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  • My current feedback after doing one Random: Leveling que. I have over 200k health. Woohoo. I ran up to a Cyclops, 1 -2 hits and I am Almost dead. I start attacking and like others have mentioned, damage was low.. although someone figured out how to 1 shot them with his class. Couldn't figure out who. I took the tank spec.…
  • The hell? That's not how it looked for me several weeks ago... I've wasted 300k ad. :'( :'( :'( :'(
  • Go to character creation and click on the Metallic Dragonborn. It states Silvery Dragonscales. Otherwise I wouldn't have been spending all this AD on defense supplies.
  • Yup, I know all this. I don't know how many scales to change to Metallic Dragonborn with a race reroll token and I won't get the token unless I actually have enough.
  • I know, I got VIP just so I can roll that box one time each day. But the odds are so bad, when I created a new character, after deleting the WRONG, old character I saw there was an option to use Silvery Dragonscales to start a Metallic Dragonborn. Those were in certain boxes or an event. The event is happening, I've gotten…
  • Okay, this feels like a dumb question. My level is 65, does being sync'd up to 70 mean diddily squat for doing stuff on those maps. If so then why can I go onto the maps in the first bloody place?
  • It's stupid. Edit: Just did my first 1600 Dungeon. I have 78k Hp,50% Damage reduction through armor and aura. First thing that happens. 80k one shots me, not even a boss. I'm done.
  • Wish I could get some of these from SWA, too bad only epic levels can pull off winning those insane rolls.
  • Wall of Text! Thanks for the info.
  • *sigh* If only they would release those Draconian Solder types found in the Mad Green dungeon. Probably not as a race but as a Companion would be a nice bandage.
  • I started a fresh Tankadin myself. I've leveled a Control Wizard and a Hunter Ranger. So movement was second nature. I found 1-60... horribly easy. Tankadin is a good class for a new player to learn the ropes, anything squishy. Well I made a second, Warlock, and getting into Shar with it instead of my Paladin. I had no…
  • They are called Dragonborn. That immediately makes a person think they are born from a part of dragon, Either naturally or magically. They look, in facial features, like a dragon. I was trying to figure out a way to get the package when I went to Nox for a quest and saw the npc nearby. ..... where the blazes is her tail.…
  • Something else you may, or may not, have noticed. When you are in a 70 zone at 60-69. You get more Health and Atk however every other stat % drops. 34% Defense drops to 26%, 43% Recharge drops to 21%, ect. Basically nerfing every other stat effect as a cost for more Hp and Atk. I for one do not like it.
  • I'd like to know this as well. My hunter has Barkshield only to get it smacked off and damage taken by mini mobs. I won't even mention the heal/Hp skills of the older class.
  • Played Tera, didn't like it much. I dunno what ROI means. Stop making of Acronyms out of nowhere.
  • They really should give them a revamp. I mean the new content. I watched a slew of defender companions get one shot by a Troll... or was it a Cyclops. Wasn't even a major boss.
  • I plugged in the code myself but have yet to recieve anything in the mail like it said.
  • Seems bugged though. I got another for the third slot giving me 2612 Recovery and it went back to casting every 15s. I have tried /bug reporting it but the damned thing keeps timing out.
  • Well seeing the responses I decided to take the plunge. Went looking for the highest Recovery items I could find. Did you know that since last year they have made Companion only gear and they got some big stats. With 2 of them, 60k each, and stones/enchantments I got my Lizard Shaman 1677 Recovery. The 15s Swamp Blessing…
  • Expired for me as well.
  • Since this is about companions I'll ask my question here. Will the auras that Paladins, I have read about, use be effective on the pets or just players alone?
  • Yea I've delt with the kickers myself. On more than one occasion my occasional ******* part of my personality will kick in and I'll spend anywhere from 30m to over an hour instantly re-queing so they have to keep kicking me and the people they're waiting on can't get in. BWAHAHAHA!
  • This won't fix the disconnect without leaving instance people that keep those dungeons alive for hours.
  • Don't hold your breath. =p
  • Meh. I'd prefer 10 rating points. 4000 max 500 max on a single rating On all the ratings, not just the favorite. Companion Influence, Combat Advantage Bonus, Gold Gain, Stamina/Guard Gain, Power, all of them. So you could max out 500 on 8 of them or put some into everything for a more even build. It'd be tied into an epic…
  • And 5%, to be perfectly honest, won't do much for the miniscule amount of assistance they give at level 60. I have a Pheo so I do know what I am talking about.
  • At the moment the thundercloud, the splitshot and Aimed shot are effective skills. I barely use the other skills since they are, how to put it, situational skills. They only work in specific situations and since you are limited in the skills and can never tell when those situations can accure you just pop the skills you…
  • The druid tosses a flaming acorn, does so-so damage. The lightning dazes your opponent and has splash damage that has a chance to daze those around it. Even messing around with mine at rank 6 it was rather nifty to watch the lil Doodad(3 guesses where the term comes from) zip around. The little guy runs faster than any…