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  • At least I'll never have to purchase the KDF's Magic Schoolbus now. This is an extraordinary decision to be sure, but a welcome one
  • Can you post a screenshot? One of your tac's tray and one from another toon so we can see the difference?
  • Forcefield dome helps with this episode, I found. It stops any mobs getting too close, offers a reduction to incoming damage and can keep any healing or shield generators and turrets alive that little bit longer.
  • There used to be about. A dozen or so missions in that arc and they went like this: kill 5 mobs in space, kill 5 mobs in an enormous ground map, fetch a doohickey, talk to 5 people, kill 5 more mobs, go back into space and kill 5 mobs again. They were okay but basically they streamlined about half the stories into two of…
  • > @somtaawkhar said: > (Quote) > That actually reminds me.... did we ever see a female voth in STO? Yes. The Magistrate or whatever they were was at least played by a woman. And Both had a concept of matriarchal societies so.we can assume she was a Voth female
  • It's there, but it's tied to the Samsar cruiser in the epic prize token
  • Is there a chance you guys could look at Jem'Hadar toons receiving the Romulans Delta Recruit popup when they log in? Thanks.
  • > @wdwormack214 said: > I have a STO account, but I have been "out of action", as it were, for quite some time. I had brought my 'Federation', character's rank up to 'Admiral' I also selected a very impressive starship, but while most of what I did, was due to 'grinding' my way through the program, I didn't know, just what…
  • I tried to. But nothing came up in the first three pages. Mildly glad to know it's not just me
  • I saw an IKS Aye Guramba once, too. Hate that I didn't think of it myself.
  • Not sure if this these are funny, but I have a USS Centenary Puffin, IKS Cha'ka'kahn and IKS Mt'Hurr F'k'hrr. The random generator once gave me a BOP called IKS TARDIS, so I gave it the Large interior.
  • So a pleasant surprise welcomed me this evening when I logged ingame. I (and a few others it seems, at least according to my fleet chat) have received the convention-only Original Series BOFF gift-set. I have a question: Is it a once-per-account unlock, or is it claimable by all toons forever? Changed thread title to stand…
  • Description is a little bare of the finer details. And it came via an email from Cryptic saying the BOFF set is in my Promotions tab.
  • Levelling up certain Doffing levels will allow for increased quality holographic DOFFs. So lvl4 in Medical nets you a very rare EMH, etc.
  • "Someone else will do the donkeywork" seems to be the ethos of the players I've queued up with. One run was totally failed because two DPS heads simply refused to do anything other than shoot. This was fine until we drew the doorkey stage which was lost because neither bothered to assist. However. That being said I enjoyed…
  • You get the account bank either by being LTS or paying the monthly sub, or if you buy it from the c-store. If you've done this already and have no access at all then it's a bug. Remember that in space you must transfer to the bridge of your ship or shuttle to use the account bank and not from the Vov'wl/Azura II.
  • You didn't specify if you meant console or PC. However for PC both answers are yes: Tab is the default for nearest target on both ground and space. Space bar is fire all. But you need to right-click the weapons display so that a green box appears around each one. "Autofiring!" will appear at the top of each weapon's…
  • Remember that fleet stores need to be provisioned and that items are restricted by the level of fleet facilities. If your fleet isn't sufficiently stocked or its facilities too low (ie a lvl 3 starbase with a lvl 2 shipyard) then no one will have access. I don't play on console so I don't know the situation there, but on…
  • If you've not already done so, Commando Spec is immensely helpful (some would say compulsory) if you're running ground-only maps. It's 15 spec points but well worth it.
  • Free-to-play doesn't mean play for free
  • It's the Bolian toilets. You do NOT want to go there.
  • Dropping the game because you don't get the Doffing system is a little odd, in my most humble of opinions. It is a purely optional part of the game and you can live without ever doing a mission. Play the game however you want to play it. If that means of ignoring doffing then so be it. It's something I personally only do…
  • As Dracoungis says, go to the tailor, select your boffs and save outfit. Then go grab a lovely purple boff with all the improved bells and whistles then simply load the old costume onto them and pretend nothing happened. Just remember to remove all equipment from your old boff before shoving them in the faulty transporter…
  • The Longest Day. Because I was once stuck in an hour-long breach run, back when it was insanely difficult.
  • A few questions: Are you on normal or advanced difficulty? Have you put your skill points in? Are you using fire at will? Mogai are a pain because of their tractor mines which will hold you in place. the torpedoes are usually the targetable variety, so fire at will will usually help take them down. If not use evasive…
  • Since you're on the tutorial your ship has the bare minimum gear. If you want a little more turn speed, put some power to yiur engine subsystem. If not you'll get access to better gear once you've finished training.
  • If you buy a cstore ship then the fleet version is discounted to one fleet module, correct. The Kurak is just the T6 version of the Mogh, but comes with a new skin, trait and console to differentiate it. If you were to buy the fleet version alone it would not come with any of those things.
  • +1 for this idea in theory. But sometimes the mods on a weapon can be better than those found im then store. I was once lucky enough to roll a CrtD3 withering dual beam bank which would otherwise not be available in the store.
  • [deleted duplicate post]
  • Well if you like them you can craft or buy kit upgrades, or use any omaga upgrades you might have from the past event to raise their mark and quality. If you have something better then you can always throw them in the trash for a small ampunt of credits