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Is anybody having this problem? If the cap on guilds is 150, why is it that when my alliance has over 25 players in a guild area for dragon runs, anybody else wanting to participate and enter that guild area are placed in a different instance. This means we cant do all 4 dragons anymore. Glitch or not?


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  • I know I'm a bit late with this comment been out (covid and all) but what does it matter, this is a game. If the person is promoting the game, their guild or alliance, giveaways or raffles should be fine. Everything to promote this game is good. Why do we always have to find fault with things when there are so many other…
  • This is still not fixed. I can't open my account bound legendary mounts because when I do one disapears from the claims agent. It apparently will only allow me to have 5 mounts. I have account wide mounts in my inventory that I will not open because I already have lost an Armored Bullet from the Legendary mount pack. Now…
  • Well, I guess I'm the only one who can't use 2 of my legendary mounts account wide because I can only place 5 mounts in my RCA. I would really like to have this fixed so I can use what I paid for.
  • I was in the work shop and kick can't get back in
  • He is also totally pantless and you can see the back and front anatomically correct. I also put in a bug report plus I have a screen shot if needed. Flesh-colored pants do not show the private parts so distinctive, it would be like the pantaloons,
  • What about the players who did not receive the correct amount of Flames? Is this going to be fixed after the event and then we can't spend them. I have several players in my guild waiting for this answer.
  • What about the players who did not receive the correct amount of Flame tokens. Is this going to be fixed before the event is gone and then can't spend the tokens.
  • I would love to test for you. I have been playing since BETA and do all content with all classes.
  • Due to Yojimbo absolute failure at staying alive most of my guild members are going back to the Chultan Tiger. We have spent money on a companion that can't be used in combat, so what good is it. Have the dev's stated anywhere that there will be a fix?
  • Guys, you can complain all you want but the problem now is I ran 13 yesterday no token, they fixed it, still no token. Some players got their tokens their run for yesterday but I didn't and now my guildies are going through the same problem again (10 or more runs and no token). It is not fixed and extending it one more day…
  • Why has this issue not been addressed? I have been in Fane with her and she still can not pick up this chain. Just give her one so that we can move on to the next issues.
  • Thanks for addressing these issues so fast and hope to see more on the next patch.
  • With all that said! I went back and checked the activity log for the guild bank (which is used as a bank only) and I can see the activity dating all the way back to 5/27/2015. This person does not show up on anything until I kicked him on 5/25/2018. So tell me is anybody going to wait around for 3 years to steal out of a…
  • Sorry saying wintersmoke when I meant Frostflower
  • wintersmoke I think this is very bad and losing players due to this is bad. If you want a home until this get settled you and your players may come to Silver Ravens and when it is settled we can help you restart or replace anything lost. Just let me know, I want to help. Angel [email protected]
  • If it has been around that long then why has it not been fixed. This is an issue that makes playing it almost impossiable. Have the deves or Julia been notified so they know it is an issue. With some of the changes coming that are upsetting everyone maybe fixing things could help.
  • This is very upsetting! This has become so stupid! Mastercrafting has become a joke for most! We work hard to complete areas and quest to only be stone walled. Lets fix 1 or 2 small issues that have absolutly nothing to do with all our complaints, (let change event times so most are not ready, yes that Blood Visage has to…
  • When it comes to these stupid disconnects, I feel like a yoyo. I never fell like a yoyo on other games, maybe I should stick to playing them. Don't know
  • Hello, Sorry for the late response. It is happening as I am typing to you on 4/17/2018, it has not stopped and it is getting really sad that you have loyal players but we are unable to play do to server not responding, disconnects and other related issues.
  • Guild Name Silver Ravens Guild Leader: Angel Rose Guild Contact: Angel Rose Guild Website: Guild Motto: Guild Currently Recruiting: yes Current Guild Size:Level 20 Guild Size Goal: Level 20 Guild Type: PVE and PVP Guild Peak Time Zones: all We are world wide Alliance: Silver Ravens Description: We have…
  • The trailer did nothing for me. I just hope that if there is a dungeon, all except a few classes are not waiting to do the dungeon like Tong just because we are not the right class. Players taking just certain classes so that they can finish fast are causing so many to leave because once again like FBI/MSVA/MSP the content…
  • I find this to be very wrong and please tell me this is an issue that can be resolved. Players who have been playing for over a year running their dungeons (i.e. ECC, TOS, MC, VT) but because sthey have not opened a higher level dungeon they have been penalized. Really bad, I mean MC is a +68, plus they are given the quest…
  • Ok, I have also done the math and fine this whole thing good and bad. 1) Adding random dungeons with an AD incentive is great and different, but should not be forced on anybody. If you are going to enforce this then give me a paycheck. I have high end characters because I was here during beta so can run anything, but will…
  • This will probably be removed or get me baned from the forum but I just have to say this for some of the players that you as the develping team have forgotten. Why is it we spent all this time working on guilds, then alliance's and building relationships with these people and now you want us to do dungeons with strangers?…
  • Guild Name Silver Ravens Guild Leader:Angel [email protected] Guild Contact:Angel [email protected] Guild Guild Motto:Community, Love, Freindship and Helping Guild Currently Recruiting:yes Current Guild Size:135 Guild Size Goal:145 Guild Type:PVE Guild Peak Time Zones:World Wide Alliance:Silver Ravens…
  • At 11am est this morning I purchased 50 dollars worth of Zen and got nothing(no zen, no spider, no items) AT ALL. Is anybody else having this problem?