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  • Yep. In fact, back when the module first launched, it was bound to character. At least now we can move it to an alt if we've already equipped one.
  • In this case, it seems to mean that it's applied to your account so you can use it from the character select screen, as opposed to a physical item you receive. I believe you only get 1 level 70 character per purchase.
  • I found out about this yesterday, and I have been incredibly disillusioned and upset over it ever since. I've been here since the beta opened, spent tons of money on this game, and seeing that hit me really hard. I'm really hoping it's a temporary thing, but it's not looking good at this point.
  • Maintenance was yesterday, which is probably why you didn't notice it happening then. Like I said, it's been like this a few weeks now, I believe the devs are aware of the issue and trying to fix it, opening a ticket will probably result in an answer of "We're aware of the issue, you'll get your items after next…
  • Anything that expires (whether it has bids or not) seems to be having trouble being removed from the AH. Next maintenance should get them unstuck, but it's been like this for a few weeks, however.
  • I think the paranoid delusion companion is currently broken and not working as intended. Can't go into it more because of forum rules, but rest assured the 15 stack bonding runes procs aren't going to be around for long.
  • In general, my RP characters don't have anything in their history other than a physical description of traits you might be able to spot looking at/watching them a short time. How they tend to dress, and personality quirks that might be obvious watching them interact with others. Anything you can't see, such as where they…
  • Oh, just remembered another thing - there were supposed to be some small rewards for participating in the beta testing of Strongholds before its release. I think some people got them, but it seemed like maaaaaaany people, including myself, never did. I've brought it up now and then when I get the chance and I still don't…
  • Really? I could've sworn I saw it on my alt account when I went looking for it, but perhaps I confused it with the regular starter pack. In that case, it really should be added to the Zen shop.
  • It's not quite the same thing, but if you bought the Feywild Starter Pack before it was added to the Zen shop (and possibly if you bought it after, I haven't tested), you're not able to buy it again from the Zen shop. The page discussing the pack itself specifically says it can be purchased multiple times.
  • The backlog is irrelevant, it wasn't possible to buy the Cambion Magus with Zen, you had to buy 9000 zen with real money, not AD, to get the companion. I was tempted but decided not to, 90 bucks for a BoE companion wasn't worth it to me at the time. I just bought one off the AH soon after the promo for around 3.5 million.…
  • I'd actually like some of this old stuff to come back too. There was a fey wolf mount they gave away for a Charge reward (50% mount) that I'd really love to get my hands on, but it hasn't been repeated for YEARS now.
  • Scripts for the gateway WERE the bots that were generating all of the AD. It might be semantically a slight technical difference between the two (one is in-game, one is not) but the effect is 100% the same. Both are pre-recorded actions that are done constantly without human input. The scripts were even worse, in fact. AD…
  • The only reason the ZAX ended up with a bad backlog was because back then, tons upon tons of AD was being generated by bots. Not just AD sellers - people who were otherwise legit players were bottling. That's no longer an issue with Leadership AD removed. The removal of Coal wards caused a jump in Zen price because people…
  • I agree. It was silly that it happened in the first place, but I'm really appreciative of the fact that they resolved it so quickly. Hopefully it won't happen again, I know some people are apprehensive of doing anything to avoid getting wrongfully suspended while everyone's on vacation, but I'm going to take my chances.
  • Apparently people were flagged automatically for opening/amassing a large amount of parcels, and since then they've adjusted the autobanning thingamajig so that people shouldn't get banned for collecting their parcels on all of their characters anymore. Of course if you're doing anything else that might be against the ToS…
  • Anyone who was banned, check to see if you're still banned. I didn't get any confirmation email or anything, but I just tried to log in and got on just fine. If you're still banned, I guess submit another ticket.
  • It may not have been intended from the beginning, but it's been in place a LONG time by this point. If they had a problem with it, they'd have implemented something to stop people from doing it - perhaps only letting you invoke on a certain number of characters per account. They haven't. Ergo, at this point, almost three…
  • Did you try to switch characters? The game server doesn't go down 5 minutes early, the login server does. As long as you don't log out/switch characters you can play until the game servers go down. It's always been like this.
  • Here's what the announcement says about the Winter Wolf specifically: "The Winter Wolf mount can be claimed on every character on the account, and is reclaimable - but after the free day is over, it is no longer reclaimable!" They gave away another mount a while back in a similar fashion (I believe it was the ashen brindle…
  • As of right now, unfortunately. I'm in the same boat. I'm guessing they'll do something about it in the future, but goodness only knows when.
  • The legendary bonus is 15%, and yes it doesn't stack. It looks like companions get an additional 9-10% (for that one companion) bumping them from blue to purple that's separate from that. It tells you this when you look at upgrading your companion.
  • Ahhh, I see, it shows you get 10% additional ratings bonus when you upgrade to the next level from blue. I never really noticed that, it only tells you that when you're about to upgrade, and not really anywhere on the companion once it's upgraded (I have an ioun stone of radiance upgraded to epic so I was confused). I…
  • Is that an active bonus? Which stone is that? Or are you talking about the legendary bonus? It's actually not nearly that cut and dry anymore. With my blue Zhentarim warlock and 3 greater bonding runestones, I easily get WAY more stats than I ever got from my augments when I'm in combat. I plan on upgrading her to…
  • Depending on which stone it is, you probably don't really need to upgrade it, even past green. Since it started at green, I'm guessing it's the ioun stone of radiance? All you really need is to get all of the slots (3 runestones, 3 equipment) unlocked, which happens at level 25 (green). Upgrading it past that point doesn't…
  • It's not insane, the point of ITC is that you deflect all attacks for a short time. No, it's not a bug, it's a temporary thing that would've worn off in a few seconds if you'd inspected him again. He's not constantly walking around with 20K deflect. You can see it even says that the 20K is due to buffs.
  • I feel like this probably got bumped back due to the new module release, but hopefully now that it's live we can actually get an answer on it. I don't have any answers obviously, I'm just chiming in that I'd really appreciate some new information about this.
  • I'm guessing they're busy with the module launch and we won't see anything until a time after that. So better settle in, it's going to be a while yet.