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  • Hmmm I am suddenly thinking "Get your chat access for 500 zen and 100dil per post" in my head. Maybe I shouldn't give them ideas :D No suprise there.
  • If theirs is suped it it shows just how weak it is. I have yet to have my shields taken down by a spheres TB. The shield neutraliser used by the cubes and log on the other hand is an entirely different kettle of fish.
  • Given ESD I doubt it will be missed.
  • You're supposed to listen to the tech guy on the phone until he has finished. You got to the "turning it off part" but missed the "turn it back on again" part. Now have you checked to make sure it is plugged in at the socket and the switch is in the on position? The biggest reason for things not working according to a tech…
  • I can see that working as we have had alternate timeline missions so this would just be one of those. They have shown they can do very good story missions and so I am sure they could come up with one for this.
  • Spheres seem to use tachyon beam going by the animation and cubes and the log use the Borg shield neutraliser which shows up as a debuff above my ship icon. I don't see the neutraliser debuff icon when I get hit with the spheres skill. This is only going by what I have seen in red alerts and that Borg area accessed by the…
  • Anyone remember how the replicator used to be? The commodities were at the end and you had to scroll down to get to them. After a while they changed this and put them at the top. I see no difference here. AS has been said I don't see why the mats show at all as they have 0ec value. The crafter items do so I can see why…
  • He could give any politician a run for their money on double speak. However my guess on when we will see this is after hell freezes over. I will gladly and puiblicly appologise if it happens at all.
  • There are also KDF DOFF mission to hand them in. I think they are marauder type and so come under the first officer. ============================================== Personally I haven't bothered with the DOFF mission for these for quite sometime now as they have become prety useless like the alien artifacts. The only upside…
  • Borticus has said this will only apply to this power, for now. It is the "for now" that concerns me. Also I wouldn't be suprised as I have said to see this change "accidentally" affect other skill that rely on them.
  • This concerns me. Not having a dig at you here Bort as yu are one of the good ones who communicate with us. However given Cryptics past I am also concerned that thei will "accidentally" affect other skills reliant on these when released. Also why has this not been tested instead of just going straight to live? I have gone…
  • Try this line: Science skills depend on these depending on build and skill. The "dramatic" increase needs to be higher than the loss caused by this to make it a decent buff, if it doesn't then it is a nerf. Also given Cryptics past I am concerned this will affect other sci skills "accidentally". ===========================…
  • You have to buy the ships to get the consoles, it has always been this way. It is why the three packs are sold at a cheaper price than buying seperately. This is baring the occassional ones thjat pop up in lock boxes for opposite factions, however if it is a console of your faction you have to buy the ship. It is in very…
  • Judging from what I have read that is what such a ship would be for. It's multigenerational with parks, universities etc, and to get around onboard needed site to site transporters instead of the turbo lifts.
  • Do you know how big that thing is? It would never fit in Sol system let alone ESD.
  • Again get the EC unlock. It was one of the things I did not regret.I never surpased 8mil while I had the cap as the cap was there and so my aim was staying below it. When I bought the cap remove I soon started building up an EC supply.
  • As far as I remember the firing order is left to right. Other than that the only way to priroitise launch is to do it manually.
  • Erm you are quoting someone who is pulilng up the OP who said it was useles. They are not themselves saying it is useless.
  • Then pay 500 zen and get the EC unlock. That and the account bank are two of the things you should go for.
  • Oooooohhhhh you went there ;) Same here rip out the console if it is useful and dismiss. I also get rid off two from the three pack ships as I onlly want to fly one varient so get the consoles/weapons then dismiss. I think I still have my Mirander though it has been a while since I visited the ship selector to check. I…
  • As much as I sympathise you do have responsibility here too. To say the devs could fix it when you could just remove the items is a case of passing the blame. Don't get me wrong I have done it myself so I am not saying I have never been there in this and other games, I just realise it was my own carelessness and get on…
  • Just because you are not seeing any problems does not mean there aren't any. I have not suffered major game crashes, or crippling lag, but I don't say it isn't happened. I have not had my game crash recently and I don't do certain parts of the game where people may be experiencing this. This means as I said I can't say it…
  • One change I would like to see is that any carrier, as opposed to a hangar ship, can fit any firgate of their faction as iong as the conditiond for buying the frigate is met. For example there are two reasons I stick with my mirror Vo'Quv on my KDF character are that it is eng heavy instead of sci and that I can use BoPs.…
  • There was a bug fixed in the last patch that prevented the crafting of 5 slivers and the other early parts of the omega tech. Try clicking on the item and then using the slider. If it is still not wroking for you it might be worth posting in the bug section. As far as I know you can't craft multipn upgrades in a single…
  • Not for me. I had lag, SNRs, the R&D interface "lagging" behind choice. All of these happened before the anniversary event and will happen after it.
  • To be fair lag is not always at the door of Cryptic. On the bugs some have been around so long they are considered features now. As said don't be suprised to see this thread locked.
  • It was in the drop down list of choices, I only looked because it said upgrades. Go for traces and work that way, it is cheaper just takes longer. Also the R&D projects will remain after the event is over so you don't have to worry about ruching to get them done incase they disappear.
  • wiki is your friend: http://sto.gamepedia.com/Omega_Particle_Tech_Upgrade
  • They are not tradable. Omega tech upgrades are bound to account.