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  • Some light-hearted fun I just noticed: Angry dual-wielding cartoon doggo.
  • If I was a Klingon, I could cut this passive-aggressiveness with a bat'leth. But I'm not one so no.
  • Considering he appeared in the 2 Wonder Woman movies, in Into the Spider-Verse, in the upcoming (hopefully for real this time) Kelvin Timeline movie, got many nominations and several wins in various awards and is reported to play Walter Leland (HA!) Cronkite, AKA "the most trusted man in America" in an upcoming drama film,…
  • The latter. Like every event before.
  • Mignogna WAS in the game before his characters (Amiral Garret and Somat) were recast due to what he did.
  • All those talks and I'm here, just putting Eng Team, Deploy Construction Shuttles and RSP on all my ships, barely bothering to min-max and making it work in every situation.
  • Where are the conspiracy theorists in the Federation saying the Anomaly is this class' fault? After all, in LD, we saw some believed Wolf 359 was an inside job and the Dominion War never happened.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q65l7RHUx2A
  • A thousand years isn't that much for overall technology in long-running sci-fi series, and they tend to suffer from technological stalling, with Star Wars being one of the worst offenders, even with the new canon.
  • The first officer of the Credence really asked to get himself killed. He keeps getting countered effortlessly and yet he still tries. I would find it admirable if it wasn't stupid. Especially since we then learn it's not the first time this happened, so Starfleet must have told their dilithium-supply ships officers to be…
  • It's not actually confirmed Undine can be detected with the transporter pattern buffer and in the same mission, when the impostor does beam down, the officer warning you doesn't say it detected Undine DNA or whatever they have, just that the ambassador beamed down. My first guess is this Undine avoided transporters because…
  • I'll give Cryptic this: Unlike the original designs that were made for the series and given no development or lore, and made in those shape just because, the devs try to give a few justifications: -the Saturn is this shape so it can isolate anomalies better and test new warp fields -the Mars' nacelles move differently when…
  • Every time you read trivia about the Star Trek movies, there is about a 100% chance that every time the writers tried to bring Shatner for a cameo and to have someone else save the day, he wanted the whole movie to be rewritten so he could become one of the main characters and the one who solves the problem, whether it…
  • They don't even make bridges anymore even if they have technical specs and RL blueprints, concept art and other kinds of schemanics (and in the case of various Discovery ships, especially Book's ship, you do see a model of the bridge through the large window), so they definitely won't make unique housing plots. Officially,…
  • The ship needs the full Miracle Worker package, period. I don't care about their reasoning that event ships shouldn't have a full spec (and even then, it's quite an arbitrary and unnecessary reason, which was also broken with the T6 Fleet Corvette), it's time we get at least one proper 32c ship with this spec, outside of…
  • Well, I'll be damned, it's the Eisenberg: https://www.reddit.com/r/sto/comments/r6uub2/winter_event_ship_eisenberg_star_cruiser/
  • Well,the reddit thread itself not actually from the devs, but the screenshots are from the livestream of today (12/01) and this thread is so inactive right now: https://www.reddit.com/r/sto/comments/r6u8rq/the_next_infinity_lockbox_ship_is_the_saturn/…
  • I just learned something from this TFO today: Kagran and Martok are supposed to mention the escaping ships bit, but that's literally, ever since the TFO was released, the very first time I saw and heard this, so it's bugged most of the time for me.
  • "What should you do with this strange device, Captain? <Scan for Kerplickian lice infestation> <Execute the Janeway Protocol> <Recklessly shake it> <Shoot it> <Beam it into Leeta's cell> <(Caitian/Ferasan) Sit on it > <Off to the trash dematerializer with you!> <Call Kurland for advice... maybe?>"
  • It starts on December 7th, according to their Twitter.
  • Not exactly, but pretty close. Basically, to simplify, a big hole being blown up would suck everything violently into space, indeed. BUT, assuming the room/hallway it happens in has its doors closed (so the hole isn't blowing away the atmosphere of the entire ship at once), the air would being blown out and some characters…
  • It's still here for me in the normal list: I just checked on all main factions, including on a character that hasn't been played since the first Delta recruitment and thus has skipped a lot of missions since then, so it's not a case of the TFO only appearing if you complete the Firewall episode to avoid spoilers.
  • Looks more to me that Adira just wants to give Gray a real body because due to whatever plot reason happened, the Gray personality is 100% independent without any kind of Trill ritual like Ezri did to solve a murder case. And also because Gray misses being able to interact with the world and Adira misses him and possibly…
  • IMO, any "Altair" ship is more likely to come from fans of the Assassin's Creed series who don't know the combo of keys to make a "ï" than astronomy aficionados.
  • And even then, all of them combined with Barclay wouldn't reach how Edward Larkin, from the short "The Trouble with Edward", was portrayed. I'd say this character belonged in Lower Decks, but that'd be insulting to Lower Decks because at least in the show, the stupid characters are entertaining enough.
  • Put a "Make it so" every time you enter combat. And since there are various abilities that put and then drop you out of combat, you can re-enact the chorus of the Picard Song.
  • No kinkshaming, please. :P Some people love seeing an increase of 4.47% of their DPS spreadsheets, others love having chuckles watching people flying cluelessly in their expensive ships.
  • Or they'll say it's in an alternate universe where the crew had to abandon ship shortly after their arrival and died, leaving Zora alone while the Federation kept fighting against the Emerald Chain. The episode does mention the V'draysh, which is how the Federation was nicknamed in an early season 3 episode. Maybe because…
  • The literal rocks are the worst parts of the series. They don't even try to make them look like shrapnel, or metal parts flying around, it's just stupid rocks, Discovery is filled to the brim with rocks. Also, is it just me or is Stamets becoming more and more unbearable as seasons go? The "did it just pass through a…
  • I'm expecting a vine trap (like mimicking the user and taunting the target to melee them only to get wrapped) with some quick description about how during a trip to Planet Larry, a sapling got infiltrated into a ship but grew to be friendly enough to offer assistance with its offspring. Some kind of shuttle replication…