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  • Ok well I have to go to bed in 5 hours so maybe I'll play some this weekend.....
  • Yeah what? None of the guilds I am in are that large. But as to how to deal with it (whatever it may be. Something with Strongholds then?). UmmI am on 4 or so multi-guild chanels anyway. Build a chanel and split into 2 guilds. Problem solved.
  • Here you illustrate why Mod2 was complete garbage. The deabte was wether it was 3 CWs and 2 GWFs or 4 CWs 1 GWF was optimal for dungeons. Stupidest. Meta. Ever. The only people who liked Mod2 were the one's serial farming CN (OK they gave us the HR I like the HR). And DG was amajor portion of GWF DPS in Mod2 as well. LOike…
  • Who said all damage? All he said was that if you have damage and CC your damage should be less than a class without as much CC. Which would be, y'know, balanced.
  • 3rd is middle and 2nd means you were a (as in one of 2) primary DPS. So your complaint is ????? That your controller is not also not primary DPS? That other classes (most of which have less utility) are competitive with you in DPS? The horror. The shame. Truly this game is now broken.
  • Not sure how that ended uppn there. It's not on my sheet. Likely just up late switching between character and forum and wrote down the wrong thing. Looks from gear like you went power over crit. I prefer crit. Full brutal and Savage would be optimal but not in my budget. I have other toons to keep in gear;) As to Lost. I…
  • Ballance is not an excuse. It is a core function of game design. Withoutit yuour game does not work. All this talk about roles and cannon is really secondary to having a well designed game. CW has pretty much always been unballanced in PvE. TR has ben the same in PvE. This is nothing new.
  • Is more than worth it. Kessel's key grants 2x the ice and 2x the seals.
  • I am IV conq which can be done on a budget but takes a certain amount of skill and awareness to be effective. I could post a build but really it will not make sense without a real walkthrough on the sequence of engagement. PM if interested and we can go to some zones and I can demonstrate.
  • Do you GenCon? I have a guest bedroom. Of course being that GenCon rents are so high you will likely need to buy a couple cases of beer. Just saying....
  • Ok legitimately other paths need a buff or fix of some kind. But this is true of most classes. For most classes one feat tree simply works better than the others. This was easier for me because my GWF was always a DPS build. But really I was wondering and still am what OP's suggestion was to impliment that. My suggestion…
  • Desi's don'tneed anything they are in a goodplace rightnow. Could the OP be more specific?
  • Not a complicated subject. Whatever your total damagewas divided by time will yeild your DPS. The one is the outcome of the other. The real mistake people make is confusing total damage with effective damage. For example you cast an AOE that does 50k to 6 targets. But they are in various states of injury say you kill 5…
  • 1. Change to 'dealing damage' for AP happened to a lot of classes a long time ago. You used to be able to throw powers at nothing (yeah even in PVP) and gain AP before an engagement. It really means less than nothing. 2. CWs have been (in PVE) able to have superior control and DPS don't get me started on survivabilty as…
  • It was kind of a glorious cluster-fornication for me. I mean I was just blind-Queing to see what was up with the event. Did not run into too many premades but definately a couple. Honestly I had a few more nice 1v1s than normal because I would land in an instance where only 2 of us knew how to play nodes and we would fight…
  • Smothest ToS run I ever had was 2 HRs, GWF, DC, tank. Like <font color="orange">HAMSTER</font> through a goose....
  • Soeaither way a typo. Really cannot remember ifti was always like that because when I was doing IWD was kinda on autopilot.
    in DR Typo Comment by query523 June 2015
  • Tested it later on another toon. Killed 6 conjurers, nada. Killed 3 Dread, finished.
    in DR Typo Comment by query523 June 2015
  • you miseed the 'IV Sent' part^^^
  • It's coolthey'll get tothem likethey did for the Gf. So Mod14or 15 maybe? We'll have a better clue in a couple of months.
  • No. I honestly do not PVP much anymore. If you look at the build 0 Tenacity and only one loadout that used LW so definately PVE ;)
  • TW? TR apparently was accounting for control resist for the damage calculation and they say it will be fixed in patch. Did not hear anything about TW....
  • Check my post 'Swiss Army Ranger'. Has that as well as gear as well as several rotations for various circumstances covering DPS, survivability, and CC loadouts.
  • I predicted, about 4 patches ago when AoS stopped working that if anything like that ever happened to CWs you would hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth across Faerun. I want to thank the devs and contributers to this thread for confirming once again how brilliant I am ;)
  • Set your FoV back. Even melee needs to know what is going on with their party.
  • Not my main but I builtan Oppressor after the entire library (almost) told me not to. Amazng how nigh-invulnerable it is. It just kills things slowly.....
  • You fail to understand why DG was a problem. It was because with one feat you could get plenty of DPS then go IV sent and be nigh invulnerable too. GWfs now get great DPS but can be kind of fragile. If you think CW's controlis bad you whould try...... EVERY OTHER CLASS IN THE GAME. I happen to know their control was fine…
  • You might consider that if you are getting 60% of your damage drom a passive it is fairly broken and maybe needs fixed. I'm thinking back to when Deep Gash was providing upwards of 40% of GWF damage. And yeah I've looked at GWF damage Mod6 and honestly it's fairly ballanced (ignoring Lost set which is fairly broken for a…