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  • Things I forgot yesterday: 7.The tailor is a mess. The drop downs are in no logical order. It also sometimes likes to interrupt you in the middle of something to randomly highlight a different piece entirely. Oh and we can't get the character to st…
  • I don't pvp except way back in the day when that was the only way a KDF player could level, so I can't speak to that. For me, the console fails at really basic stuff. Maybe I'm missing something on some of these (and if I am, I'll happily be correct…
  • I've been trying this mission today and it's crashed twice when I've tried to beam to my ship from the research facility at the start of the mission. I've never had a problem in the past with it.
  • I would like a little more information before I break out the Château Picard/pitchforks and torches. Are we on the same server? Can we transfer our characters over? Do our purchases carry over? Will my crappy PC cope with the changes/are we able to …
  • (Quote) I've been here since beta, you've always had to choose boffs in the species you want them to be; unless you use an alien boff, which will always remain a generic alien in it's info but can appear to be a specific species. That was actually …
  • (Quote) Agreed. We're getting new Andorian and Tellarite uniforms and there already is T'Pol's Vulcan one, more TOS/TAS/Enterprise era uniforms for Gorn, Orions, Romulans and Klingons are due. If you want cross-faction apparel, outfits for women A…
  • The lack of KDF content is bothersome. I wouldn't mind starting a TOS Gorn.
  • Is that Vic Mignogna doing the narration? I am cautiously optimistic about this and am looking forward to hearing more.
  • Bare in mind, Cryptic didn't always have event rewards be this exclusive. The Featured Episode rewards (the Breen boff etc.) were offered three or four times to players. Six months from now we may well find them offering old rewards again because no…
  • There are some non-canon explanations of Gary Seven and who he works for that could play into a temporal war. I'd be interested if they went that way.
  • Yeah, I don't see any reason to wait. If there are any bonuses, they're not advertised.
  • A Risian carrier would get my vote, especially if they finally gave us a bridge.
  • I like having a cloaking device on my Defiant. The slot could almost certainly be put to better use, but I like it and I don't feel like my ship is really hindered by it.
  • There are a few skin options I'd like (as well as infected). One of my aliens has a Bolian stripe down the centre of the face, it would be nice if it didn't stop at the neck. Similarly, I wanted to give one of my androids a Trill appearance but she …
  • Favourite: I like Wasteland, Spectres, the Breen and Cardassian arcs. They all have great atmosphere and good stories. They all feel really Trek as well. Worst: The Delta quadrant arc if taken as a whole. All those patrol missions are boring filler…
  • At this point, the tailor is such a mess because of changing and conflicting ideas over the last six years (not to mention the bugs) that it really does need to be reworked. Another example is that marauder officers wear Klingon clothes but with the…
  • To illustrate my earlier post: (Image) Other tops that use the chest, like the TOS Terran outfit, seem to work fine.
  • (Quote) Yeah, I got burned by this too. If I'd known, I would have logged in with all my alts. It's especially annoying (to me) because the last giveaway, only a few days ago, and that did allow it. I appreciate the giveaway, but a little more info…
  • I'd like a Risan ship and a Risan bridge for it and my other Risan ships.
  • Most ships are just what seemed cool at the time, but I do have some with some meaning. Hawke flies the Corvus Rao which is the star Neil Degrasse Tyson said Krypton orbited in our language (Corvus) and Kryptonian (Rao). Arbol, my Martian captain ha…
  • They also posted the news on their facebook page, that's where I saw the first announcement.
  • (Quote) Your old characters would have gotten the extras like boff slots and respec tokens when you upgraded your account. Mine did.
  • I've got one STO quest up now and I've had two in the past. I got my first free 500 zen two days ago as well. :smiley: Other games certainly come up more often, but it does come up.
  • (Quote) This would make me happy. It bothers me that you have a gambling mechanic that can involve real money in a game that is aimed at all ages. It doesn't seem very "Trek" either. I get that they need money coming in, but that's what th…
  • Female Klingons in the Enterprise Terran Empire top uses the standard skin texture instead of the Klingon one. Female Klingon and Liberated Borg Klingons have empty space when using the Dyson sphere 2 tops.
  • I got utterly sick of it. I did it with all my KDF and Romulan alts (abandoned it on my Feds). It's my own fault for even attempting it and I won't be making that mistake again. I'm not doing any of these "events" any more unless they're m…
  • It got me to have another look at Champions after a looong absence, so I guess on that this has succeeded. For me, I am close to some free zen for very little effort.
  • (Quote) While I commend Taco's honesty, his mentioning it on the forums is not an official announcement from Cryptic. That's what patch notes are for. Not putting it in the patch notes brings them in to question. Every time they're accused of a ste…
  • (Quote) I have lots of characters too and this bug was helping to make this needlessly grindy event bearable. There are countless bugs in this game, but this is the one they fix and they don't even have the guts to tell people.
  • (Quote) I really do agree that these events need to have a shorter cycle, even if that meant a reduction in the dilithium rewards. It would also be nice if they weren't one time only offers. I can understand it with the ships (maybe because I have …