11k average damage in the above parse, not 500. I acquired a set and tested it on preview and got about the same thing: ~23% of my total damage. The reason I tested it on preview is because I am very wary about equipping it and making it bound. It's so far…
  • Still waiting on test results. It took me 10 minutes. What's the hold-up?
  • Still waiting for those results.
  • Still waiting for you to repeat the test. Scientist: I mixed chemicals A and B together and got result C. Here's my data. Beatannier: No. You're wrong. Scientist: No, really. Look. Here's the data. Here's my calculation method. Go and test it for yourself. Beatannier: You're spreading lies. You're part of a cult spreading…
  • Math fail. My character had 11% less Resistance Ignored than needed. Not 30%. If you would DO THE TEST YOURSELF you would easily be able to see that the 30% increase in damage held no matter what a characters armor penetration is and no matter what enemy you face. But you won't ever learn that because you won't ever do the…
  • Well, yeah. But so are a troop of chimps flinging poo at each other. Not exactly a high bar to clear. Jokes aside, I would not have guessed that English was a second language for you, nathyiel. I think you'll be fine writing a guide.
  • I build an Oppressor on the preview server that had every control bonus possible. I still had major problems with Singularity. It wasn't just control immune mobs that I couldn't affect, control resistant mobs also stubbornly refused to be gathered or sucked up into the singularity. Basically, Singularity is only worthwhile…
  • We can continue the discussion on the High Vizier set bonus when you replicate the test I show here: http://nw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?899361-Is-High-Vizier-Finally-Marginalized&p=10655031&viewfull=1#post10655031 and you share your results. Until then, I'm not particularly interested in continuing the…
  • I have completed Epic ToS without exploits. After doing so and receiving nothing (no Cache of the Protector, which they are supposedly fixing with the patch today) I stopped attempting T2's. There's no point if there's no reward. I did, however, attempt Epic GWD and CC on preview before Mod 6 launched. I did not come close…
  • Does this mean that you've fixed the problem with only 1 member of each party receiving the cache? It doesn't explicitly say so, so I just wanted to confirm. I haven't bothered running any T2 Dungeons since I discovered I had an 80% chance of not getting the cache.
  • *Jaw hits the floor* FINALLY!!!!!!!! Refinement just got 90% less obnoxious!!!
  • Level 70 Total % of all enchants: 6% Rank of each enchant: three Level 9's Required level of Equipment: 70 In my opinion the enchantments are NOT working. I run with 3 normal Dragon Hoard enchantments and 2 Normal Fey Blessing enchantments. The first time I log in each day the enchantments work normally. Then after 30-60…
  • Ah. That's because I made a mistake. I tried to give it from memory. The correct formula is: (Rank Learned Spellcaster)*(1+(Int-10)/100) Sorry about that. At rank 5 it is 6% with 30 Int.
  • I tested it and derived the formula. It took a long time. Cast a spell many, many times while ACT is running. Determine the min, max, and average damage of both crits and non-crits. Increase Int by 1. Repeat. Increase Int by 1. Repeat. Keep going until you have the damage mapped from ~15 to 30 Intelligence. The repeat the…
  • You're incorrect here. The math of Learned Spellcaster is (1+(Learned Spellcaster Rank)(Int-10)/100). So someone with 30 Intelligence will get a 1.2% damage boost per rank of Learned Spellcaster for a 6% damage boost at rank 5.
  • It is far and away the best set you can have. Come Module 6 things will change. Enemy damage is pumped through the roof. So in order to survive you'll need a whole lot more HP which can only be found on Mod 6 gear. But enjoy the High Vizier ride while it lasts.
  • I'm betting you are a CW. The new passive ability Arcane Power Field is bugged. If you put any points in it at all then you're stuck with its animation permanently every time you activate a Daily power. Even if you don't have the passive slotted the animation still activates. And, yes, it looks just like the level up…
  • It's the other way around. That you can upgrade those two powers to Rank 4 before you reach level 70 is the bug. It's a known bug. Paragon-specific powers for every class can be upgraded to Rank 4 at level 65 instead of Level 70.
  • Testing out how the High Vizier set works is so trivially easy that by this point anyone who still refutes it can be safely classified as willfully ignorant. You don't even need to be running ACT to notice it. Copy a character over to the test server. Do a full respec. Assign power points, but no feat points. Equip the…
  • You should take a peek at the Mod 6 preview GWF feedback thread. The river of tears was LEGENDARY. In all my time on these boards I've never seen its equal.