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  • lol you're in the wrong game Annnnnnyway, I'm kinda surprised to hear anybody is getting this at all. The Artifact of Gond isn't very useful or common, honestly. Even if you mass-forge tier 3 items, 12 mil AD?
  • I hated it as well, since I actually prefer leveling to post-60 content. That said ... some of the foundry quests pop almost 2 levels at a time. Crazy.
  • Actually, that's probably more correct. Thank you. Don't get me wrong, I love the F2P aspect of this game. The problem is not that people don't get the Dragonborn Pack for free (everybody can accept that there needs to be a source of revenue for this game). There are deep-rooted issues with not only the pricing, but the…
  • Agreed with a bunch of things already in this thread, especially housing. One thing I really loved about LOTRO is that travelling from one area to another was seamless, with the game just reloading everything on the screen when you cross boundaries (except when there was actually a long distance in between, obviously).…
  • I wish it was that way. But I really, really, REALLY doubt it, given the world and Cryptic's own track record. The goal of every sale is to sell it for the maximum somebody is willing to pay. If Cryptic comes out with a $25 race bundle, then a bunch of people buy for $25. If, on the other hand, they sell a $75 pack that…
  • The "loot display" has been bugged for ages. For a while, I believe it didn't display anything. Now it displays stuff, but the wrong loot. It's really frustrating for people (like the OP) who wish to use it to see if they want to use their key. Devs seem to always mess up when programming chests and everything related to…
  • Foundry being neglected is unrelated to the events. Unfortunately. Regarding the events though, I enjoy having them constantly flowing. Having the events and _____ weekend constantly go back and forth makes the game feel a lot more alive, I think, to have real-time things going on.
  • It's pretty simple. Cryptic wants to find out who is willing to pay $75 for the Pack. They wait a bit and get as much money as they can. Then, they move onto those who will pay $25 for the race but not $75 for the Pack. It maximizes profit, and those in the 2nd boat can't complain. Really, it's a part of marketing. While…
  • I actually enjoy collecting currencies throughout the adventure zones (like little 'souvenirs', that's how I see the seals of Lion/Manticore, etc. though I discard the bounty stuff) but having a whole bunch for a single campaign is unnecessary (Sharandar I'm looking at you). 2 or 3 I can understand but 6-ish? Excessive.
  • I'd say people are grinding new toons and need substantial amounts of Zen, the Zen supply is dangerously low, and people who were holding back buying Zen due to the backlog just put their orders in. I wouldn't worry about it unless it rebounds past 3M or so, I guess. We'll see.
  • I don't like it, but I don't think it will affect 99+% of players. How many people really try to spend 100k AD a day before even getting a SINGLE level 60 char on their account?
  • I'd say that there should (as this time) be two versions, a regular and an epic. The regular version should be hard for the average player, pretty standard for anybody good. Nothing new. The epic version is where they need to get creative. Tiamat should wipe 9/10 "good" endgame teams. Heck, give her five separately living…
  • I dislike flippers. The haven't ruined the game, but they certainly make things more difficult. With flippers, they make profit off the ZAX and take that profit and put it back into the ZAX, thus increasing the backlog continuously. It's unhealthy for the economy, and also moves AD from less well-off to "whales." Yes, I…
  • I really like the OP's suggestions. Go into events not knowing what's exactly going on, not knowing what to expect in a zone. Keep us on our toes, to remind us that we're in the Forgotten Realms world, not just a video game. I also wish the Foundry got more love ... but that's a whole different discussion.
  • Best way to level is through questing, I'm pretty sure that's a fact. The XP from killing stuff is about the same as that from running foundry quests, but the XP from turning stuff in is huge. So, stick to Srgt. Knox.
  • 1.2 M as of about 30 minutes ago. I'm getting pretty hopeful. There might be a small resurgence as soon as the backlog on 500 disappears, but this is still good.
  • ......... why? It was a small, nice addition. Cool, but not broken or something (as far as I know). *sigh* small stuff, but still disappointing. I only got the cloak on one char (ignored Whispering Caverns on the others).
  • I actually agree to a degree. If the new campaign is THIS boring to you ... as unfortunate as it is, you're perhaps better off elsewhere. I'm fairly worried by this direction in the Modules. Are the new Modules just ... more boons, campaigns, grinds? I don't know.
  • There are so many small graphics/mechanics bugs in Neverwinter listing them all would take years probably.
  • Nice! Scale is a bit weird, but whatever. Very good job!
  • True enough. But here's the thing: the campaign should NOT be that boring to begin with. The fact the boons are such a grind is just a failure on the part of Cryptic to make engaging endgame content. I don't mind the zen store item, and I don't think it's really unwarranted, especially since Sharandar's a grind. But it…
  • As much as something like that would be interesting, it would confusing to the story at the very least. To have Sgt. Knox be dead for some people, but not for the newcomers to NW?
  • Judging from the nature of PuG'ing right now, somehow I don't think raids will be a great thing. Especially if you guarantee BiS gear. And if you don't guarantee BiS gear, it's just a grindfest. Assuming, of course, that they could make challenging boss mechanics (as in, not a boss with more damage + health, but something…
  • 1. Yes 2. Yes. Separate queue won't work, due to not enough people, so just make everything PUG. And take a look at matchmaking? 3. Not so sure about this. This is just encouraging people to join 1 or 2 huge PvP guilds, isn't it? Or for the really good PvP'ers to form a mega-guild. 4. No, see 3. However, I'd like them to…
  • You've used up your luck. Don't expect the LT for at least 100 years now.
  • Haha, crits will often be for something like +132 (since it's 150%, I believe, and the bases are multiples of 5). The display is incorrect for some reason, sometimes.
  • Well, tanking works the same in NW. It's just that in all (but one, I guess) of the dungeons, they're unneeded and you just nuke everything.
  • Respen's Marvelous Game?
  • I ... didn't know that, actually. Never thought about it. I think it's supposed to be BoE, but ... I'm not so sure anymore. Maybe it's supposed to be BoP? That would make this bug worse than I thought.