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  • Origin of bug found: Low-level characters cannot complete later-stage missions, due to both ground and space mobs not taking any damage during these missions despite being equal level.
  • Yeah this is a bug and needs a look at. Bloom is extreme and can cause headaches for people not expecting a flashbang when they beam down into a cave. Sphere of influence is nigh-unplayable.
  • You didn't read the post: I remade the character. Turns out it was a server issue, a patch was released that resolved the problem.
  • They are both amazing designs, but i slightly prefer Alpha. It's details and appearance are very stylish. I like Beta too, but as said earlier, we've got so many swept-wing designs, it would feel more of a knock-off design than anything else. It is a tough choice though, kudos to the design team!
  • I wholeheartedly concur with you Patrick. It's no suprise that Cryptic has a bad business manifest when it comes to their games, but we're talking about the Kor specifically here. Hell, we both know we could write several books on the mistakes made in the past by Cryptic, but let's stay on-topic here. The Kor is a niche-y…
  • I love raiders. I play the Kor off and on with a torpedo bomber spec, and i never leave cloak if i can help it. The issue i have with the Kor are simple ones: They implemented it far too lazily. It's a lovely raider, but look at the other ships, then look at the Kor: Our cloak animation's busted, we have the Federation…
  • The issue in't necessarily with one skill, though BFAW could use a little workover. The issue is that the game penalizes people for playing anything other than high level builds. There's also too much of a penalty on using cannon-type weapons. The falloff penalty is far too strict, and makes little to no sense. Why should…
  • Check the Vo'quv. The original mac daddy carrier. It's sci-focused. We're essentially getting a tier 6 Vo'quv. I for one will get it either way.
  • I don't know... i'm not too hot on the stats of the carrier. But i /did/ want a federation carrier. So i guess i'll run this as a sci/torper. See how that goes.
  • Am flying a scryer torpboat, and am also working on a Kor torper. Both are hella fun, if not a wee bit finicky to get going at times. It's still fun to see 58k base hits on my small green puff of doom, though.
  • I've got another one: The new Mirrorverse battlezone is not crediting players with Gravimetric Inducers at random.
  • It's not just ESD: Coliseum is unfinishable because some of the consoles you're meant to access can't actually be accessed normally, and the last section of the mission has one of the parts you need stuck under ground with no way to interact with it.
  • This is still a thing?! My god... According to what i read several weeks ago, there's an FX function in the game that forces a crash whenever you enter the Outskirts in the voth ground battle, or do one of the later breen missions. I thought they fixed this.
  • It doesn't transform as it's supposed to? I thought it only transformed if you got the 2set...well, that's another bug found.
  • Still ain't fixed.
  • Bumping this and seconding it. I figured Cryptic would've fixed the bug by now, seeing as they've already figured out what it is. Multiple report threads and several weeks later, still no fix.
  • This needs to be fixed ASAP. It's actually possible to crash in a place where your character litterally cannot be logged back in to, thus rendering the character unplayable! [Edit] Main character now inaccessible. I would suggest people stay away from the voth battleground untill this is fixed. [/edit] [edit2] I just…
  • I actually feel this is the case. It just seems that the falloff should not even be here anymore, because with all the maneuvering, you barely get to use the cannons to begin with unless you're in a raider, but then you're too weak to tank the explosions you'll run in to.
  • a bit of both would be nice. It just seems off that one weapon type is so dominant over another, especially since if i am to believe cryptic, the whole idea with cannons is to deal MASSIVE amounts of damage. What's the point of them if, even when you're flying around and making the best of your turnrate/strafe runs whilst…
  • Would be nice if they stickied a thread, because this has been acknowledged already.. Just not fixed. This is getting annoying, especially since cities can sometimes not be capped properly when the Outskirts is struggling, especially when no one wants to go there and risk a CTD.
  • They have. The bug is being worked on.
  • This is a known bug, it also happens during Voth ground battlegrounds in the Outskirts Zone. Something about an FX thingy not working as intended.
  • +1. CTD during Voth ground battlefield. It seems to be random, generally caused by initiating combat. I've had it happen during the Breen arc, too.
  • I support this thread. Not because i like the ships, but because i like the reason:According to the Avenger's flavortext Starfleet made the Avenger in response to KDF's battlecruisers. So uh... Why aren't they replying to the large carrier ships, too? The initial design theme for the feds and klingons stated that the…
  • You can. In short? You can put regular weapons on your shuttle. Playing a klink, and feeling annoyed? Load a bio-neural warhead and ONE-SHOT the walkers once their shields drop. Feddies have their own awesome stuff they can add to their ships. Heck: You can be sassy and fly around with the omnidirectional antiproton beam…