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  • They could do a lot of things. One approach would be to have two versions of Zen, call it "Gold Zen" that you get for money and "Silver Zen" that you get for exchanging AD....with the difference being that anything you buy for "Gold Zen" is unbound, while stuff bought with "Silver Zen" is BtA. Not perfect, but it would…
  • I do not even have the words to describe how much I disagree or how intensely I dislike the new "leveling experience", where you go from level 1 to max in a day or two, the storyline makes no sense any more.
  • Jan 14th filled on June 13th - no big surprise there. My next Zen orders were placed on Jan 30th, but that's just when there was a huge spike, right ?
  • It has been suggested for years to have a really expensive item which would convert a BtC item to a BtA, Now, I am only speculating here, but maybe there is a major issue, namely that this is not possible in general - an object with a "base" binding status of BtC is an internal ID that is different from the "same" object…
    in Unbind Token Comment by adinosii May 28
  • Yea, no way this is accurate. I did post the details for my last trade that went through...I have 5x 5000 Zen trades in the queue and one of them should have been filled already if this was accurate.
  • A few months ago, I made the prediction that "No matter which class they release, people will either love it or hate it - it's not going to be a '...meh...' class". I now know which class it is, and had a chance to test it - I cannot comment on it or give any hints about whether I still consider my old prediction to be…
  • Considering that for three of the collars you are actually better off if you remove them - no. Why bother?
  • I got my 5th token today and bought the horse. Not that I have any use for it, with 11 mythic mounts already, but still... Anyhow, the point is that I do not find the event fun, so I'm just going to skip the rest of it...not bothering with the remaining days...it's just not worth it.
  • Order placed on December 17th at 21:44 got filled on May 12th at 8:04
  • I have no idea what the overall theme of mod 21 will be, so I can speculate all I want. Last year I predicted M20 would basically include the Frostmaiden and an expansion to Icewind Dale. I was wrong about that, and introducing that content now would be too late now. Maybe if WotC introduces a new setting/module very soon,…
  • I opened around 130 boxes. got one mythic mount, one legendary mount and one triple choice companion pack. *shrug*
  • I have a huge appearance library, which includes many things not found in the game any more...but by regularly removing different items with identical appearance (but typically different color schemes), I manage (barely, in some cases) to stay below the limit. So, yes, just delete duplicates.
  • If they are going to remove content they might as well just close things down right away. IMO, the Sharandar rework was a mistake, with the new area less fun than the old one.....and the Arcane Reservoir used to be one of my favorite places to go. Or, on second thought, if they want to remove AI, by all means go ahead.
  • And those who know are employees or under an NDA and not talking....just sit back and wait, and be ready to go either "Oh, no" or "Oh, yes" once anything is announced.
    in Classes Comment by adinosii May 10
  • I think that mod 21 will be a "make it or break it" for many. The new stuff will either bring back many of the players who have left and encourage those who stayed to play more (and spend more money), OR it will be the end - kill off a good chunk of the remaining playerbase. They have to get this one right.
  • After the CDP fiasco and the following post... ...followed by no action, messages or anything, I totally, completely lost any respect for him. Quite frankly, I am glad he is gone, and I hope they really scrap his "vision" for where the game should go.
  • I have been doing this with my 51K Arbiter DC. The first week was not too hard, but the second one has been quite a bit more challenging...unfortunately not challenging in a "fun" way - more annoying. Anyhow, a good companion and some healing potions and it's over quickly enough.
  • Eh, no. First, that's not how it works. Second, the Arc software is not to blame for your problems ... if it was wouldn't you think others would have the same problem? Third, what you have is technically not a virus.
  • That's pretty much it - couldn't have said it better myself (and I'm saying that as someone who actually qualifies as an expert on malicious software).
  • uh... 1380/15= 92 and (3x225+15x255)/15 = 300 looks perfectly normal
  • My guess.... somebody messed up ....maybe put the "BTA" on the wrong item, the enchant instead of the title. Wouldn't surprise me.
  • Saying Cannot really be interpreted in any other way than the Bilethorn being unbound. Making it account bound too...well, a lot of people are pissed off, and warning others to stay away ffrom this pack.
  • It would be nice to get more info, but seriously, consider the local time where they are. Maybe this is a simple software problem, maybe a hardware issue...we'll know eventually. For now, just go out and play in the snow or something....
  • each adds 20% to your companion's damage. Utterly useless if you have an Augment - really good if you have a decent fighting companion....which is why many people have 5 or 6.