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  • One thing I just remembered is a certain line in Discovery S3 regarding Mirror Universe incursions in the Prime timeline. Considering that according to livestreams, the devs still (hopelessly, imho) more or less try to make the game fit in the main canon, the outcome of this arc is already a foregone conclusion, unless…
  • For me, the problem isn't the casting itself, as harmless-sounding actors can be made utterly terrifying (I do remember some actors like Mark Hamill, Robin Williams et many of Pan's Labyrinth's cast members who were mostly comedic or "goody-two-shoes" actors (especially Vidal's actor), and many others)... if they have a…
  • > @ltminns said: > Nobody makes a Terran Emporer. You grab it yourself. No, you SLAP it, and bonus points if 10 people do the same thing over the last 2 days.
  • [quote] Kael doesn't understand the obsession Trek fans have in regards to killing characters they don't like, like air-locking Wesley.[/quote] "Trek fans" Kael not understanding the "The Scrappy" trope https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheScrappy , which is not limited to Star Trek.
  • [quote] Changes this massive shouldn't happen without prior communication, and that's on me. [/quote] *deep sigh* I'm not even mad at this point, but I don't think I'm even resigned anymore either.
  • > @grylak said: > Have I missed something storywise? The opening cut scene of this arc with the person floating in space and the planet dissapears. Has that been addressed as to who it was and what happened to the planet yet? While you can piece together it was indeed the emperor using an imperfect ersatz of what he got…
  • "How about you don't hang out at the main HUBs where you have all the NPCs needed for your everyday stuff, have the best visuals and are the closest to the recent missions' starting points" is quite the "interesting" take.
  • > @"fleetcaptain5#1134" said: > > Or transporter operators who offer to beam you down after you've just beamed up. As a cat-I mean Caitian, I actually consider this a sign of respect. After all, you humans are weird for asking to enter a place and not wanting to ask to leave it immediately just so you can ask to enter it…
  • Plus, imagine having the Protostar but NOT her gorgeous bridge. That'd be a severe crime... that Cryptic would gladly commit.
  • "Citizens of the Federation AND her allies... Okeg here! "
  • [spoiler]Even when said target is about to acquire a McGuffin to receive ungodly amounts of power that, for all you know is gonna make him permanently unstoppable? That's an incredibly stupid move. And that's not mentioning how Dumdum's interactions with with the "false goddess" during the fight makes it clear she's fully…
  • Another thing bothering me is how All the way through this arc, I was hoping for
  • > @leemwatson said: > I absolutely have enjoyed playing a 'baddie' version of myself, and folk have been asking for this 'creature-play' for YEARS guys, come on! It does not do anything permanent to your own character.... > > Time-gates are a part of life, and in-game they 100% should exist. > > And Sci's are wickedly…
  • I'm gonna give him the mandatory benefit of the doubt (as he says: no witch-hunting)... but he really should work on trying not to sound like he's passive-aggressively "just asking questions" https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Just_asking_questions.
  • > @rattler2 said: > Science actually works VERY well. It does... one enemy at the time (the elite ones and the boss) , in a mission where enemies keep spawning everywhere. Most of the time, the chain ability in particular is useless except during the couple of times drones spawn close to each other (which is usually on the…
  • > @crypticarmsman said: > > Yes, other MMOs do this type of thing too (FFXIV for example); and I HATE when they force you to play another character too. To be fair, for FFXIV, different characters are meant for a short duty with the current character having their own build that still feels good to play and it's usually…
  • Though, the main render (the forum banner and loading screen one) makes him look like a younger, slimmer Ted Cruz.
  • Happened to me as well. Guess Otherwise, it's yet another typical episode in STO: Great visuals and animations, VA getting better and better, great SFX as well which then get to be used for an annoying gameplay where your performance doesn't matter ( or ), with a "twist" you can see miles ahead as soon as a specific…
  • Tour the galaxy has been cancelled
  • What spoilers? That Tilly is in here still throwing jabs at you? She's literally mentioned in the loading screen and all ads for the patch, and that's almost only what her character does.
  • Well, got quite the beautiful bug where I finished the mission (which is, as usual, visually beautiful, and as usual, plagued with a lot of things the game has wrong (different much weaker character, timegates, 2/3rd of the mission being mostly a tutorial for the TFO, lots of enemies and a sci inquisitor still weaker than…
  • To the surprise of almost no-one, the Emperor will indeed CRUSH us: https://twitter.com/trekonlinegame/status/1567966563600601090
  • Ah right, I forgot about the California, but isn't that an older design from the 24th? Though, I'm pretty sure the Sagan is the first ship there with the 25th century STO aesthetic/hull pattern. It'll likely have the regular Fed bridges, and maybe the Disco ones, whether Walker or Crossfield. Though, it having just the…
  • Isn't that technically the first 25th century-based officially Federation ship in a lockbox? Setting yet another unwelcome precedent in the lockboxes, I see. And announcing this right before a Live Letter for FFXIV 6.2 and the release of Spider-Man Remastered on PC (and Cult of the Lamb).
  • It's obvious they're afraid the newly released cat game is gonna drag players away now that the event ship was acquired by a lot of players at this point, so they're trying anything. That and the Duviri Paradox reveal of that other MMO, as well as the pre-6.2 event in THAT critically-acclaimed MMO.
  • I still can't fathom why the game still gives a end time that happens during a maintenance where the server can't be reached, instead of either a end time BEFORE the usual patch (which often happens at the same hour) or a simple "until maintenance of <insert day here>".
  • That and the fact you can only complete them in either 2 or 3 weeks MINIMUM because there is a daily cap of ONE token out of 14 or 20 on the whole account. I'd suggest allowing players to have a higher cap with some "restrictions", like "you can get another token for each character in a different faction". This could also…
  • So for a month there had been a dozen of reports regarding a shuttle bug, which if they were read would have shown it was the same unresolved bug for a part of content (shuttle) that didn't get many noticeable bugs (mostly because it ended up becoming a very minor content, even if it's mandatory at some points in the main…
  • All those talks about bugs being supposedly acknowledged, just not publicly mentioned and I can't help but bring back this gem:, https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/startrekonline#/discussion/comment/13693412 when there was a bug that, if you even changed ships following a patch (and it was during a period where several…
  • That was the case for R&D promo pack ships. There were only a couple of cases of infinity lockbox ships and they were part of a bundle to "justify" the higher price: -the Tzenkethi one that included the escort, the vanity shield, the console, ultimate tech upgrades, a set of themed weapons and Doff assignments -The plain…