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  • found this today while running ME's could run around quite a bit before I fell off and died. If you run to far in either direction you die.
  • Lock boxes are gambling and yes some people might put to much money on NW because of this. However I like the free to play model since I don't always have the extra money every month to pay in order to play a game. If I put money on NW thats my choice AS AN ADULT. If this game had more children in it stealing their parents…
  • I noticed today that in the Catacombs part of the map is still dark and can't figure out how to get there. Does anyone have the whole map lite up in the Catacombs? That may have something to do with it too.
  • Thank you for fixing this problem promptly
  • Thank you for fixing the quest so we didn't have to waste 5 res's on it.
  • that's been a main stay problem of every CTA. I know I should have a lot more tokens then I do cause it always comes broken and they fix it later.
  • HMMM I'm having a hard time trying to put a good spin on this. You put this in place after maintenance making everyone think the chest rewards were broken. You are forcing us to do a quest where we have to use 5 etching to get an orb that is used to restore gear. When we have a chance to get 1000 IL gear using 1 etching as…
  • I would like to see you work closer with the neverwinter content creator's. They are the ones who will bring new players into the game since most of them love Neverwinter and only want the game to be good for old players as well as new ones. Also Please finish fixing scaling. Not all quests can be finished at this point in…
  • well tbh the only point to lvl up to 80 is that you can't do anything without it lvling you, unless you are roleplaying or just standing in PR chatting.
  • Just spent and 1hour and 15 mins killing beholder in the lvl 74 expedition. party of 3 with 2 lvl 80's and a lvl 74 going on first expedition of campaign . something is way off. ONE BOSS SHOULDN'T TAKE 1.15 HOURS TO KILL AND IT WAS ONLY THE FIRST BOSS!
  • Why is Master of the hunt chest want a mystic dragon key instead of the bramble key?
  • Dancing blade companion shows a 0% crit serv for the player bonus
  • Playing around in a few different area's shows that each area is scaling different. Some area's have bad scaling and some let you still somewhat feel like a god. I know a lvl 30 SW got one shoted in the basement of AI. Granted no she does not know how to play the char as she is new to the game and just learning but she was…
  • Mod 16 (ie the 71-80 content) is pretty good. There are bugs in it but it feels ok for the most part except the problem with finding mobs as is normal with new mods. However any content that scales you is bad. It doesn't matter if you are lvl 30 being scaled to 20. The lvl 20 mobs hit harder in some cases then the lvl 30…
  • @"noworries#8859" So what are you working towards now in the game? Since as you get to end game you want to lvl enchantments, rank up companions, work towards getting better mounts, and most importantly work to get better gear and weapons. So as you work to do all of that it makes you scale lower or the same as to the IL…
  • I play a TR so I'm used to being nerf. TR used to be THE class in NW. Hasn't been that way in a long time since most people who play it have just given up on being heard ( which is why on preview when every other class has 9 pages on the forum TR has 3) On mod 16 you can learn to play it. Yes it's different and encounters…
  • I went over to preview to try it out. Took it up to mythic, now i don't have any cards in those may change what its doing and yes i did post it on preview forum. Right now in mod 16 it throws mobs maybe 10 feet back and does 1472 damage. All other artifacts seem to be over powered where this one is WAY under powered. So to…
  • The new artifact Deck of a few things. With a blank card it says ( at mythic) deals 10,701 damage as well as knock back. It does knock back but doesn't look to be 20 feet only 10. It is also only damaging for around the 1 to 2 k range.
  • On live I have a 13.6 il and I only have 4204 recovery. After looking at the cool down speeds on the Assassin this is what I found. Skill Live Preview Impossible to Catch 13sec 21sec Blade Flurry 16sec 15sec Smoke Bomb 13sec 21sec Wicked Reminder 3 charges no cool down time 17sec Path of the Blade 19sec 24sec Bait and…
  • Seal of the mountain if i remember right is the camp store. When you open the camp screen it's on the left.
  • I would be fine with it if a card at least dropped once a run but you've been lucky with that drop rate. however whats worse is even if the cache drops you still might not get the card. I think it was put in just to tease most people since they will never be able to get even one card much less all 5.
  • 10 runs two cache, If the cards drop like those surveys it would be great i would run them 500 times but as it stands now your not even going to be able to get one card in the event unless you have the time to do 100 runs a day to maybe get 10 cards
  • With the current ability stats the only difference you can make is to change your race. As a rogue since dex does nothing for my char other then raise crit why would i want it as my highest stat? I can easily make up for that with gear. Str gives higher damage so as it stands now i would rather have a higher str. However…
  • Bug: 1: Can't finish the Attunement Crystals quest. Says get etchings from reward chest and chest isn't working. 2:Twisted Caverns has a glitch that puts you outside of map. 3: question marks pop up over everyone's head when you go to third floor. Gear doesn't always show differences. When it does show are the different…
  • Bug: The graphic slider's in options glitch and take everything down to min. Can not put anything higher then 70 under lvl in AH. makes it hard to search for higher lvl stuff.
  • Bug: Immolation spirits are everywhere. During the quest kill valtagor got stuck behind the fire wall. Had to go in and out a few times before I could kill him. could you make the respond rate higher on the sick kuo-toa , takes forever to do if there are a lot of people around
  • Bug: My char is not turning with my view point. Running sideways or backwards is funny and all but would become annoying in the long run.
  • I played on 3 different char's the intro to undermountain. All 3 times I had a different blue weapon drop. All 3 times the weapon was not one that my char could use. This blue weapon could not be used by my char, could not be turned into rp, could not be sold to an npc for gold, and it was bound to char so it could not…