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  • For me everything seems normal except the arcane skill kits. Beginning this weekend those now fail about 75% of the time. 10 fails on a single node is now pretty common.
  • I vote for Space Chickens...oh wait those are already in game. With Lasers too...
  • Me too, that's why I drop one there a few times nightly.
  • My imaginary girlfriend rubs my feet while I play. Too bad she can't figure out how to open a beer. I tossed them a bit of money over the long weekend. I've gotten enough entertainment, bugs/hacks/cheats and all, to justify a few spending a few dollars on it, even if they are a bit schizo with the open beta/soft launch…
  • A Mr. Hanky companion...kinda fits with the direction things seem to be going.
  • LOL yes I am horrible because I choose to ignore people that annoy me. Should I just turn chat off entirely just so you can sell stuff? Nope not going to let you ruin my chat experience with trade spam. I actually use it to help people with questions, when I can see them through the spam. As far as a trade channel, they…
  • Did parts one and two last night. Very nice so far. I too tried to stay and fight, big mistake. LOL Part two really had some frustrating parts as a 50+ GWF, but what are a few deaths amongst friends. ;) (BTW I tried all 3 paths...you're kinda sick aren't you? LOL)
  • I will be continuing my reviews this week; I like to do one foundry per night after work, so hopefully I'll get these things done soon.
  • As long as they credit everyone for any Zen purchases, I couldn't care less. Well I guess leveling my tradeskills would suck, and farming runes, but actually leveling my class would be no biggie.
  • LOL I used to update it every time I leveled, and every time my appearance changed, but my promotion at work means I no longer get to play with PS all day. Sad life I lead...
  • Yeah I hear you, my companion either just stands taking in the ambiance, or runs headlong into the nearest Boss / Sub-Boss, and loves to stand right in the danger zones. Companions need to have a control panel, and a serious AI upgrade; even EQ had a better pet UI 14 years ago. Give me some control over my Pet, ahem…
  • PvP will always suck in an MMORPG, because there is more to worry about than balancing for just PvP. If PvP is truly your thing, then you're looking in the wrong place. This game already has ****ty PvE due to balancing classes for PvP; change it much more and you may as well take the PvE out. Of course then the 90% of the…
  • LOL this made my day. For me it's simple; if you have an asinine name, I ignore you. If you spam LFG enough that I see it 3 times in my tiny chat window, I ignore you. If you are selling, and your WTS shows up 3 times in my tiny chat box I ignore you. If you are just plain annoying I ignore you... There is so much spam…
  • Stupid reply; did you even read his post? If so I think you need to work on your comprehension skills.
  • And another reservation
  • Reserving another
  • Hey I did both of your active quests, and really enjoyed them. Princess Bride references never get old. For fun, tongue in cheek adventures, they were great. Balance was really good on my GWF, with just enough difficulty to keep me interested. Really liked the level 27. Some clever uses of object to make thing interesting.…
  • Okay, last one before this old man takes a nap. I liked it, what can I say! Gave you 4 stars due to a few issues, but hopefully easily fixed. I'll start at the beginning and note anything that caught my eye. All encounters were nicely balanced for 20-21 (yeah I leveled again, wish we could turn it off for Foundry testing)…
  • Very Brief for sure. I took my time and think it took 7 minutes the first time. That being said, it is a fantastic intro quest. I honestly couldn't find any issues. There might be a semi-colon/colon mistake, but I honestly was not sure. I reviewed all of the text, trying all the combinations; well done. The NPC animations…
  • Okay, after some tech issues kept me off most of last night, I did this one this morning Level 19-20 CW with basic green gear, and a Guard companion (level 8). Quest was just right as far as difficulty for my level, and I enjoyed it. Now on to the nit picking. I tried to look for any issues, and some are trivial, others a…
  • Oh that's just the original founders packs, which were a beta version. They fixed the bugs, and will now have a soft launch co-founders pack, which will include a cat.
  • Empty chest at the end, or no chest at all?
  • Good for you! I am going to take my new CW alt through your stuff tonight; fun on a GWF, we'll see how a CW handles it.
  • Just curious, in what Dungeon/s are you regularly being killed 5-6 times? IMO kit prices are fine, we need something to spend our gold on other thank skill kits.
  • Agree, worst system I have even encountered in an MMO. Crafting made for people who hate to craft is how it seems; and a big kick in the gonads for those who like crafting. But, like so many addicts, I still do it even though I hate it, and myself for it.
  • /signed I ignored 4 people within the first 30 seconds of my play time last night, spamming for groups, spamming items, spamming stupidity... Hot key spammers everywhere! LOL I sure hope there isn't a limit to how many people I can ignore.
  • Thank the gods. Hopefully the system will take things out of peoples hands, and add a bit of automation to the process, then we can all get back to the game, and stop all the name calling. /cheers
  • No idea since it doesn't matter. It goes off of the coin value of items, not their actual stats. A crappy old lower level Blue item will show a higher score than a level appropriate and better green item for example. A guild relying on Gear Score in this game, (in any game actually), is pretty sad; I feel for you.
  • I would have ignored you for sure. Back in the olden days, of CRT monitors, RDRAM, and Dial Up, punks like you knew to not run off at the mouth in zone chat. If'n ya did we black listed ya, and you never got an invite to a sweet Sarnak Fort group. Then ye went home and cried yer eyes out on yer enormous pillaws. Oh my…