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  • There are also some other things that can be circumvented in a similar manner. I believe I sent a PM on them once, I'm not currently playing STO at this point but if you're interested I could send a PM.
  • Figures, since I don't think I've actually been in an STF since Sept last year. :P I haven't actually played the game, like an actual match, since November, December? Can't remember, which rhymes with both!
  • Cryptic likes their RNG, I think they think it makes the game feel dynamic. I think they think it allows even new players to feel like they did something awesome when they get "lucky". To an extent RNG can do those things, it can prevent game strategies from becoming completely stale, it can also allow a new player to…
  • I made key devs aware of not only this issue, but other..things...that can also be hotswapped to reset cooldowns - and this was quite some time ago (and repeatedly). I explained in full detail how to recreate, and also how this highly exploitable by battle cloak capable ships in particular. I know others have brought up…
  • When I was still playing this game, this is how I ran it: TT 1 or BO 1* > CRF 1 > APO 1 TT 1 EPTE 1 > A2B 1 > RSP 2 > DEM 3 EPTS 1 > A2B 1 HE 1 > TBR 2 or ST 1 > HE 2, etc. *BO 1 if you're interested, otherwise second copy of TT 1 for when you get SNBd and because there is nothing else to put there. 3x Tech DOFFs 1x…
  • I literally laughed out loud at work when I saw the blog post and the BOFF layout on that ship. Poor Antonio is still trying to fight the good fight, nerf A2B? The past year and a half they have likely sold a crapton of ships based directly on the power of Tech doffs.
  • @gtx9000 is not MT.
  • You'd know better than I would, I haven't done an ESTF in 2 or 3 months - I was being a bit conservative. :)
  • To be honest, I even wonder how they can tolerate the state of PvE in their game. If your power creep allows players to demolish (1 to 3 minutes) content that was intended to take 10 to 15 minutes, and easily farm dilithium (which is money, to Cryptic) do you really leave that level of power creep unchecked for months, and…
  • Which one of those is the 5 man premade? Was it the one with 2 Pandas, Riyott who at the time was solely in NoP and 2 Guys from the DPS MIRRION-BIRRION-K Channels? Do a little homework before you post things.
  • Because going out of your way to annihilate friends playing together and teamwork is basically the antithesis of online gaming. Could you imagine if they tried to institute these draconian measures in PvE? They can only get away with this because after years of neglect and abuse the PvP community is too small for any…
  • The stranger has something to tell you.
  • Nice CnP job of my trademark. :P
  • Now Klinks get to face their own Aceton's and Interceptors. ;) Too bad I'm not playing this game, it would be fun to lament that my KDF Tac Mogh is completely superior to my FED Tac Avenger now transfat and downside free!
  • From a pure mechanics standpoint, KDF-Rom. Elite Fleet Disruptor Access Better Consoles that have not been made cross faction The problem, is one of resources. People to play with, fleet to get gear from, prices of DOFFs (like Marion). If you can handle the resources and you already have a solid investment KDF side, then…
  • Correct. I also repeatedly bug reported and PM'd that one as well.
  • Correct. It is a BUG, and anyone using it is using an exploit either intentionally or unintentionally - this is why it was repeatedly banned from most major player run tournaments over the last year+. I have bug reported this many times, I've pm'd QA, I've pm'd systems team's devs (plural). As mimey said, I don't know why…
  • The lack of Tac slots is generally dealt with by going A2B. Which the devs clearly understand and recognize the popularity of, and have consistently added ships that cater to this option well after A2B was well known as an optimal build choice. (JHHEC, JHDread, Avenger, Mogh, Scimitar, Mogai, T'Varo, Hirogen Hunter). They…
  • I've never been sold on the KCB + Console proc for BO builds. It works well for BA/BFAW builds because they don't have a single specific instance of spike drain and have a constant drain on weapons power, which works well with a random proc that helps cushion the amount that drain will affect your output overtime. For BO…
  • To be honest, while it's certainly part of the power creep and annoying, and plays poorly with several other mechanics like tractors and sensor analysis - I was never really bothered by the Placate T4. I tend to have at least 3, if not 6 ranks, in Starship Sensors on my old persistent/visible Tac/Escort builds though. So…
  • This is simple, for me - I'm not sure if it's content but at the barest minimum #s 3 & 4 are what it would take for me to ever get back into this game. The others would be "nice to have". 1) Let us use some of the other maps that already exist. 2) Add some form of matchmaking / ranking system so the minnows are not fed to…
  • It's not that it shouldn't be fixed, it should. It's that there are other long-standing, massively more important and plainly obvious issues that should be dealt with first.
  • There was a farmer that had a dog, and _ _ _ _ _ was his Name-O!
  • I've seen a 55k+ hull ship with the assimilated 2 piece and with 40%-50% hull res lose about 10% hull per second with RSP up (full shields) from massed bleedthrough. So tbh, I haven't even noticed this issue with powerhouse bleedthrough or alternatively insta-vape clickies that don't care how much the target heals because…
  • Doesn't matter nearly as much as most people think it does. If you can count on your entire team, which you obviously don't have in Kerrat, to run the same weapon type then the force multipliers are generally going to be better (Polaron, Disruptor, Phaser, etc).
  • Season 9: Mechwarrior Online "Legacy of Autocannons".
  • Flankbush, lol. Sorry, what is 23.8%? KDF/Fed Ambush with Embassy BOFFs is +30% flat. You'd add the +18.3% (+10 & +8.3) on top of that for Flanking as a Raider vs. a Player, the only question is if some or all of that is flat damage boost (or a final multiplier, whatever we want to call it). So that's either A) +48.3% flat…
  • I'm going to step into this thread just to handle this one nugget. Comparing Warbirds vs. BoPs is not going to be an easy comparison - there is no direct 1 to 1. However, BoPs will have the highest possible Decloak Ambush + Flanking bonus in the game. Aside from the 8.3%, BoPs can also take advantage of Embassy BOFFs that…
  • When you post, accurate, things like this it makes your posts on how A2B isn't a problem very hard to believe. Since that's exactly what makes the Hirogen Hunter better. ;)