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  • OK, Whose bright idea was it to increase the cost of Force Sheathe so that I have to reduce another power by a full Rank to use it?
  • This is exactly where I'm at I use a defensive passive so I ignore most attacks and those that can damage me are easily prevented through blocking. While still maintaining a reasonable amount of damage, sure I'm not DPS and I don't claim to be but I also don't get killed because a villian level mob decides to attack me and…
  • As a Hybrid I take offense to this... I do massive aoe damage to the mobs around the towers and CC them at the same time.. I have enough defense keep me alive without having to rely on healers... I'm the guy you see pulling locking the mobs down in groups and stunning them. Hybrids aren't useless we have our niche
  • I'm a lifetime subscriber, however if you are considering buying a freeform slot do what I did. Before buying my LTS I was silver for a while my only purchase being a single premium AT. I happened to love how that AT's kit worked for me personally (some people hate it I don't understand why) Long story short when I finally…
  • Ape X is also an established Champions online character that you face along with Overmind in Canada
  • if you have an xbox 360 controller the game supports it natively you just need to enable it in the settings.
  • Only the Energy refraction on force bolts as it reduces the cost of a Force Cascade every time the bubble appears.
  • Definitely not Force is the best powerset in the game IMHO
  • Same Here
  • How odd I actually find using a controller better with both STO and CO in fact the lack of controller support is one reason I opted out of Neverwinter. Of course I use a custom setup for both but it works better than mouse and keyboard for me.
  • Why are you trying to use time cards from over 5 years ago Atari hasn't been associated with CO in years.
  • Not just that but you can actually see them through the back of the character's head
  • I run a hybrid build which works out especially well against Kiga as I can basically ignore the storms because of the defensive passive and still do a reasonable amount of damage.
  • I would think that using Gravity Driver during DPS checks would be wanted though since it applies a 20% defense debuff to the target(s) hit for 12 seconds. Meaning everyone does more damage. Only thing I wonder is does that debuff stack if multiple people use it?
  • In the early days of this game they took Trademarked characters very seriously. To the point where there was a player who was also a writer/artist for a small independent comics company who wanted to use the name and likeness of a character he actually held the trademark to the character was Kid Olympus. Cryptic/Atari told…
  • No you don't need to be using the ARC launcher to buy an LTS, that's done through the ARC website, not the program I've never used the ARC launcher and l have happily been an LTS for the past 6 years
  • Keep in mind you get the premium pack for free if you are a lifetime subscriber or already a monthly subscriber from the bonus tab in the c-store.
  • Knowing PWE that's not a bug, it's working as intended, the whole idea is to destroy the turrets despite being overwhelmed by hundreds of nemesis minions.
  • I think people will be fine when blocking, it's those times when you're not blocking or don't feel the need to block such as fighting mobs in alerts, LI, etc. that you'll notice you're taking more damage if you rely on defense and not dodge for your DR.
  • The problem is with "fixing" Wardicator is that it also affects Guardicator. That defensive loop... not it's offensive part was the a large basic of my Hybrid character's PFF being a survivable passive. the defense boost meant the Field itself took less damage from every hit, much like having DR on the field itself. Now it…
  • Not really CC powers and they have fairly long cooldowns but Gravitic Ripple basically locks any enemy it hits in place while damaging them, and Gravity driver can stun up to 10 enemies at once while causing a decent amount of damage.
  • You're Welcome
  • Don't use either one.. just navigate into your Champions Online folder and create a shortcut directly to the launcher and run the game from that. Both Steam and ARC are resource hogs and are one of the sources of the "lag" some people have.
  • The 35 player cap has it's bad and good points when doing cosimcs. The Bad: You sometimes can't get needed roles or players with experience in those roles, such as a decent Main tank, or CCer. or healers to support said tanks. Overall DPS is lowered due to less players, therefor it takes longer to kill the cosmics. The…
  • I actually tend to do this sort of ... My main is an AoE hybrid That uses Gravitic Ripple to literally pull a group of mobs together where I can that hit any survivors with a Gravity Driver. Nothing short of the main boss survives.
  • There is another "solution" .. use Grav Ripple on the enemy groups then cascade the survivors. the ripple's "vortex" effect causes the mobs to yo-yo right back to where you knocked them from.
  • This is the reason I don't usually use Kinetic Manipulation as passive with my force build but rather PFF sure i'm not doing the DPS I should, but by simply choosing the Energy Refraction Advantage on the energy builder and using a cascade every time the bubble "pops" I get the cost discount without my passive suddenly…
  • Time for my 2 cents: I'm a veteran player going on 9 years next month. I have an LTS. But there was a time I was a silver player before I bought the LTS. That said, I have always played my main characters in hybrid role. But since this thread is about Hybrid ATs specifically I'll mention one that usually gets trashed on:…
  • Actually if the hit is small enough Invulnerability prevents 100% of damage from small attacks but then again so does the IDF/PFF combo as IDF has the exact same Damage Prevention as Invulnerability just at a lower amount of damage absorbed per hit. I fully admit PFF by itself is lacking when it comes to taking lots of…
  • Currently Ego has the Effects listed above, in increasing Ranged Damage Knock Strength etc. However in the past the Ego Stat was also used to determine the Percentage of Critical Damage you would do, this is no longer the case however so players aren't, locked into taking Dex and Ego as superstats
  • If you're using PFF as a defensive passive there are a few things that are a must: As you asked Dodge and Defense both reduce the amount of damage the PFF itself actually takes. Second if you are using it then having Inertial Dampening Field as your defensive toggle is a must. The reason for this is simple... It's not the…
  • For all around survivability The Impulse with Personal Force Field as passive works very well. You won't do as much damage as the pure DPS classes but you'll literally need no heals after level 14 when you pick up IDF.
  • The impulse with PFF instead of KM is more for survivability, sure it will take you a bit longer to kill mobs, but remember that after level 14 absolutely nothing other than Viper brickbusters will do any significant damage to you.
  • About Gear... seriously consider either grinding the Nemesis Heirloom set or spending the money to get the Aurum set. and using a hideout to transfer them from character to character. they are the best leveling gear you can get, especially the Aurum.
  • About Hybrid ATs, Before I saved enough money to purchase an LTS I was a silver player for a while with my only cash investment being to buy the Impulse AT. I know it's been called "trash" but that AT's combination of PFF and IDF enabled me to survive anything that was thrown at me in game. it never needed healing. Sure it…
  • Carrier wave is fairly easy. I can solo it with a mid-level ~level 25 Force Based character using PFF as passive, IDF for a little added defense and a combination of Grav Ripple, Crushing wave and Force Cascade for damage.
  • Best thing for Cascade is an Ego primary and any gear that gets it as close to maximum as possible. Suggestions while leveling are Nemesis heirloom, or the Aurum set.
  • No I mean PFF at full strength after the attack. health takes all damage. the 5% bleedthrough in negilible, my own natural healing rate + the 250 HP/3sec I get from Aurum set more than recovers that, I'm talking the big aoe.. but that was explained that it ignores all defense and is working as intended. Someone mentioned…
  • Question: Are the attacks of the Destroids and Mechanon meant to be able to completely ignore Personal Force Fields (or are they ignoring all defensive passives) or is this a bug? My PFF user is basically defenseless against them.
  • Actually I suggested a similar system for the 5 man instances, such as Telios' Tower, Destroyers's factory and Rhinoplasty to name a few... while they can be soloed (I've done with the help of sidekicks devices) It's tough especially for new players, so it should allow you to go to the entrance queue up, do other missions…
  • You can program pet commands through the binding method I mentioned... as far as devices, that's why I modified mine to differnt button combos. I don't use pets other than the occasional sidekick. But I suppose you could bind the Commands using /Bind d-pad left+[button] {petcommand} Where the button is A, B, X, and Y and…
  • There's an easier way... because my default targeting layout doesn't use tab targeting but Target nearest or Recticle targeting depending on the character I have the RButton set to target friend next, this cycles through all nearby friendly targets... really useful for putting Protection fields around NPCs in Escort…
  • No you use command line binds. For example if you are on the keybinds page in options and hover your mouse over Interact (Nearest) it says "use manually with /InteractWindow") this means you can set a button , the start button for example to act as the F key by typing /bind Start InteractWindow into the chat box in game…
  • Devices are easy to change from default, I used D-Pad up + a, b, x,y and R Shoulder Button for the 5 devices, I also set it so my start button is the "F" key, Select opens my mission tray etc. just takes learning the button name assignments and the Keybind commands which are highlighted when you hover over a command on the…
  • With X-box and direct input controllers the game has it's own button layout you just need to turn controllers on in the settings it even changes the lables in the tray to A, B, X,Y etc to show you where everything is. And you can bind a function to a certain button or 2 button combo by typing /bind (button) {command} .…
  • You're right about damage, it needed EGO primary, END and REC secondaries Forget INT cooldown and cost reductions aren't that much since the nerf. But for pure survivability only the Savage can beat it as far as AT's go.
  • I use a logitech f-310 in direct input mode... yes I know it supports x-box input but When I started playing I had a Dual Action and got used to it's different button positions for example in game my X button is where the B button is, A is X, and A is B . Sounds confusing but the dual action a\had buttons labled 1,2,3,and…
  • Why use xpadder... the game supports both direct input and x-box type controllers natively. As far a device buttons go.. just use custom binds, for example I have mine set to D-pad up+ a,b, x. y and RShoulder button. But whatever is easiest combo for you works.
  • This is one reason If you prefer playing a ranged AT I recommend the Impulse with Personal Force Field as the passive. You give up some damage but more than make up for it in survivability especially after level 14 when you get IDF. 99% of mobs can't even touch you (only Viper brickbusters)
  • My main uses the Shadow Legacy Aura set to a bright golden yellow color. That and the "kirby dots" that surround the aura make him look Somewhat "cosmic" I'm not on the computer I play on right now otherwise I'd post a pic of him. Edit... here's a screenshot of him: