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  • Am I the only one hoping we get an Admiral Janeway series?
  • Keep fighting Reyan I'll be right there beside you until we get that beauty.. :)
  • Captain Proton's rocket and I still don't have a poker table on my ship... A captain proton FE would be fantastic but Cryptic has already mentioned in the past how making everything black and white would be.. problematic. So any other holodeck adventure would be nice (Dixon Hill, for example or Fair Haven).
  • Oh I won one of those in the cruise raffle used it on an alt. yeah claim it on one toon only it's a legit useful pack of stuff though.. full ship and ground gear compliment up to and including level 50 (you open a box at say level ten, that includes all the mk iv gear boxes plus a level 20 box that gives you a level 30 box…
  • > @trennan said: > markhawkman wrote: » > > redvenge wrote: » > > markhawkman wrote: » > > Yeah, but it's not the proper name of the ship class. Unless you think the Klingons named it D7... > > > > I think the Klingons named it a D7. Since the Klingons don't really talk about it on the shows, I assume they are…
  • I'd rather they let me buy the dang Voyager interior first.
  • Rainn Wilson as Harcourt eh.. this will be.. quite interesting. Saving Grace is that he is an actual fan of the original so hopefully it won't be bad. At least the character is getting used.. Into Darkness gave Mudd a one liner and use of what was presumably his ship.
  • > @rattler2 said: > coldnapalm wrote: » > > Humm...it's not a comedy...on Fox.... > > Yeah it's doomed. > > > > > When it comes to FOX and Sci-Fi of any kind... yeeeaaaa... FOX doesn't like Sci-Fi. Almost Human was a pretty good show with a top tier actor (Karl Urban) and they still canned it after one season. And then…
  • > @meimeitoo said: > Seems I'm the only one caring about it, but I think they should have gone with the Galaxy interior/bundle, instead of this non-sense. I will not be getting any of these ships. Yes, for spite. Orion tub looks kinda cool but I'm skipping this one because we are pretty close to miracle worker coming out…
  • Herald armor is legit. Plus the visual unlock is even more legit. Especially at Epic. Although at Epic there is one fleet armor that does almost the same thing (I'm still working out which I like more) but I can't for the life of me remember which it is at the moment.. recoil comp maybe? I use one of those anyways with…
  • Can't wait to get muh skorts finally. I heard somewhere 9/14 the goods start happening but Ive no reference because I don't remember where I got that date from
  • I've suggested it before, but here goes. Queues need some kind of unique reward. The old grab bag system if you will of something dropping at the end with an uberl00tz option like the old OLD Borg model (and other MMOs I've played do this as well). Reputation is good and all, but they implemented it to solve the problem of…
  • > @felisean said: > for fed: > all tactical slots with superior romulan operatives (rare male romulan tacticals from embassy) > 1x eng pirate (nausicaan, diplomacy t4) > 1x hierarchy doff (sci/pirate, episode reward) > > if there is room, mostly it might be a human engineer for leadership or the Krenim Boffs from the…
  • Yeah don't break up bundles. You'll thank yourself later when you decide you want one of the other ones
  • Overflow bag has always had weird issues like that.. type /lootcancel and see if you can pick them out one at a time after that.
  • > @valoreah said: > IIRC Scotty had mentioned to Geordi LaForge in "Relics" something to the effect of "all I ever wanted to be was an engineer." Yep I was gonna say just that - then there was an episode of Voyager where there were crew members that had no ambition whatsoever. I forget what ep it was the overarching story…
  • Holy freakin bajeesus that is awesome. I started making Voyager a while back but just kinda stopped after a while. That is some seriously nice detail
  • > @ltminns said: > No, they use the Private Trading Channels for the insane prices. If the buyer doesn't bother to check to exchange to see if they're getting ripped off then they're getting what's coming to them. Anybody with enough EC to buy a ship of any value HAS to know their way around the exchange or they wouldn't…
  • > @gpatton3 said: > Remind me again what the 30th anniv prize is, didn't they do that rocket launch thing this year? That was for first contact day
  • Yeah plus it's anniversary which means you will be able to bag all the vouchers you need from one run of the anniversary mission as one of the rewards is a few hundred vouchers (so finish last year's on that character and then do the new one on a different character). Expect to see that happen around March/April
  • There is a single character you can use to search the exchange for any of the current endgame ships that are tradable. Like druk said above me you'll get better at finding what works for you to find stuff.
  • The dillord giveth and the dillord will take away. After the food last week they needed to trim off the excess stockpiles :) kind of expected it soon because of the recent additions in the Patch notes too
  • Hehehehhahahah SKAAAAAANTS!!!! FINALLY!!!! Thank you. Looking forward to all this stuff (new gal interior looks good)
  • Yes please for love of God offer the bridge to people that already owned the ship.. it's like punishment for Voyager fans
  • Never drink and sto.. more than once I've gone on a lockbox opening spree usually costing me a few hundred million ec. I tend to not open them for the most part. And somebody else's mistake but my gain right after the Kelvin box hit I snagged up a manasa for the whopping price of 32,000 ec. Moral of the story always check…
  • Yeah, the tos anniversary they didn't announce anything until the day of they gave away the 23c pack if you didn't have it already
  • > @harolde13 said: > Thanks for the info I was having a very hard time finding anything. So the drawing was ( on or about ) last Friday (21st) and they do notification(s) within two days of drawing (Saturday or Sunday). Kind of odd timing as far as day of the week to do drawing and notifications over the weekend,…
  • Get a conductive rcs accelerator too( this is a required item on all my builds) they're very useful and give a decent boost to turn rate. If the tub is big enough you might have some power sliding issues but you can work that out as you get accustomed to the new ship. I haven't gotten that ship yet but I've run avengers,…
  • > @spiritborn said: > The age-rating makes "official" child characters an impossibility, as your PC can die. in a T-rated game children are immune to all sources of damage as making children killable is one of those things that's an automatic M-rating or above, in fact even most m-rated games don't have killable children.…
  • > @echatty said: > markhawkman wrote: » > > warpangel wrote: » > > fiberteksyfir wrote: » > > It's a funny thing about gear drops. Every MMO I've played usually revolves around killing Uber dungeon boss, hoping he drops the Uber l00tz, and hoping you're the person that gets it. That's how you keep people playing content.…