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  • A few hundred words... you talk too much.
  • I have never heard of it. Would like to see some info on it if you should happen to find one.
  • blue 60 gear is never worthless. if you don't want it send it to me and let me take care of it for you.
  • Yeah well.. thanks for trying. But most of us knew this 'project' was nothing but smoke up the back alley when it started. It was nothing more than an attempt to cut down on forum clutter. A way for us to be ignored in bulk rather than on an individual level. They will do what they will do and I do not care.
  • I will create a paladin and upgrade like all my other characters. I will continue to enjoy my GF's completely. (None of these options match. I want to choose something different.)
  • totally agree. party naked, if yer so baaaad. lol ya got two types of people hollerin' 'too ez.' dudes who -finally- got some gear/statz and dudes who hang out with other dudes who have gear/statz I got gear/statz, but will run with anyone on anything, and jimmy crack corn. you will not hear me complain about anything…
  • Rgr that. Caster support sounds ok, but they should do a fair bit of SMITING, too. =)
  • I have had something like a dozen crashes.. really just yesterday and today... just switching chars in PE. Last crash before that was MONTHS ago. They did something server side that messed something up. I was totally fine all weekend, heavy heavy usage, no crashes.
  • Don't really care about this much.. but I'd like to know what I did. I do not care what anyone else did, and I do not care if they know what I did or not. I guess if I had my choice, pressing X would tell me: YOU placed first in X YOU placed third in Y YOU placed second in Z YOU scrood the pooch in W (Kidding) One screen.…
  • Yeah to me that is sad. Paladins should be DPS-Healer/Blessers. With Vorpal Holy Avenger swords, and a summoned mount that fights for them if they fall. Not tanks. At all. Just my opinion based on our own games back when.
  • I get ya. I made a 'Billy Jack' clone in champs online. A couple of players even recognized him. But the 'monk' (MA) skills were way obnoxious for him. He was still pretty cool though. "I'm gonna take this right foot, and I'm gonna whop you on that side of your face... and you wanna know something? There's not a **** thing…
  • Pretty cool. Thanks for taking the time. Now Playing: Everest - Album: On Approach - Track: House Of 9's
  • Both the players and devs need to remember that the various classes exist as much for flavor of RP as they do for utility of play. that cuts both ways.. in a forgiving group of table top gamers, the character of questionable contribution is going to be affectionately teased but bolstered. In a public game comprised of…
  • you want to make other sets interesting, make them interesting. that has nothing to do with making something else less interesting. should our best singers start gargling broken glass cocktails so that the riff raff can have the air time? also... not being bis is not the same as being obsolete. leave existing gear alone.…
  • Well that is entirely different. I am pretty sure I have all of the account unlockables. This one is part of the pack and yeah, it would be great if they made it account wide, but clearly they don't want to. But they could still keep it relatively exclusive while increasing its desirability by making it account sharable.…
  • i accept as is, and offer no complaint... but how amazing it would be if the companion were sharable on an account... There being only one but it likes all the chars on the account and can be passed around like the bag of holding. that would make this pack so much more desirable, and I am sure would bring a big smile to…
  • Just wanted to pitch in that there is likely going to be a trumping vote-bomb from devs/management where the new class will or won't gel with the new story-lines. So those of you looking for cyborg assassins with laser eyes might be waiting a bit. XD
  • not so for me. my first choice was a mace wielding cleric.. but it was not offered. my second choice was the standard 'square headed sword swinger' (quoted from some barely remembered article in Dragon Mag way back when) which would fall somewhere between GF and GWF, but is neither. i reckon with the paladin I will get…
  • Hahaha! Well I suppose they could hire Tom Clark to handle the model creation. XD
  • picked gnome as it is the only one in the list that i recognize as a playable race (the rest is after my time..) and the inventor thing would be interesting.
  • i don't know what most of this is. i picked druid. it was a toss up with bard. monks would just be rogues with open hand instead of blades, in this game. i only played old school dnd, although we borrowed content (spells and monsters) from second edition. i disliked everything after that, but enjoyed some of the novels.
  • mine will not die off. i find the notion amusing. he will be joined by a shiny new paladin, though..
  • I have never identified the talisman on my costume, so could not say there is a point to transmuting it.
  • Elven resolve: + 10% stamina gain - I went with this on all of mine. I do not regret it, although I cannot say it worked any miracles or anything.
  • Appreciate that. I've been using classic shell since Vista was inflicted upon us. =)
  • I do not like that they tried to turn my PC into a big fat smart phone with Win8. This is just more of that. I dislike my smartphones, yes, smartphones. What I want is an XP interface, without the limitations, bugs and security holes. All I ask of MS is that they refrain from trying to help me.
  • Fog looks like it belongs there to me. Are you guys in the same lair? As far as whether it belongs... if there are torches and braziers, there should be fog. You are burning stuff. There are no electric fans. There will be haze, no matter what. (No sarcasm intended in any part of this. I do not remember either location…