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  • Not sure what was going on. But I restarted my system and the game launched normally. Something freaky happened but no idea what.
  • You need to talk to the shuttle officer first. Then you go to the ship vendor to get the shuttle. When you open the list, be sure that your rank selector is set to all. Also in the filter you can deselect all ship classes except for small craft.
  • I thought it was total. First one 5 ships a second run 5 more ships. That is ten, so in two runs you should complete the task. Maybe I read it wrong, do not recall anything about it being in one run.
  • You can skip without any penalties. Just be mindful, that you will not get rewards from the skipped missions, unless you go back and play them later. Also, skipping missions in a story arc might be confusing if you are playing for the stories and not just the action.
  • They sent an in game notice that they were bringing the server down for a short restart. Why? I do not know. Something patch related perhaps.
  • Okay everyone. Thank you. My brain just wasn't processing properly today.
  • I read the news release. Either I am having a bad day or the news is not clear enough. I am on PC. I have gone to the ship vendor and talked to the person. Nothing said about claiming the cards. no buttons to click. The wording says automatic and when you create a new/alt toon. This puzzles me. How can it be automatic, if…
  • The link at the beginning of this thread will not load for me. Can someone please tell me how this system works. I have gone to the ship vendor and to the admiralty tab and do not see any button to click to claim the cards.
  • Thank you darpendragon. Interesting that I had run a couple events and never saw that button. It might of registered with me if the Events tab had been removed from Reputations. Again, thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
  • Thanks for the comments. I downloaded ARC then went in and found the game launcher and placed a shortcut to it on my desktop and then uninstalled ARC. Still baffles me why the launcher from the game disc isn't working properly. Guess my game disc/box is just a look pretty collectible now. Thanks again everyone.
  • I just noticed. Downloading from the disc is 32bit. I know STO stopped using 32bit in favor of 64bit. Could this be the reason for the launcher not launching? If so, is there a work around, or am I stuck with using ARC in order to play STO?
  • Your issue is not one of stance. That posture means that he requires a shot of ketracel white.
  • Wanted to say thanks again. I went ahead and got the Chimesh for the gravity well trait. Turns out I like this ship a lot. Granted I lose my Gravity Well III due to a lack of a Commander Sci seat. But I went with Gravity Well II in place of Tyken's Rift. So far, I am kicking butt and taking names. Kind of nice to be using…
  • Thanks everyone. You have given me some things to think about. The Andorian Escort with the gravity well trait is looking pretty darn tempting.
  • Clarification. I have items in the Weekend event store currently (i.e. Sompek shield and the Mirror Phaser Dual Pistol) that can be reclaimed by any toon on my account. Now with the change, does this mean a new toon I create will also be able to reclaim the item or will new toons going forward have to buy the items from…
  • This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. People using abbreviations like they think everyone knows what it means and also, a link or directions to where this "AMA" thing is suppose to take place?
  • Unless I am in error. I thought Ambassador Kael addressed this on the live stream last night. If I recall, he said something to the effect that the T6 coupons are a test on PC to see how well it goes over and if the results are positive it might then rollover to console. I have heard some rumblings that the coupon system…
  • Seems the issue has changed a little for me. I can log in to the character seect screen. My main toon says loading. A few seconds afterwards, it says disconnected unable to connect to server.
  • I believe it is suppose to disappear when all endeavors are complete. Afterwards, if you need to access the system, you can click the drop down menu on the bottom right of your mini-map and click Endeavor system. This is the same menu that you would use to access your bridge by the way.
  • Hmm, that might have something to do with. I was flying the Malachowski as my starter ship. I did not have any issues with it. But the issues started when I changed to the Rhode Island science vessel. A coding problem with the weapon and console which when you change ship somehow locks out a aft weapon slot and an…
  • The issue has been resolved. I cannot explain why, but something happened with the old keyboard that simply made it impossible to press key combos like W and D. I changed out keyboards and everything is working as it should now. I have had keyboard problems in the past, but that was a first. Since no one here said they had…
  • As the title states this is not a bug report. The issue has already been placed in the support thread but there has been no response in several hours. So I thought I would see if anyone else has the same problem or suggest something I might of overlooked. I noticed since the last patch a keyboard issue develop. I am not…
  • I do not need your sarcasm. I was not expecting any reply from a dev about the issue in the time frame. But I would have expected comments from members who might have insight into what the issue is that I might not have considered or thought of. I considered that the majority of members might not check the support forum…
  • Suppose I have been lucky. The only times I have gotten an AFK penalty has been on those occasions when enemies would fail to spawn. How long should one sit on a map waiting for the spawn? You either sit and hope, or you leave and take a AFK hit. Annoying yes. As for those who intentionally AFK, that would annoy me far…
  • I remember what you are referring. That was not a shakedown cruise per se for the KDF. It was, I believe, a sly attempt to provide content for the KDF, since they had little compared to the FED side. When non-faction specific missions became a thing those throw away missions were removed. Also, I would not have called…
  • Doubt your monitor is the cause. I tried logging in. I would get to the character select screen and it is stuck loading and then get the message disconnected from login server please try again later. Tried logging in a couple of times and get the same results.
  • Just tuck the tokens in your bank. The TFO event will roll around again, more than likely. Or if you already slotted them into the project, simply do not cancel it.
  • It should be noted, that many of the benefits that come from a monthly sub, are now purchasable in the Z-Store. That might be more funds friendly for you. Also the vet rewards are open to all players now. So play along enough and you will gain rewards too.
  • I did not see a notice anywhere that this issue has been fixed. But it has. I was able to buy the TFO pack a few minutes ago without issue.
  • Thank you. This makes sense to me. I have not tried to create any reputation gear thus far and thus I kept amassing Rep Vouchers. Explains why it appeared to me that I was not able to use them for anything. Now that I am aware of this, I will be looking at rep gear now. Thank you again.