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  • I dident know "thank" and "lovely" where considered flame words, also what is a lovely bag?
  • I have 0 cats, got 5 hero's, leveling them all seperatly, 0 lvl 60 yet, and i dont give a ****. I play for my entertainment, try it some times.
  • My point was that the current pvp system is very lacking and punishing players for the content designed, being broken, is a wrong aprouch imo. It's like punishing players because the developers failed, and dont get me wrong, i enjoy the game, i think the developers are doing a great job. but i think everybody should admit…
  • Im gonna play the devil's advocate here, but why are people supose to stay when they just entered lvl 60 and have +-8000 GS pug vs premade groups with max 12000 GS, max tene enchants and 0% chance of losing, and i say 0% because u get oneshoted by tene stacking alone when u just entered lvl 60. I feel punishing players…
  • This thread reminds me of counterstrike AWP maps. "i saw u first, i got skills, u dont" Im getting my popcorn.
  • *imagines 20 rogue's at the entrance of dwarven king dungeon* "so guys, split up"
  • A true grind of 2/3 hours per t2 dungeon would have made people so proud when wearing full t2 sets in PE. Now it's just bleh, and it's all there own fault. (i dont care im still gonna grind it legit and feel awsome when im done :p )
  • Quoted to let it sink in.
  • OP u might try building a group in the zone chat, get 4 people who are also social and ready to talk strategy and u have like 95% win ratio. I usualy do this and i cant remember the last time i dident finish a boss in public game. Most people who really wanna down the boss arent qeueing anywayz, they are also looking in…
  • Step 1. install game Step 2. hit play on launcher Step 3. takes more then 30 min to reach lvl 60? Step 4. uninstal game since it is not enjoyable. Step 5. convince other people the game isent enjoyable. Step 6. Go outside and watch the clouds flow. Since when did gaming become a job? and not a waste of time, preferebly u…
  • Every loot roll is PVP, so im guessing most of u dont wear items in neverwinter since u refuse to do PVP. and riqita <3 nice post. Since when did pvp become ego tripping junky's and not teambased gameplay to enjoy with friends?..
  • Quoted for truth. Since when did the name white knight in a ROLE PLAYING GAME become an insult? Honor before glorry.
  • Picking the most challenging class (GF/GWF) gets rewarded, go figure? Picking the easyest *smash head on keyboard* (TR) gets nerfed, go figure? I could have never predicted this :(
  • They should allow u to shut off xp when u desire to, easy fix and nobody of the community gets harmed. They should also make lvl 60 skirmishes, just scale them to lvl 60 and allow qeue for all of them at 60, smashing lvl 60 ogres? yes please o.O
  • If u read the forums ever so often, u would have noticed that people have already been banned for speed clearing. They are not banning regulars who do this, but people who do nothing else then speedruns and are advertising it. With that said, who cares play how u want, but i for one like to play a game for the fun of…
  • Just a heads up, they are banning people speedrunning dungeons, so i figure they do care. They are also patching these issue's, maybe not at the speed that everybody desires, but im pretty sure they have other stuff to attend to aswell. I for one wil enjoy the crywave after the patch hits, and the ocasional ban thread on…
  • go check out the trailer again and mind ure attention to the following sentence "players wil gain acces to the dwarven kings dungeon based upon the TOTAL points gained of phase 1 AND phase 2" Why do people q.q "force pvp on us" when it clearly states the final result is based upon phase 1 AND phase 2, even more its more…
  • I think the balance in boss fights is okay, 1 add and 200 bosses, its fine atm.
  • You funny you :), no more AS stacking, but stil go dual cleric :)? When u can have a GF who gives the entire team 50%dr and keeps threat from the cleric to spam heals more effectively. Your like a little snowflake in a summersday, i like u :o.
  • People play for fun much?....
  • When ure riding a horse they look like a hat, maybe not intented but surely funny :)
  • Op is looking at one class balance, and choose to neglect all the other balances 0/10 wouldent read again. Also where did creativity and challenge go in games in the last 10 years? They took ure cheese, but u seem to stil have some whine.
  • OP i totaly understand ure position, however exploiting is self regulating in a way. 1. prices drop because of them, resulting in even less rewards for the exploiters in time. Making the game even more borring for them as they already think it is (obviuesly if u use exploits u are not playing for "fun" but are playing for…
  • @ jonnara, Why dont u look at the other team like big bad adds? I never understood people who "dont like to pvp", its the same team play pve content offers(only more intrinsic because players act independently, while AI is just ....) I enjoy both PvE and PvP, i dont exclude one ore the other, and i play for fun. Let me ask…
  • Why are you people bashing this content before testing it? Did you watch the video and realised what they said? Have you played this dungeon on the test server yet?(if u did im all ears) As far as the trailer stated : Phase 1 gains points, Phase 2 gains points, phase 3 is decided by combined points from the previues…
  • Phase 3 is decided by the points gathered in phase 1 AND phase 2. Your welcome jonnara :)
  • U know GF/GWF items are low atm because they are not desired, with the upcomming patch and the buffs they get (and just plain skills working :D) they wil be more playable and a lot of people playing tanks wil return to the game. And this wil drive the prices up. Hopefully it will all balance out, fighters might even spike…
  • haha my thread also got closed :D, But yeah awsome free respec tokens, i feel this is a sign of good faith from cryptic towards the cmmunity, and reinforces the idee of a beta. And this was very much desired. Keep up the good work guys, much apreciated.