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  • They brought back jolly old jones :o ? *just an old player dropping by after seeing new classes patch*
  • I will pay 10 000 gold per unbinding charm, otherwise it is not worth it to me.​​
  • Just a side thought on the topic. I have seen forum users posting in topics with detailed, knowledgeable replies to game mechanics and issues. A year or two down the road, the same user will ask a super noob question regarding the matter they alread…
  • Here is my experience with g15 2nd cast, sac strike vs g16. It is on a standard 5 aps bm build. Only the weapon changed. Below are what i saw in my squad with regards to maintaining agro on warsong bosses. We did not test refine level by refine lev…
  • as compensation and an awesome job at getting the servers back so quickly, can everyone get +12 orb for free? ​​
  • Capn, let them all come out with r10, and everyone will be back on the same page ​​
  • Server error has been happening since 2011, probably before as well. We just accept it as part of life, because the developing team "can not recreate the problem". Most of the times it is the internet connection problem between your place and pwi s…
  • Btw @eirghan i checked the post again. The picture link is working . Must have been my pc.​​
  • There is still no 100% guarantee that your gmail account will get the email, even if it is pwi exclusive, or you changed one to make it exclusive for pwi. I have mail forwarding set up, not all accounts get emails. Sometimes the accounts that got t…
  • Word to the wise, create genies on alts. If genies are filled up on alt, delete the alt . Sure you lose genie exp cubes, but judging how quickly you can make genies with cubes from 2xwarsong, it is a small price. I don't use spirits anymore. If i …
  • @eirghan People actually pay 8~10m a spot for a full delta for their culti/chrono. People are mostly in horrible factions where other people do not help out. World chat is horrendous for getting a squad together. Most people are really frustrated …
  • You usually run lunar for free and keep the eod/mats, depending on squad setup. People just come for quick badges. You might have mixed up delta again ​​
  • Did someone in the group have server error that was not taken care of? If the problem still continues, i have no idea how to fix it. The above suggestions are what we eliminate to make sure everyone can enter. 50m, i wish. You can hardly even find …
  • Delta fee is 10m per spot these days . Make sure people are not hugging, kissing, flying. They are near npc and not doing funky stuff. Standing still is the best option.​​
  • 2nd picture is disturbing. Boss just swatted away the player . That would be disturbing. Let's hope the engine upgrade does not cause a significant fall in fps for players who do not have latest tech in their machines.​​
  • This be a necro , pwi falls behind china by 7 months to a year on updates. The past couple of years it was reduced to 3~5 months. If nov 11th update comes next year anni, i would be happy.​​
    in Dry Spell Comment by jabq October 2016
  • I wonder when the glitch will start sending scroll of tome ​​
  • How about add a culti pill to 89/99? Leveling alts is not that bad. Doing culti for alts is the real horror in this game for me. I would pay for a culti pill. With new culti possibly arriving, might be a good way to make more money.​​
  • People who are having so much fun discussing classes and pvp aspects of this game. Let me show you your sub-forum. Back to the main topic. The text under the green tree seems to be of the nature (website translation, not human). We will unlock a ne…
  • We want bad puns and old memes ​​
  • What is this myth you speak of?​​
  • Congratulations. Now remember those sacrifices we talked about, this is where they come in. If no sacrifice is offered, you might end up spending more than 2~4 times the amount of time, gold, coins for that 1 cards compared to the other 5 cards. Sp…
  • Are you feeling ok @heero200 ?​​
  • They should think of fixing pq 3 now, the ring costs about 20~30m on the tt server to buy. It is not "system breaking" anymore. Thank you @ericamariex222 , i was thinking of getting chrono pages to make blood vow, thought might as well do it throug…
  • thank you @sabbaot01​​
  • Glad it worked out for you. If you want to attack in fox form, i would recommend to change into a fox first, and start the auto cultivation afterwards. Rather than setting up a macro where you switch into fox form, if that is a problem.​​
  • But new players are a myth in pwi I just want the item available, so my alts can stop lagging behind. Heck i won't mind them being added in morai daily quest thing. So alts can buy it at 3.5k prestige. Let's hope they bring it back, because 3 gol…
  • Some gift packs have 21 items in them, best to have 23~24 empty slots and 2~3 quest spaces as well.​​
    in Gift Pack Comment by jabq October 2016
  • 1) Timer is set to a very short amount 2) Your skill macro has an instant cast skill that break the macro, remove that skill and place it between different skills to see if it works better 3) The terrain might be an issue 4) Sometimes alts just like…
  • I never went to Xnw, but does it show the server's name above the player's head? or just the nation's name? If it is only the nation's name, might as well stick with the old of mixing and matching. This way all nations will be get "balanced out" (fr…