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  • So far I have luckilly not come across this problem, though I have read in game and bug reports of people who have. It's good to know they have posted a possible work around incase I do as I haven't tried it on all my characters yet. Hopefully it will help those who have had it.
  • You'd be suprised how much people are willing to spend on their hobbies.
  • Trust you to see that. Now I do too, but you had to see it first. You and your Nova thing. :D
  • Please link me where I said I did not think it was gambling, I haven't I have said legally it is not, there is a difference. It does not matter what you, I, the bloke nextdoor, the woman round the corner or the Queen thinks about it being gambling, the letter of the law is all that matters. The spirit of the law is…
  • It is that technicality that allows it to carry on being played by mopre people in many countries. If they didn't play be legal technicalities it would get age restricted in some countries and possibly even banned in some where gambling is completely ilegal. The R&D boxes are sold as R&D boxes and they sell outside of the…
  • As a Scimi pilot I wouldn't want it. The only reason I fly it is because it was the best of a bad lot hangar wise for my RR characters when I created them. I like playing hangar/carrier ships as I am better with slow moving ships than fast ones. I have been moving my RR charachters over to the WW Breen carrier. I would…
  • The problem with that is it is not really classed as gambling, which would make it ilegal in some countries or age restrict the game in many. This is why they don't have to publish the odds. People have worked it out and mentioned it more than once. A little seaarch would get that info. In the case of R&D packsyou are…
  • If the ship is T5 and up, so any ship gained at 40 counts as T5, it is not available for RR characters. For them the only ships are either the cross faction ones or romulan only.
  • Even easier no coding solution you check and make sure no R&D DOFFs are being donated. Making them undonatable entirely means that people who do donate them, and some do by the way intentionally, unable to do so. We have the choice to donate them or not to, and that means it is our responsibility to check what we are…
  • Youi'll get a shed load of recruitment missions for KDF BOFFs, I have quite a lot of Lethean BOFFs on mine. It is getting them for rom BOFfs that is the problem. as said you can also by all KDF BOFFs off the exchange.
  • There is only one other way and that is to wait until the next winter wonderland event where one can be gained for free. Other than that they cost. Zen as you have seen. Lobi which is gained by opening lock boxes. Then there are ones you can get for EC, and lots of itEC. Finally there is one that only costs fleet credits,…
  • That is not the number one reason it will not happen. The number one reason is that cryptic is totally rubbish when it comes to designing and balancing PvP. If Cryptic could design and balance a decent PvP system then I think you would see more people entering into it, even casually. Until then just accept they have all…
  • Are they of the correct faction? Blue border for Fed and allied Roms, red for KDF and allied Roms. If it is not of the correct faction you can not use them.
  • I think the hate is to do with you have no way of getting rid of him at all. Even if you set your own first officer he is the one that pops up where you should get that, even when you have him on an away team he's the one that answewrs from the ship for beaming up. He permanently takes up a BOFF slot meaning RR characters…
  • There is no need to be sorry you are in the situation this thread was created for. Everyone starts with a DOFF (Duty OFFiser roster) of 100. When that is full or close to full that opening a pack wuold take you above 100 you can not comission anymore. You can do one of two things when this point is reached: 1. Dismiss…
  • Maybe they are covering themselves this time. If it goes bellies up and they have to extend atleast they can make it look like less time than the last one. If it goes smoothly and they can get up and running earlier it makes them look good.
  • 8472 does award you with thier "premium" items. only DR rep doesn't give any ancient powercells. on completion of the the t5 rep project. It's been like this since the start I think it is injtentional to make you do the content that gives them.
  • If you are not level 50 it will go into your inventory as a box, you can not use it until level 50. Check your inventory. The reclaimable items will not be available until it is unpacked.
  • White knight/troll tend to be one and the same, mind you so do haters/trolls. The OP didn't claim to speak for all players as you stated, "players" is used in the generic term. You chose to state he was talking about all players and then go on the attack. Hence troll. Players are being driven from the game it can not be…
  • Going by previous the ship set will stay, the q-mendations will go so no getting the ship if wanted the best thing is to slot it now even if you are not going to complete it. The rest is a guess as said we had no costume or BOFFs in previous. It will go into the storyline and be level restricted at whatever level they set…
  • Just because it isn't the first doesn't mean it is not stupid. Feds don't raid or deal in contraband hence the lack of such missiong for that faction.
  • It's an event mission, so hopefully it will go away when the event ends. That is the whole point of an event mission/minigame.
  • From what I can see with the T6 ship I have unpacked it comes with a unique skin to that ship only, though this is only for the carrier so far haven't flown the Kobali cruiser yet. If you see it on other ships then it seems to apply to all T6 ships. The same applies to fleet ships each one has it's own unique look. Upgrade…
  • Well bed time for some. Ah well I should have set up longer DOFF missions. Think of the lost metrics and all those traces I can't grind. erm Smirk I think it might be an idea for you to go and edit this thread: http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1380661
  • More like take bets on what won't break next. That would make it more interesting.
  • People drop a lot of money on their hobbies and past times. I don't see why anyone would fork over for an iPad when an android tablet can do the job at a lower price and has expandable storage. One of my friends collects stamps and spent hundreds if not thousands on stamps and expecially the rare one. I don't see why…
  • I volunteer my trusty Atari 800-XL and Commadore C-64. you are presuming it hasn't been updated by the way.
  • It's to stop spammers. If you go to the accademy section you will see a thread called "Come here if you have Q" that was started specifically for people like yourself to ask questions and get answers.
  • Or making light of a bad situation. It's laugh or cry here and I have ran out of kitchen roll.;)