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  • not 7 for sure, but capstone 60% incrsed duration does work. so its more like 5 sec minus tenacity/ control resist.
  • oh nothing... i said it might, since i dont know whats going on :D.... who knows maybe the new class features are really dope. I was mostly speaking of the gear though, as he was asking for the bi gloves whch are a pain to get and probably not worth chasing right now with next modules changes.
  • ^^ fox brings some utility (specially defensively) compared to just more dmg + roots, so it depends abit on how you want to play. Contricting or binding = another ranged nuke with more inmobilize (which doesnt stack just restarts) fox = constant free dodges + shifts inmunity frames + another way to hit stealthed TRs.
  • not sure, im talking back around mod 1 or so ... so it could have changed.
  • split shot or rapid shot depends on situation, when there is groups of mobs splitshot as hitting more targets will give u higher dps and for single target rapid shot as it has better damage on single target. so depending on the dungeo ull see more use of one or the other.... well basically its just elol where u will be…
  • i remember the helmite paladin used to tank quite well, remember running tos and having the party laugh at how he was tanking and killing a blademaster. I osmetimes have used the intellect devourer it has a sort of stun... but i dont think thats what ur looking for.
  • updated OP with latest changes with pics of gear, stats, companion, etc
  • well i do hope new gear is not better than current artifact gear or its gona be power creep all over again. New sets sure but dont make new weapons, necks and belts better coz they are already pretty op.
  • Both are correct choices imho, I use both depending on what i want. if u want to go tankier pathfinder action if i want more damage serpent. thing is that playing marauders with melee nukes tends to get me hit more and it is already very bursty through the encounters themselves, so getting almost 20% deflect chance is…
  • I have been playing trapper for the last couple weeks or so to see how it feels. Its pretty enjoyable, it sure reminds me more of pre mod4 hr :D. I am running the following rotation for pve: rain of arrows, hindering, constricting. and I run it with serpent and pack. so i squeeze in an atwill inbeween stance switches. It…
  • Thas basically one of my 2 rotations i use : hindering, constricting and fox the other is marauders, hindering, fox. (i play this one more) Lots of mobility with so fast marauders cooldowns, to go in huge burst combo and marauders out... a fast fox cunning and hindering shot and ur ready to rush in again before even the…
  • @query actually now that i have full dt set i was just noticing how well it synergises with archmage rings and calculating an alternate setup, yes as u mentioned a little bit less dps focused (losses power specially accounting set bonus) but way more tanky thanks to the setbonus and all those extra radiants i could slot in…
  • by the way if ended up changing my mind on my daily gear ive found draconic boots + bracers with DT hood and chest gives me better stat balance and more power..... im actually at the same power as with my draconic + dl without power kits.... and very balanced stats.
  • that arp... just accept it if ur gona use archmages, or switch some of them for pain rings... maybe just one? crit is fine, yeah take out that azure counting that it will climb back up when u level the artifact gear recovery id take some more, 2k is bare minimum... dont need a butload more but something like 2.3-2.5k would…
  • seems a bit low dex, i would have taken more for sure. id go for something like 24-26 dex after the +6 points.
  • Yeah pleaseeeeee. I actually asked for this more than a month ago in the preview forum prior to mod 5 launch and it didnt get much attention and nothing was done about it... :(
  • Dependson the weapon enchant ur planning on using. Plaguefire (or dot enchants), go royal guard. Vorpal, go Grandwarden or 2/2 combinations that get u high crit. as starters..... then u can go corrpted/draconic templar or combos of those when u farm them.
  • You can just adjust this build for trapper. Only thing that really changes is the feat tree and the loadout. Id use these feats: http://nwcalc.com/hr?b=cn4:13ydj4:13ydj4,1xi3i3i:100000:100000:1uu5zv&h=1&p=swd these would be my 2 loadouts: if i switch out twinblade for serpent in class features. And the load out would…
  • yeah Bi is not that hard to get ( i habve like 10k saved up and another 10k rough).... just do the weekly Iwd quest nad some ocational kessels runs and ur set.
  • well ur forgetting the thing about roots back then that annoyed people the most, they went through cc inmunities. Thats why trs and gwf QQd so much about them. It was fun to lock bosses down in pve though XD.
  • http://nwcalc.com/hr?b=cn4:13ydj4:13ydj4,1li3i2i:100000:100000:100000&h=0&p=swd yeah 19-20 dex 15-16 wis 13 str and best cha possible
  • thats for daily farming so bi requirements dont get too crazy. ( though im lazy and go into tiamat with it too)... my stats are all ready well rounded with full corrupted, so i go 4/4 on it for max power and defense. But honestly u could go which what ever set u prefer, is just that i like the bi stat arrangement because…
  • 1 point in scoundrel training (which u wont be able to asign) and 2 points distributed between the hp and daily dmg feats (tier 1), depending on what ur lacking more.... so either 3/5 3/3 or 4/5 2/3.
  • Well the power/crit belt is very nice for my stone... straight upgrade everywhere. I do have the tod arp boon, so i can just switch it out for more defense and use one power/arp ring. the crit loss would be compensated with belt and well im well into diminishing returns with 3k recovery i can take that hit for some extra…
  • U can use what ever equpiment cs combinations u want, personalized is a great option btw gona get a few of those when i finish leveling the profession ( was busy with leadership untill now to get the ad for all the regents needed this x2 rp weekend). The important part is the final stat allocation: get some: 3-3.3k crit…
  • This is not my experience.......
  • THIS overloads shine with reds, they are the main reason i choose overload sets. As an archer they sum up to 8-10% of my dps it would probably be more as combat coz it attacks faster. Prob is they have gotten more expensive now with less people running elol, so they are getting quite more (x3) expensive than they used too,…
  • or just call tiamat a day once uve got ur offhand and 6th boon with ur main..... not really feel like grinding for the 7th boon as there isnt much that appeals me for the work. after 2 x rp weekend ill basically be waiting for mod 6.
  • I would still go dt hood/bracers dl chest/boots... 2 overloads is better than what ever slight power loss there is. Actually still trying to get the god **** hood and switch over to that setup for my daily farming.
  • Horrendously good XD Its pretty op i dont even use them souls anymore, having sts up means u can ride the ls and facetank all of tiamats breaths, while dealing more dmg. Now add red glyphs into the ecuation and profit