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  • I did 21/10 runs yesterday without getting on and today I've already been told that someone is up to 11/10 without getting theirs. So it's still not fixed.
  • >Stat Additions/Removals > >With the change to an opposing rolls system, new stats needed to be added to act as the opposing ratings. While making these >additions we also removed a few stats to improve the balance of the game. > >Main Ratings: > >Hit Points >Power >Critical Strike >Critical Avoidance >Combat Advantage…
  • D/C'ed twice in the last half hour. In the southeast US
  • thank you yes i got trade bars and didn't see it.
  • I can get into the game and as long as I'm just on to do jobs, pick up my key, do AH, everything is ok. I redid my DirectX since that's the error message I get and was even able to go out and fight. However as soon as I tried to party with someone for a quest the whole error problem came back even worse then what it was…
  • The problem I have with the new Q is not being able to get into Tiamat or Edemo. If you Q up by yourself you never get in. Then if your lucky enough to get in on a party you have a 50/50 chance to go in.
  • Very funny and very true since if you don't like whats going on in a video game all you have to do is stop playing. Show's you how old he is since he thinks he should get everything that everyone else has. Even if the tradebar thing isn't fair if you don't like it quit playing find a new game and let the people that do…
  • Most don't know this yet but you can change instances now inside of Tiamat. A lot of times there will be an instance with fewer then 7 people in them. My suggestion would be for you to move to that instance and try to get the ones who want to afk to move to another one so more that want to try can come in. This would allow…
  • I like the option of knowing why I was kicked if it happens as well as a few of the other that have been said. I also think that they should have a filter on the pug system so If you only want a DC, OP, GF and a CW then you should have to wait the amount of time it would take for those classes to pug. It would also mean…
  • For starter's I would like to say Thank you for trying to make it easier to get to the higher tier's for Tiamat. However my suggestion would be to make it reset everyday or to allow us to donate after it has reached 100%. Since I would say it will reach 100% by midday on Monday. Which will make it impossible for those who…
  • The main hand gear ONLY takes lvl 70 gear. The off hand will take any that is 60 and above.
  • I think the Hamster went on strike
  • Are they going to make it so the dragon's in WoD drop the greater belts tomorrow? and the fact that most of the time you only get coins and enchantment?
  • Making it bound to Char would be great however the problem becomes if you already have that companion you can not put another one on. To solve this issue why don't you put something into the zen market where we can either unbind something completely or to just bind it to the account. That way if people wanted to sell…
  • Why has a mod not come and said anything about this? you would think with all the different threads open about this someone would have said something.
  • This is something they need to fix since in the e-mail it didn't say that only a certain amount of people could claim it. All that was stated was claim before May 1st. I would prefer not to receive codes in my e-mail if I'm going to be unable to claim them.
  • I would just like to know that after you hit 70 if we can no longer get them from the quests and if so then you really have no reason to go back and do the new content once you finish it. Which I think would be bad. I still have not found any other quests giving me either BUT the one with the Slaad Invasion that no one…
  • I don't know about everyone else but I don't have the AD to be able to buy Elemental Aggregate and/or Unified Element nor would I want to since that takes the fun out of working to get your own. I also don't want to take up my profession slots to make these items since I won't be able to do anything for 7 or 12 days. If I…
  • Getting the other Elemental items is easy for the water, earth, fire, and air. The ones that I need and have not been getting quests with them or even getting for HE's is Elemental Aggregate and Unified Elements. I know you can get them from quests even after your done in that area since I have gotten some before. However…
  • True I would say though that if 50+ people from different accounts tagged them as spam it would be good enough. Also they wouldn't even have to let the players kill them. You have guards in every area of the game why not put them to work. :D
  • You have a point who's to say that they don't wipe our HE's that we have yet to open when they do the patch. That would mean that we farmed the dragon's and got nothing because we did not open them. Not sure if I want to chance my luck with not losing my HE rewards on a chance that they might still be there after they put…
  • server offline :(
  • no I don't buy a new computer every 3-4 months just that when you do it's already obsolete. you can never have top of the line stuff since there will always be better in 3-4 months. I was on one mmo where you HAD to spend $3,000 usd for top gear you couldn't do it in game and then in 4 months they came out with gear that…
  • I for one don't see it as a bad thing. If change and the saying "out with the old in with the new" was really bad then the world would have problems. Yes the this is a game but it is also going to have the same exp as RL. How many people have you read in zone chat telling people to buy a new computer because they are…
  • Please give us an ETA. I was looking forward to getting on today and playing.
  • I have tried to log onto the preview server a few times and every time it says it is unavailable. Is the preview server down at this time?
  • Sorry I meant to type power point. Had just woken up. LOL