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  • I got the mail, tyvm b:thanks I sent an in game reply, but you haven't logged in a few weeks I guess XD I tried the "earth" game on the free beta weekend. Enjoyed playing a zerk, but my heart is set on playing "faction battles" - I just like how they are putting that game together. It's no sub fee, just box, so you can…
  • Just wait a while. After they've milked everyone who wanted to have the fashion right away they'll put it in the boutique for everyone else. I see you have entered the 'I quit the game but I'm going to come back every Wednesday to see how badly PWI trolled its players, and then troll said players on the forum' club. b:cry
  • Don't worry about Aub guys - all she does now is play the new "earth" game and troll forums b:kiss
  • ^This PWI was the first MMO I ever played, and it won't be the last. BUT it will be the last thing I ever touch that has anything to do with PWE. Tired of being trolled by this company.
  • Leaving aside all the previous suggestions of player fixes to get around a terrible organized pvp game system ... I'll just say that PWI really failed when it could not properly implement the promised 40v40 faction base wars, which would have allowed a lot more flexibility for factions to enjoy organized pvp - especially…
  • This pretty much^^ Those buying zen get double benefit. Everything in the boutique they now get cheaper (packs, orbs, rank stuff, mounts) and they also get almost 2 mil (on DW) per gold if they want coin instead. I preferred merchanting when sales had end dates and didn't last weeks and weeks, but coin can still be made.…
  • This is true. Although I was actually poking fun at the poster (the seeker I referred to is hers) as opposed to making a serious argument. Perhaps I should have used a ;) instead of a laughing bear. Still, it is good to know that someone is diligently scouring the forums to make sure that everyone uses proper logical…
  • This is all well and good, but I've seen r9 seeker in action. This noob called Mitaya or something like that ... total fail, ruins this argument for all seekers. b:laugh
  • Now this is what I miss b:laugh
  • "12. There will be more interaction between venomancer and its pet. (too many double negative on this sentence...I am a little confused here) It will have anti stun ability. " I hope this "interaction" means that veno pets will increase in power based on the veno's gear - similar to mystics and their summons. But if not,…
  • Is the Queen of PWI able to get a faster response from the devs in China than a lowly GM like frankie? If so, I've got a list of questions for you to ask.
  • b:laugh at "Don't worry, he still hasn't heard about rank 9 weapons"
  • If you think you would do the new recast r8, i.e. getting all four armour pieces recast for the set bonuses, then that might influence your decision. You can read about it here I would look at both a full 2nd stage nirvana set, and a full recast r8 set and see which of those you like better. Then head in that direction.
  • My opinion is that it would be more fun for factions to encounter each trial and figure it out on their own. That was a big part of the fun for me last night (I was Regen for trials 5-9). Besides, it won't be long before someone with too much time on their hands writes up a nice guide on the general discussion or quest…
  • My opinion based on my own experience figuring out my build. If your focus is more PVE, then full magic with pdef ornaments and sharding a mix of HP and pdef gives decent survivability. If you find your HP isn't enough then you can move some points to vit. But if your focus is TW then I recommend either full-vit (sharding…
  • ^This Although, a demon veno would have three chances to armour break, not just two. Also, there is the question of timing. Azzazin would have to confirm, but there might not be enough time (during the IG window) for a sage to myriad human, then change to fox and myriad again. i.e. if only the second myriad procs, will the…
  • If they are working on a sequel, I hope they release the name of it soon ... so I know what to stay the hell away from. After I move on from PWI I won't be touching anything else by PWE, too many problems with how this company conducts itself and treats its customers.
  • Hmm ... they couldn't even go one week without the crazy 50 pack for 18 gold sale. I guess gold has to remain above 1mil coin at all times. So much for "extending the life of the game."
  • Read all this, but won't bother quoting anything - just some thoughts. On the original thread question - R9 veno is bad? If your goal is to pwn in pvp or pve, and you have your choice of alts to rank 9 from any class, and you choose veno, then I guess that was a bad choice. If a veno is your main and will always be your…
  • It cannot be released fast enough for me b:laugh
  • This makes too much sense and benefits everyone involved (including PWI's wallet). Therefore it will never happen. Instead we will get another pack and a daily quest that is only relevant for players between level 30 and 50. Cynicism is directly proportional to time spent playing this game b:surrender
  • Hey Ursa ... I don't mind the necro because ... G W 2 ... I cannot wait for this
  • A long time ago on this toon (like mid-2009) I weighed all the details and decided to go full-vit AA over HA, but I always thought playing HA would be fun (I'll be moving vit to magic as I now get my endgame gear to higher refine, and eventually be pure magic AA). My question to any HA users into high-end TW/pvp is how…
  • yeah, PWI can't even get the actual slang it wants to censor right ... I believe the term you are looking for is "daisy chain"
  • Reading the new list of censored words/phrases was highly entertaining, my favourite was "polishing the torpedo"
  • I think most sage venos chain the genie skills Fortify or Absolute Domain with Feral to get the invincibility without the stun. If there are any other genie skills someone can add those to the thread. Depending on your own channeling rate, and genie build, you may need to start channeling Feral first, then hit the genie…
  • Move the DW discussion to the DW forum please. That forum is boring right now and can use some drama b:laugh
  • It may be chump change for you or me, but not everyone who plays this game has time to farm a ton or the inclination to merchant. Lots of players are much more casual, or just play this as a break from some other game, or as they wait for another game to come out, or they have lots of alts and don't want to spend a ton on…
  • Aubree is surly today b:chuckle I liked this one too - http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showpost.php?p=13392241&postcount=83 The Queen of the Elves doesn't take any ****, don't you forget it b:beatenup
  • This is important. If 20mil coin is going to be beyond your budget for skills then, for example, sage soul degen cannot be considered a 'pro' for sage when you're making your pro and con list for each path. I suggest looking through the AH at veno skill prices, doing some price checks in faction chat or world chat and…