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  • It isn't so much that I stockpiled them, it's more that they just accumulated. After completing the events I still played the TFOs for the choice mark boxes (and something to do) and turning the tokens in for more raw dilithium ore that would never get refined was worth less to me than having backup tokens for the next…
  • Just going through storyline missions I managed both tasks by the end of the Dominion story line. Melee came first and I just finished the ambushes today. The longest one to complete for me will likely be endeavors. I try to do the 8k xp one every day but sometimes it's not just something I want to do even after using all…
  • That's my approach to Admiralty. The rewards for the regular missions just don't do it for me. Look! A box of prisoners or colonists? Crafting materials? Latinum? I'll throw the Tanius at a rich ore assignment just because they're pretty rare and the 1x cards I'll actually try to crit since I use those enough but the…
  • Melee combat was too frustrating for me with my setup (left click to attack). The targets kept deselcting when things got crowded which doesn't happen with ranged weapons for me. I'm done with the melee task and even though I'll miss the great damage I was doing with the event Bat'leth I've switched back to ranged weapons…
  • Yeah. The Wiki lists it as an undocumented feature.
  • You equipped the revolutionary set didn't you? https://sto.gamepedia.com/Imperial_Rift
  • Content-wise there's no difference. The reason to make a recruit is for some unlocks that can't be earned any other way. The big ones being a T6 BoP, a new ground & space trait (Warrior's Blood & Hunter's Instinct), the Bat'leth of Sto'Vo'Kor, and an Adep'ta DOff.
  • And for those new KDF recruits who might actually use the recruiting contacts to fill out their rosters? If you don't want the DOffs don't do the assignments. Not that I would ever use those contacts for use in completing fleet projects anyways. The only advantage from using the contacts is you get to target the Tactical,…
  • Yay! The endeavor progress doesn't work for me either though and the random queues thing is also a little buggy. It's not like I'm in a hurry to complete those tasks and I'm kind of waiting to fully gear up before queuing more but I've run three or four of the normal queues and the only progress I show is acknowledgement…
  • I'm still a ways from maxing everything out (350ish if I recall correctly) which is kind'a a good thing since I won't loose too many of those perk points my KDF recruit may earn. But I am curious and have a question to those of you who have maxed out the perks. Do we keep banking perk points? Is there an alternative reward…
  • I can think of worse things that can happen than using up an 8x at MkXII and not have the quality go up when it goes to MkXIII and resetting to zero, but that would still suck. At least at MkXV the only reset happens when the quality actually increases.
  • I'm not going to say it's the best way, but for high Mk items I would use the cheapest methods (Romulan/Phoenix or even the Mark Omega if you've got it) to get the item to XV first and then work on increasing their rarity.
  • You started at MkXII/purple and used the quality upgrade for a big rarity boost but virtually no tech points and then you used the mark upgrades to boost the level - lots of tech points but no rarity boost. When the upgrade went from XII to XIII you used up the all the tech points of the first quality boost (consider it…
  • Every Mk level increase from a single upgrade uses the same quality (rarity) point increase until the tech points are used up. In aftulus'es example he used *two* upgrades, one which didn't get him to the next level at all. I wouldn't use the 8x quality upgrades until I hit XV since the quality increase will reset at any…
  • Just doing the normal play through, but only using melee weapons, and I'm two missions into the New Romulus arc and managed the 1k task for melee and 500 for ambush. Not worried about the grind yet either.
  • While I can understand your position, personally I just use the random TFO and Endeavor boxes for the competitive marks. They are enough to complete the reputation grind with some extra for the elite marks in case I need any competitive gear.
  • I would've demoted him to a rank unable to slot projects - but kicking him out works too. We have a Fleet Admiral in our fleet that doesn't deserve to be one that I'd like to demote also. Came in one day after months and months off and dumped the colony coffers into projects that won't kick off without dilithium because he…
  • One of the KDF recruit rewards is an Engineering BOff that increases the ambush duration from 5 seconds to 10 seconds, so that could help out somewhat. She also has the veteran combat(?) space trait.
  • Does anyone know what happens if you fail a ToD mission? i.e. if you fail the Klingon Tour of Duty 2 is the next one that shows up still 2 or will it advance to 3 regardless? The former would be a reason why you won't see more than one ToD in a campaign at a time. It's something I've never tested (why waste progress?) but…
  • Those days when you have to pick up the least undesirable perk are disappointing aren't they? Nothing to do but just keep plugging along. You'll get there eventually.
    in Endeavors Comment by fftt January 2021
  • This - I can typically take care of the purple endeavor in one CC run, infrequently it'll take two. Considering the TFO only takes about three minutes to run I can't imagine a faster way to knock off that endeavor as well as picking up some quick dilithium and marks.
  • Call it 10 or 11 days, more like a week and a half. And that nothing has upgraded all of main's equipment to epic mkXV with my alternates at mkXV also with much of that epic quality also. The reason I love Romulan upgrades is that I don't have to forgo spending for those couple of weeks and I'm not nitpicking but it's 4…
  • All of my refined dilithium gets dumped into my solo KDF fleet. My net refined balance since the fleet colony came out is zero and my projections are that this will continue for about another year and a half. I am dilithium starved so Romulan upgrades are my primary method of upgrading my equipment. Starved on refined…
  • That's a matter of playing style. Personally I love Romulan upgrades.
  • So I was just perusing the projects my fed fleet can do (I'm a fleet admiral) and the thought occurred to me that a lot of large, active fleets could actually *add more* dilithium to STO's economy than the flat 30k that the Klingon campaign used to add. 40k is enough to run three dilithium boost projects (15 days) from the…
  • The 10th Anniversary Event ended last week and it wasn't part of the latest event campaign. The new campaign currently progresses with Battle of the Binary Stars.
  • If you're full up on spec points it's converted to dilithium, normally 2880, but with a 50% bonus that's where the 4320 number in the screen shot comes from (2880+1440).
  • Solo fleet bank space, meh. Sure I use it, but not for anything critical - mostly VR drops that I hate to vendor trash and the plethora of lockboxes that I'll never open. The big benefit for me of a solo fleet is you get the content without the disappointment from other players.
  • I've only had three characters who've hit the Ferengi 10/10 since the change. One burned through the whole bonus before five days was up, one only got it today, and one got it on Monday and only has about 3k remaining in the pool. That last hasn't quite been a full 120 hours (5 days) since the bonus was recieved but it has…
  • Six characters is more than enough for me, tyvm. I'm actually dreading another new recruitment event that would bump that number up to seven. And I doubt that raw ore will ever get refined considering that even more will be coming in by just playing the game.