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  • This a million times. Please ambassadorkael feed this back. I'd even forgotten about that awful moment when my max tier around 200 endeavour points tactical officer trips over his own feet after looking stupidly at the cloud death slowly coming towards him. And needs the helping hand of some useless b***h. Mostly I'm happy…
  • Enough with the hypocrisy. I'm a KDF player and I'm already fed up with the Klingons. Speech after speech of honour and how it is a good day to die, an honourable death, a Klingon death and yet J'Ula has run from every engagement over the last year. Then she makes a speech about cowardice, its complete rubbish. Even after…
  • As it is a story arc and as the last few updates have been 'Simulators' to prepare the modern era captains for something I'd have to go with the Klingon Civil War. I would think that to some degree the Civil War will be successful and the player captains will find themselves on the side of the Alliance against the new…
  • Same here. Its so bad I rubber banded back from every single person I tried to interact with. So it really was unaplayable, I haven't tried to go back since which is a shame because had a number of things I needed to do there.
  • At first I thought it might be a new recruitment event to coincide with the T6 ships levelling. After all the change only really effects captains not already flying Tier 6 ships. Though as I read other posts, I get the feeling it will be a promotion to get a tier 6 ship.
  • It does feel that if your going to go through the effort of redesigning this, there needs to be a reason to create new characters. On one hand I want to but then I see my Cardassian being a second officer on board a Klingon bird of prey, getting irate that a spy knows stuff and I'm like I don't think I can go through…
  • I can't see an option to load previous saved appearances? Also would be great if this could open up Cardassians to the Romulan faction, just saying :)
  • I can't log in either. These are the voyages of...... And no captain showing up!
  • Are there any plans for a recruitment event for some variety in our captains. Since much of the first season of Discovery revolved round things from the mirror universe, a mirror universe recruitment event as opposed to a time travel one?
  • I agree they need to rework it. The KDF needs to be flesh out, as it stands the only captain you can really play is an honorable Klingon with everything tailored to what is, sadly, a very one dimensional species. They may have worked as the antagonist or where you have one Klingon on board a federation star ship but as…
  • I suspect with so very little dialogue it would be nice if some of it gave a chance to personalize your captain within the Star Trek Universe. From a KDF point of view, the Quest dialogue is almost always from a Klingon, it almost always has something about honor in it and probably ends in Qapla. The last point being a…
  • While it would be really nice to have some other faction/species story arcs, it would be a nice start just to have some other faction/species specific dialogue or Introductions. As it stands you can be a federation captain from the Standard time line, the TOS time line and the Discovery time line. But sadly despite this…
  • Two annoying/big things that have me confused is drains and ship explosions. To elaborate, I'm often doing fine and then suddenly all my shields are drained and my ship gets the **** blown out of it. I don't consider myself overly slow yet it seems full shields, no shields, half hull happen before I have a chance to click…
  • It does feel hard to be excited about the story of the game unless you want to play the typical Federation Character. Even if you wanted to play a different style of federation character you can't. Perhaps though it is worse for the KDF, if you don't want to play an honor bound Klingon you are out of luck if your KDF. Hell…
  • It is starting to seem a little like if you are from 2409 then your kind of boring. The galaxy is full of time travellers while your just a standard red shirt ignorant of whats going on. Would be nice if there was something unique for standard federation and klingon captains where they could be special in a way that all…
  • I know its unlikely, but could we get a yah or nah on if there is going to be any form of recruitment event, its double xp etc and yet I'm holding out on my next Cardassian in case a week down the line theres an event that allows him to get to meet the future him or be a little different from my other cardassians. :)
  • Do we know if there is going to be a recruitment event for this. I'm holding off on my Cardassian captain on the chance there will be a recruitment event so it would be nice to know if there is one planned.
  • Defiantly taking an odd approach to this. Delays and more delays and then not much longer! Only not much longer is as accurate as all the other times that have been posted, who knows what it means, cause its seems to be 30min +
  • Kind of hoping the extended breach event isn't deemed as compensation or some such, it assumes everyone that is waiting to get into game with the delays is only interested in that one piece of content. Cause it seems a little poor that throwing an extra day of an event and its all good.
  • There been any update on what is happening launcher said it should be up 20 mins ago.
  • Sad that the only comments about this are on twitter. Even the launcher is saying 1PM Pacific. Do they really not care enough to bother to update this thread with some information and just rely on the community.
  • I always wonder when 'someone' says they deeply apologize or sorry for inconvenience what they actually mean by that. As all evidence seems to suggest that what they mean to say is, suck it up chump your out of luck if you wanted to play; as there is never anything tangible to suggest they are sorry for the inconvenience…
  • It seems the down time has increased to 9pm bst but I can't find anything here about it.
  • Is there any news when we may be able to get better quality Cardassian Boff's. Its a shame to limit mine to space stations because I only get common Cardassian Boff's at the moment, so have better (if ugly non cardassian) options for my away team.
  • Gabriel Lorca Then we can join up to hunt down . He was the only thing that made ST:D work watching.
  • Is there going to be anything to help newly minted Cardassian Captains close that gap? After all there is a lot less gap closing when you start with purple mark 12 gear as opposed to white mark 1 gear.
  • I guess in short make it less Klingon. I get that it is the Klingon defense force, but it is made up of Gorns, Orions, Nausicaans, Aliens, Ferasan, Leathans, liberated borg, Trill and soon Cardassians. So having them all act as Klingons obsessed with honor and want to die in battle can seem odd and a little wrong. The same…
  • I think its mostly the discount packs, so mostly ships. I sure hope there are more discounts once Cardassians go live, I don't yet know what ships/items I'm going to need.
  • I hope Cardassians haven't been forgotten about. 'For the first time, step into the shoes of a warrior of the Dominion and create a Jem’Hadar Captain or a Cardassian Captain!'
  • Once per character per account. Think it is each Character. Just a shame none of them are Cardassian :'(