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  • i still craft from my mobile and login everyday to pray :P.. thats all i do i pray and log off
  • lol i stoppped playing after the 7 hour rollback. the game has lost it, people are still stupid enough to pay money in the zen store for overpriced things instead of getting them to lower the prices.. what we really need the devs won't do .. which is a full wipe to sort the economy out and the exploiters... now i just do…
  • i am happy to have gotten a response from my whine about how much junk the crafting system is . i am also happy not to have been flamed .. thank you. also the pre-cu swg mention was cool. thank you for the good read everyone.
  • Don't why people bother making postsabout this The economy is broken 7 hours roll-back is not gonna fix this In about 2-3 months the economy may fix itself. That being if in 3 months we have a lot of new players added to the game
  • I wouldn't bother Zen in this game is completely stupidly over priced
  • It's one of my hates about this game is they limit how much bags you can have for free. I am just not willing to spend $10 per bag though you would need about 4 bags to Max out plus the
  • i lol'd when i read OP post. nothing bad from him sound advice but as well know there are alot of people on mmo's these days with more money than sense who will ignore everything and continue to fund this <<swearing>> of a game. me myself have hardly any spare cash after my bills so ftp is my only option to enjoy mmo's , i…
  • it's not a beta .. thats just a ploy .,. the minute they ask you to spend money on a game it's not a beta it's a payed game ..
  • i wouldn;t mind them reducing some of the prices on the zen store it is outragously exspensive .. it would of been cheaper to subscribe than to pay some of the prices on there .. i rant as i keep on running out of space and as a pack rat i need space .. and $10 for a simple backpack is just not worth the money as i do have…
  • ok there seems to be someone who has no cencept of patience to let the devs sort their s*it out
  • The advice above is a bit meh The beat way is not to mass make leather 6 hours for 8 pelts Whilst the quicker one is 2 per 10 minutes which would give you 12 per hour which is what ive been doing only at level 7 leather working atm but 6 hours is alot of time for just enough to make 1 piece of armor . More invested you are…
  • I agree tottally with this statement Its a really good ftp model ((beaides the lack of any free storage space as bags cost near to $10 each)) but thats my only fault. Being that the exploit has been with day one i would support a full wipe just so everyones in the same boat and the only ones who should have millions of ad…
  • Youve spent $650 and support a full wipe , even though i would like to see a full wipe but your post makes no sense . If i was silly wnough to spend $650 on a beta of a game i would be furious but thats because i am not soneone who has rich parents , i live with my missus and we have bills to pay . I Agree to the wipe but…
  • I agree that the money shop is over expensive and thats when you compare the prices on star trek money store . Yes i know the game has been out longer and they have had alot to expand on but their ships do not cost as much as out mounts and you can grind the dilithium alot better and trade off for zen alot better than on…
  • too low i would say considering i dont have the spare cash to buy zen due to actually having bills and such it is quite annoying . i am constantly running out of bag space picking up junk and would love the funds to buy a bag on the AH which you can only buy with Zen or try to save up the 260.000 AD on the AH. considering…
  • yup i played rogue from beginning in wow and same thing happened .. just because we live off burst damage people don;t like rogues.. i stopped playing wow when the devs made it so you could only make your rogue good in one build.. not overpowering, not top of the dps just average rogues.. i do hope this game gives me…
  • i hope it comes back up soon , i would like to play tonight one of the rare weekends i get off work :P