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  • The starting NPC can be in any public map. I don't have the game open right now, but there should be a way to select a starting NPC that lets you show the map selection.
  • I have done exactly that in my Crushbone quest by having the people practicing be monsters skinned to be NPCs attacking an invulnerable NPC hidden in a hay bale and stuff like that.
  • If you have room for a warrior, I can be there :) Or, any other class, actually... but Nina is my main.
  • Well, eventually the authors will just tag everything; at least, the sploit authors will. They'll abuse everything. The community absolutely should tag the quests. Just, those tags shouldn't appear in a search unless they pass a certain threshold. I've set that in my spreadsheet as past the average counts in all the tags.…
  • Really enjoyed your run-through of Befallen! I rarely get to see how someone else goes through my foundry quests... and I think I spotted the place where some people are accidentally falling through the second level into a place where there is no third level. The next quests in the campaign aren't as fourth-wall breaking.…
  • First off, what language are you using, there? Well, I won't spoil your quest for anyone... unless they watch my run-through But, your fifteen gold is safe... for now...
  • Aaaand the answer to the original question is ... this week. Three quests, one of them mine, all of them not previously featured as far as I know... THANKS AKRO AND/OR OTHER DEVS! I look forward to playing newly featured quests again!
  • I'm currently looking for people to run through The Crypt of Befallen :) It would be cool to see what someone else thinks about it. I also occasionally stream on twitch -- channel is tipa16384. Also on Forge.gg when I'm not on Twitch, as Tipa. Streaming is always echoed to Twitter (tipadaknife).
  • There are three similarly-named girls in the final room. Only one is the one you want... the other three attack. And then only if you chose the "save the girl" option. If you choose "kill you omg" or the "I don't want to fight you" option, you can't save the girl. The last room, I was thinking of that near-final episode of…
  • The entrance to Befallen was where the Desert of Ro met the Commonlands. The multilevel nature of Befallen meant most parties wiped before they could get away to make a train. Mistmoore -- that place terrified me. I don't have the skills for that place yet.
  • Wish I did :(
  • Sounds like, from the Twitter thing today, that they'll be taking the current super popular quests, like, I suppose, Tired of Being The Hero and Old Jerry, over to the XBox. They're not going to take any of our quests over to the XBox, they have all the UGC they need.
  • I played and reviewed "Dead World", my thoughts are in yesterday's Weekly Review. If you want to play one of mine, Crushbone's Revenge could use a little love. Thank you!
  • Those are awesome screenshots!
  • I know I fall in love with my story, too. I have my friend, Kasul, run through my foundries while I watch. If he's spending too much time on an NPC, I work on that NPC. You might want to offload the story onto other objects. For instance, a painting of Lanylle with the young player and that half-orc rival, where, when you…
  • Video review here --> http://www.twitch.tv/tipa16384/b/631501904 In short, it was much as I remembered it from the contest. I think an introduction which clearly states who you are, right up at the beginning, would be better than having it interspersed throughout the quest. There were a few misspellings. The various…
  • Oh, cool! As long as you can't edit...
  • I'm open to ideas. I can't give permission to sort or filter the spreadsheet to users without giving them the ability to edit, and that would just be an invitation to destroy it. Not sure how people want to use it, yet.
  • My video review is ----> here. Just started playing with Twitch.tv. I don't like being forced to drink myself drunk. I am a non-drinker IRL and so are my characters. I liked the "Lawful" and "Chaotic" responses, but they didn't seem to influence anything. In the ship, the first ladder is surrounded by invisible walls…
  • Making real boss fights is something everyone struggles with; the easiest is just to find some elite mob (frost giant is a favorite of mine) and dress it as you like. You can't really get away with dressing animal encounters, like the bears, as humanoids, as the animations don't match up. Same going the other way. For your…
  • My playthrough: http://www.twitch.tv/tipa16384/b/627928373 Not much plot, not really any characters, lots of static encounters, pre-made maps. The English was pretty good. I think weaving the story into your quest would improve it quite a lot. I had no idea why the Duergar had shown up until the very end. Were the Duergar…
  • Well, since they no longer feature new quests, tying rewards to them would seem wrong.
  • @xetmk24 -- I'll replay yours this weekend. I know I'm kind of anal about spelling and grammar. And, I do apologize for that, but my reviews are totally subjective. Most people don't care (and wouldn't even notice). @shandizar -- Oh, HellsCold is your sister? I was wondering if you knew each other ;-) I added Cult Caper.…
  • I disagree that all foundries look the same. The premade maps are there for beginning authors, but most of the skilled authors here have long moved past those, and their maps look absolutely unique. I am stunned by what people do with these tools. I'm a developer, though not for a game company. Nonetheless, I know how…
  • It's pretty clear from the way the Foundry Authoring achievements are set up that it wasn't originally intended that getting a quest featured was going to be a super-rare event. I guess the "Best" tab was supposed to be a way for good quests to organically rise to the top without having to be featured, but that is clearly…
  • That's a great idea! Part of the problem is that I didn't always review the ones we played, so Kasul and I frequently find ourselves playing a quest we played before. I'll make a spreadsheet, based on the one I kept for the Cult of the Dragon foundry contest. That's a good weekend project ;-)
  • Its author thread has been discussed recently; it's where I found the quest. I haven't played it before that I remember, anyway... but after several hundred quests, they DO tend to run together now and then.
  • My only real point was: The Featured tab is the only showcase authors have. When it is continually used to re-feature previously featured quests, new quests have to rely upon random searches to find new players. And search is beyond broken.
  • Over half of the first 20 quests on the "Best" tab are achievement sploit farms. Some of the others have a featured version and a non-standard version up there. Most of the non-sploit quests have been there for a very, very long time. What sort of impression does this give? The only impression it can give to a casual,…