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  • Yeah I found it thanks.
  • That is simple good I like arc, but the redeem key tab is hiden and that is a no no. P.S Thanks
  • Where in arc is the redeem code tab when I look its not there
  • Hmmmm did you try to uninstall and install again.
  • That is what they should do as well
  • proposed pvp changes who are making these proposed changes.
  • Before this sharandar and and the other one, and the boons / artifacts of course people had gs of 15, 16, 13. So the people now need these boons and artifacts to go threw epic dungeons, if that is so then how did those people before sharandar and the other one. And of boons / artifacts of course go threw epic dungeons, if…
  • People that use names of other things are kinda childish not in a good way, they only do that because they think there being so called cool. There is a difference between choosing a name for meaning, or choosing a name for being childish.
  • Nw all of it needs re-work up to the enemies.
  • No gs is what you should judge, the gs the ret / ign devs put on epic dungeons is wrong. what the gs says you have to have 4 to 5 more then that, for example dungeons says 8.3 you should have 12.0 or 13.0. Also for example three people have gs of 12.0 or 13.0, and the other two have gs of 10.0 or 11.0 that is fine. You…
  • Try this if you have firefox better then chrome, set firefox as your main browser download all updates to it and try the arc. If it works then there is a problem with arc detecting with chrome, I use firefox and have no problem. Also the software does not look blurry / fuzzy with me, what is tsaa were do you turn on tsaa.
  • I have no problem in performance with arc, I have used steam for other software and have no problem there too. P.S tell me what performance problems you have with arc.
  • Nope if you havent tried raiderz try it, all the classes are balanced, unlike nw were rogues are op and gf/gwf do little damage. Also in raiderz everyone blocks and rolls, unlike nw were gf can block but other classes cant. Where other classes can maneuver around gf and gf cant, raiderz balanced nw not balanced. There…
  • Thats not what i was talking about, I was saying op (original poster)
  • I am not sure what your saying op
  • You named a person yet your post was not censured or the thread is not locked, when someone names a exploiter etc the post gets censured or the thread gets locked. The rules dont apply when someone says this person found this woow etc, when someone is warning others about someone thats a criminal act and needs to be…
  • No thats not how most people get them they grind, the ones they get like that they sell with the ones they made. you can upgrade a lvl 5 to 6 somewhat easy, just use enchantments lower then 5, then use preservation ward and what else you need. also gold sellers/ ad sellers that spam the chat, are the ones that are selling…
  • saying rogues need buff is not correct they are op, what they do need is buff in defense and deflection. same as wizard, cleric, ranger, they also need buff in defense and deflection. Gf and gwf need buff in at-will, encounter, and daily, all of at-will, encounter, and daily. As well as defense and deflection, what I say…
  • The problem with cryptic and pwe is the ignorant/ arrogant devs, because of this all classes are unbalanced. rogues are still op, gf and gwf still need buff. from all there at-will, encounters, and dailys. all classes have broken feats and paragon paths, also the enemies are unbalanced. They piled broken stuff on top of…