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    rjc9000 said:

    Question: cleric primary attribute was WIS, gave increased outgoing heal and outgoing damage. According to preview server tooltips WIS increases only incoming heal. Is it intended (seems yes according to the aboves)? If so, which ability score increases outgoing heal? If none, why WIS is the highest by the layout of initial ability scores? Could you elaborate it?

    You mean the 0% bonuses on things like physical damage?

    (I know it's Strength, but bear with me).

    There is a bonus. It's 0.240% from what I calculated (probably 0.25% in the code), and it's so freaking small that the only way you'll notice it is if you go into ACT and check the decimal places.

    The first hit is with 18 STR, the second with 19.

    57.6125/57.475 = 1.00239234

    Feedback: Ability Rolls

    The damage ability scores need to have a greater effect than a tiny decimal. Bring it back to 1% just like before. Otherwise, there is 0 perceivable point in really caring about the ability rolls.

    If the plan was to ensure newbies would have no choice paralysis from ability rolls, then congratulations, the dev team succeeded with flying colors because everything is near useless.

    Yes, there is an effect, but it's so small that the bonus might as well not exist.

    I suspect the ability scores just aren't working. I have an Int of 31, and it lists as a +0% magical damage bonus.
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    what a mess, i hope this isn't released for 6 months minimum

    I disagree. this game may be unrecoverable if it waits to release. you already have numerous people quitting until it's released because it's pointless to go ahead as it is. the bandaid needs to be ripped off. so far it's looking good with the exchange system that should help with a lot of the salt. there will be other problems and other people will leave but that will give them something to work with to lure the leavers back. luring leavers back who left because of the wait and having the game be meaningless in the mean time will probably be harder to get back than people who left because of salty. Salty cares. people who get bored have something else to do.
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    Hmm why there are no characters portraits? It takes away the "connection// attachment" you had with your toon

    Please give us the option to enable them.
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    asterdahl said:

    I certainly understand your feedback, and we have had endless debates on this topic internally. For launch, we are planning to provide ways for players to see the enemy ratings in queues and in campaign zones. But we are absolutely considering other improvements based on feedback.

    cut some other valid points

    To speak for myself, I can understand problems you have with implementing percentages showing in char's tabs. And I am sure many other players, if not all, can confirm that too. All listed issues are valid and reasonable, IMHO.

    But maybe there is a good opportunity now to point out other problem which exists in this game from the very beginning. We have no possibility in game (sorry if I missed that possibility somehow and I am simply not telling the truth) to see mobs stats, beside using ACT (which is possible only in PC) and do some calculations (I know we can look into fight logs in chat window, but ... I think we can agree that this is not the best solution, to say the least).
    That was not a big issue till now as there was only one stat which "effectiveness" was depending on zones - Armor Penetration. With each new mod we were able to "share" info across players what is current ArmPen requirements to perform well. But even then, please look how often "new" posts pops up in forum (reddit or nwo-uncensored too, to name few) with question like this: "why my charecter is not able to kill stuff in ...", "why I die before I kill stuff", etc. And the same answers and explanations again, and again. Until post will not "disappear" in 3rd+ page.
    Now you cancel percentages from char's stats and you are adding new stats with similar behaviour like ArmPen together with making scaling as something meaningfull (at least that is the plan as I understand). It is not good movement without additional steps. So...
    ...this is very welcome to see statement "we are planning to provide ways for players to see the enemy ratings in queues and in campaign zones". Hope this won't be only a plan but integral part of mod release (or very quick fix after release, at least).
    Because of my age, I am experienced enough to know that telling you how you should fix this problem is simply ridiculous. I am lack of knowledge about system architecture, internal mechanics, implementations, code quality, etc. But as a player I am sure I am allowed to put some feedback and expectation. I hope others will follow that to confirm or simply deny with telling a reason. Thus we can find some solution together.

    What I expect is to have in game(!) ability to see mobs stats in all areas, at least. For clearability, readability and beeing player friendly solution could be nice to see apprioprate percentages calculated based on char's current stats, for each of the mob (distinguishing mobs from different zones/dungeons ofc). This could be achieved as kind of "bestiary", beeing part of the lore or collection page for example, thus I can see each of the mob together with appropriate stats and percentage estimate calculations. This can be available fully from the beginning or be supplemented during char/campaign progress (after killing some number of particular mobs for example). It is up to you how to do this properly.
    I hope you think about something like this when saying "we are planning to provide ways for players to see the enemy ratings".

    And one more thing, sorry it is a bit off topic, but it's worth to mention now as this is similar issue.
    As part of the lore there exists something called "Battle mechanics". There is some short but meaningfull (although this can be done better sometimes) description how to handle battles with certain bosses like Demogorgon or Tiamat for example. I do not know if it is still maintained or how missing info could be made up as at least on my chars there is lack of many bosses description. But this, together with proposed above "bestiary", could be usefull mechnics and statistics description as part of the game.

    Summarizing, what I try to say, could be very nice if you put some meaningfull and game helping description, inside the game. It is a shame that players have to go to external sources like forums or youtube to get basic info or otherwise it is hard to progress and maintain their toons based only on info they get from game itself. It is ok to go there for more advanced info, experimentation, builds discussion, bug hunting, etc or simply because of such passion. In the past, I found pleasure in collecting data and analyzing ACT logs. That was funny part of this game too. But now, because of lack of time, I do not want to be forced to do that when I would like to perform well and I have to perform well if I would like to participate in newest/hardest content. I think plenty of other casual players could agree with me.

    PS. I wish for you and for all community there will be small number of bugs in live after mod 16 released :).
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    I started a new Paladin character so that I can learn how the new system will work. I have found that this method reduces a lot of the frustration that comes with learning a new system. So far it has been on par with learning the old system.

    The power tab flashes even after all points have been spent.\
    Items in the Tarmaline Trade Bar Store under the Equipment tab, are still using the old profession names
    When leveling up a new character you get a notice about a new "Encounter Power" slot to use, even when you haven't ranked high enough to fill that slot (an example of this is when you get to rank 4, you are notified about the rank 5 slot being open. This also happed at rank 6, and was notified about the next slot being open even though there was no new encounter power to fill it until rank 7) .

    I do like the feel of the new structuring of the player interface so far.
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    doing the master expedition quests solo .It doesn't appear to allow me to attune a crystal to supposedly increase the rewards . Is this required to be able to locate runic etchings in order to fullfill the quest : attunement crystals .
    Is this part meant o be soloable or are we forced to do it as a group as when you approach the crystal it says " can only be used by the team leader " If we are force to group up this is another cluster F*ck in making base content that isn't soloable ....
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    I'd say you MUST be level 70 at least with any character before this goes live if you want to survive. Newly made ones in mod 16 get nowhere. The barbarian and fighters can not get by Karzov right now and the rouge can not get by the 2nd part of the Linkletter quest series. It is one shot one kill there. New players coming to this game after this goes live are not going to last very long unless major changes are made.
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    Tales of Old 3rd and 4th level (using at-wills deals damage to you and tripled encounter cooldown) will become MUCH harder with new mod. Before we could mitigate those problems with Recovery + Hastening Light + Aura of Wisdom, now we don't have any of that. Even my wizard's Spell Twisting feat was nerfed and does not reduces encounter cooldown anymore.
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    Hey Folks, I need some help. I recently started playing Neverwinter, I have a level 32 ranger and a 15 GF and GWF. I have been really enjoying it, the story and combat are fun, the pacing seemed spot on. And i was very excited when i heard that a new big expansion was coming online. However, i heard that there was going to be a bunch of changes to the classes so i hopped on the preview server today to try them out and see what classes I enjoyed.

    All that i can say is that this is pretty disappointing, I know thins isn't the final build, but all the classes i tried feel broken, the pacing is so slow and i seem to barley do any damage. I wan't to keep playing this game, and even invest money in it, but i don't know now. I know this isn't the final build but from the sounds of it this is the direction the Devs want to take the game.

    So here is my question, as a new player, should i stick it out, or should i just move on and try this game in 6 months or so, I am really torn up because i was having fun on the live server. Anyway hope i am not to much of a downer, and that i haven't complained to much. I am just really confused about this game right now.

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    Old artifacts have only 3000 stats, while new ones have 6000. This makes all old artifacts obsolete, which seems unintended, since artifacts have never been tied to character level.
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    Old artifacts have only 3000 stats, while new ones have 6000. This makes all old artifacts obsolete, which seems unintended, since artifacts have never been tied to character level.

    by this what do you mean new vs old? which artifacts as example? ah I see. it might be worth while to replace one of the old artifacts with one of the new ones but the set bonus looks like pooh based on past things that had wording like that.
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    Old artifacts have only 3000 stats, while new ones have 6000. This makes all old artifacts obsolete, which seems unintended, since artifacts have never been tied to character level.

    by this what do you mean new vs old? which artifacts as example?
    New: Erratic Drift Orb.
    Old: Lantern of Revelation.
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    Weapon Set "Artifact Powers" are still aligned to the old powers. For example Aura of Wisdom no longer exists for OPs but the weapon artifact power is still AoW.
    Obsidian Moonlight - Paladin
    Obsidian Oath - Warlock
    A whole lot of other Obsidian toons as well.
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    wow, my Legendary Artifact does insane damage now (got the dragon one that drops the different meteors from the sky...each meteor does over 100k damage each)...and just did a riq Tuern and it was just sad...boss literally lasted like 5 seconds tops, sad squash of all enemies
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    It seems to me that every class should have at least two, if not three, different options for starting stats.

    I know that things have been reworked, but there should be an option for strong rangers, an option for dexterous rangers, and an option for "balanced" rangers, to name one example.

    For some classes it may be difficult to find three meaningful options, but there shouldn't be an issue finding at least two decent options, should there? Maybe even offer a "recommended" starting stat array for each class, but if someone wants to play a Wizard that trades a little intelligence for more dexterity is it the worst thing in the world?

    If the counter-argument is "well, a Wizard that sacrifices even a single point in intelligence is going to be a 'bad build'" then why even let players select stats to increase as they level any more?
    After all, a Wizard player could sink points into things other than intelligence as they level that way, too.
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    So, my main is a Cleric, I’ve been running around on the devout build.
    I know that a lot of things are still being tweaked and worked out. I've run across a bug or two (for example, I was unable to complete one of the expeditions, I had to leave, abandon quest, and restart, the last “clear the area” didn’t recognise. Underground cavern, lake, with a boat…)
    But, in general I’m enjoying the new content. I’m finding the content to be challenging, without frustrating me to tears. As I progress, it is becoming more difficult, and I really have to concentrate on what I’m doing in order to survive. I have to actually HEAL myself! (SHOCK HORROR), and I have to be aware of how much of my divinity power I have available to me.
    I was very wary of the changes going in. On live, my focus is on buffing my party as much as possible, mostly because heals were rarely needed. This is a completely different ball game. And so far, I like it.
    Yet to run a dungeon on preview though, that will be the real test, I suppose.
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    > @theycallmetomu said:
    > 1. Companion (Gear): Taaking away the possibility to use Rings with a Companion is one thing, but taking away the use of Enchantments as well is going way to far. I don't have any high Rank Runestones. And I am not, I repeat I am NOT leveling Ramk 5 or 6 up to whatever Rank or buy the now overpriced ones in the AH. I already spent a lot money into this game.
    > 2. I don't have an OP Hunter nor OP Paladin. But having an "Combat HR" with mostly Lifesteal as Defense left me without protection or heal. Taking away Lifesteal completely is a bad idea. Why giving it to us at first? Why is my passive healing powers gone? I like to play solo and was pretty happy to survive most of my combat.
    > 2a.My Paladin seems not being able to heal very good or do a lot damage, no matter which path I use. In fact some Oger one shot him a few times. Taking away the 300 % temp LifePoints, which was my Life Insurance for the last few years, made the Class pretty useless to me. Am I supposed to team up with a Cleric now to do my quests? I won't. My Powers don't work most of the time since I don't have enough Divine Power? Really? R.I.P. (which means no more VIP, no more money spent)
    > 3. This is an MMO and not some Math-Class. People are here to have fun and not to sit down and do math getting how much Accuracy, Deflection, Crit. etc. they need in each (new) Zone. While this is easy for the Devs, it isn't for a lot players.
    > 4. Stop calling people OP for lower Zones. We managed them. It was hard and we died a lot. Now we are Level 70 (80) so it should be our reward to go back there and do our weekly AD-Quest or help a Guild-Member. The System didn't really work in GW 2 and it won't in NW. Just leave us alone with such changes and try to fix all the well known issues.
    > 5. Why taking away Character Portraits? Give it back or let the players decide if they use it or not.
    > Conclusion: It is way to many changes coming with the new Mod. One change at the time, Mod 16, 17. 18 etc. would have worked maybe. If there is no major changes done until the new Mod is live, I'll pass and might look into the game again later this year or never.
    > It's not up yet, but you'll be able to exchange the enchants you were using in gear before for companions for runestones of equal rank.
    > I 100% agree that they should just let us stomp around lower level zones instead of using this abjectly awful level scaling.

    But u become back a account bound enchantment or runestone .. . That's a bad trade for me .. When I change my enchantment I can't sell the old in ah
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    I didn't find any other info elsewhere, so I post it here. LIGHTNING ENCHANMENT. In market or in inventory standalone it promises 40% weapon dmg for arcs (lvl12). In a weapon slot it writes only 9%?!?!?!!?!?!!!!!!
    And actually it hurts LESS. My weapon dmg is 2527-3088. Lowest 9% value should 227dmg. In the logs I see many lightning values 130-160, occasionally around 250.
    What is this? You promise to the customer a car which can go with 250km/h, and when they buy it it can barely go with 90km/h??? This is CHEATING of the customers. What's happening here? How 40% become 9%?????
  • doszpi#5536
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    NEGATION ENCHANTMENT. Now on lvl10 it gives 0,02% of dmg res per hit. Already actually what a bloody devil in the hell is this??? I mean 0,02 PERCENT? Wow!!! This is so huge, so significant! After 10hits it will be no less then 0,2%!!! Even better, after three seconds it will be dismissed and give 5% heal. Ohhhh my god, I can't believe we were able to survive without this awesome feature!
    Okay, seriously, THIS. IS. RIDICLOUS!!!! I wouldn't give for this a single AD, and it DID cost me like MILLIONS of AD, and now it is destroyed to ash. Man, 0,2% dmg res for 3sec-s, this is a difference, you cannot feel. I don't need 5% heal from a Nega encha, that's why I have healer in the party, or a Lillend as a companion in solo. From a nega encha I expect to negate dmg, in an amount that I can actually FEEL!
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    Bug: Immolation spirits are everywhere.
    During the quest kill valtagor got stuck behind the fire wall. Had to go in and out a few times before I could kill him.

    could you make the respond rate higher on the sick kuo-toa , takes forever to do if there are a lot of people around
    stealth is survival skills (and not tanking skills, that is really different)
    stealth is damage
    stealth is mobility
    stealth is everything
    everything is stealth
    Stealth make TR OP, but lack of stealth make TR useless.
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    2ndly, how does it work on live now? I don't expect that what we see is true for every enemy we encounter. experience says that some enemies are tougher than others in all the zones. but we can tell from our stats page how we are overall. the only changing variable currently is arpen and we have three goals to hit depending on what zone you are in and what you're doing. but it's easy to tell how close you are because stat pages tells you what rate you're at.

    Because there really are no counter ratings on live right now, the percentages are basically correct. The only thing that sort of works like a counter rating on live is armor pen vs. enemy's natural resistances, and that only started being a thing in recent modules.

    Either way I appreciate you taking the time to voice your thoughts, I did read them all and we will definitely consider them as we continue to discuss the character sheet UI.
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    @asterdahl I have to agree with @thefiresidecat on the matter of finding SOME way to show figured stats or % chances figured from opposing stats.

    I'm continually struggling to get onto Preview (which is an issue at my end, so that's not a complaint... it's driving me insane... but hey ho.) but I'm struggling to see how we are supposed to keep track of our Opposed Stat chances, when scaling post M16 is going to be so much more prevalent than it currently is on live.

    Can't we even get something really simple? Like if you are just standing still, out of combat in a given zone you can open the Character Sheet, look at the Base Stat, hover over it, and have it show what that Base Stat offers as its % chance when Opposed against the Standard Base Stat of the monsters in that zone?

    Are we going to have to manually check the maths on EVERY opposed stat in EVERY zone we drop DOWN into to see if the scaling has kept the percentage chances the same?

    I'm not a super serious stat-head, (I know some people who are...) but I don't like the idea of scaling down creating a situation where I'm either likely to be wasting stats in one area while needing them in other, OR having to have a notepad at the side of me telling me what tweaks I need to make to EVERY Character, in EVERY Load Out, in EVERY Zone in order to hit optimum efficiency.
    Not when a simple tool tip can alleviate that.

    Now, if someone can offer a steel plated guarantee that Scaling down from L80 to Any other level will grant EXACTLY the same percentage chances on opposed rolls in every zone against every monster level, then OK... it's certainly not ideal but I will build for L80 ONLY and move on with it.
    But I'm guessing that guarantee isn't a likelihood because I don't imagine such a promise is possible with so many variables in the mix.

    So please. Help us out and find a way to show us those figured Percentages somewhere in the Character Sheet.

    We're discussing options, but I will say that—you really won't need to micromanage your stats nearly as much as you have the impression that you will. What I mean by this is: when you are being scaled down, you can just basically not worry, you'll be strong enough—if you don't feel that way right now, it's because scaling in many zones is busted, so I apologize.

    When it comes to figuring out where your stats need to be for the most up-to-date content, you can pretty much dump into whatever stats are good for your build, without really worrying about hitting any sort of threshold that would make that stat useless.

    Of course, I know that what I'm saying requires a lot of trust that we've built things so that things behave as I describe, but I assure you we are working very hard to make sure that's true. That being said, I do understand the sentiment, so we are discussing options for launch and for the future.

    We truly do appreciate the feedback, and I do not mean for anything I say to sound dismissive at all—we are discussing all of your feedback. I appreciate your continued feedback as you play around more with the changes.
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    Lets take Mod 16 for what it is.

    A Reset!

    The power creep has grown way way out of control due to poor balancing decisions made in the past.

    OK I get it, I actually understand the fundamental idea they are attempting to accomplish here. There are going to be massive issues throughout the whole process and I understand that preview has a long long way to go and there will be many changes.

    I am one of those that left due to the CW being made almost completely obsolete and not desired in any of the end game dungeons simply because other classes could do it better. To be frank I was pissed.

    However I saw the trailer for Undermountain and more importantly they were upping the level cap to 80. Kewl lets get back into the game. Now understand that I ONLY play a CW. Quite literally that is what I played in the initial beta and it is the only toon that I have. I'm just a wizard kinda guy.

    But what upsets me the MOST out of this whole thing.

    NOT ONE DAMN NEW ABILITY!!!!!. We are all gaining 10 new levels and instead of fixing said issues and gaining new spells/abilities all that is happening is the spreading out of current abilities. I mean I am so livid about this, its not even funny. I am not even going to touch on the almost cookie cutter builds this mod is now going to make almost everyone, especially the wizards. So here is my question....

    WHY NO NEW ABILITIES, SPELLS ore FEATS for the additional 10 levels?!

    Every class received at least one new at-will, one new encounter, and one new daily. I don't play wizard very much, and I did not work on wizard, so I apologize that I do not know what they are off the top of my head (and I am not in the office to check) but I can assure you wizard did receive some new spells. You might need to check the two different paragon paths, and carefully examine your spell list.
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    Are we going to get any updates to the Test Dummies?

    Since the “opposing rolls” of monsters now scale to their level, we should be able to choose the level of the test dummies, against which to test overall output.

    It would also be nice if there were an option for test dummies to fight back, so that we could test our defenses and healing.

    We're working to get as many test dummies as we can into relevant zones. We have no plans to have damaging test dummies at the moment, but a more robust training type area is on our wishlist, that could feature things like that—that being said, it won't happen for Module 16, and I can't say when it will, but we would like to offer more options like this.
  • asterdahl
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    Please address the question about Companions being bound to Character BEFORE Mod 16 goes live.

    artifleur said:

    All companions (the items in one's inventory) are bound to character as soon as you log on preview.

    Is it meant to be so? Cause it certainly is scary

    Confirmed. I have an alt / pack mule who's sole purpose is warehousing extra unused, unbound companions. She currently stores about 30 of them - and they are ALL BOUND TO CHARACTER in Preview.

    Please confirm if this is in fact the go forward plan with Mod 16 - WELL BEFORE the release date
    This is a bug, I apologize for the concern this issue has caused.