Fly icon not responsive?

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I logged into game to play (I'm a level 25 Cleric by the way) and hit the fly icon and nothing happens. It says it's laggy, but even then everything else is moving smoothy other than this. Has this happened to anyone before and also what can I do about it? b:angry
I've tried going to the character screen and logging in again - nothing.
I'm thinking of exiting out of PW to see if it will help, but I don't think it will D:
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    Did you perhaps have the temp level 15 stash wings equipped, and they expired? Check to make sure you have wings equipped.
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    Is the Queen of PWI able to get a faster response from the devs in China than a lowly GM like frankie? If so, I've got a list of questions for you to ask.
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    I have been having this problem too, mainly with my 3x-6x characters. (all with permanant flyers) I've noticed that it mainly does not work when in water, but is not limited to that. I'm not sure if it is on all characters because I really don't pay that much attention.
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    If you hit the fly button while laggy chances are that you hit it more than once and it canceled itself out or equiped/unequiped a few times while you were lagged. I have that problem sometimes when I am coming out of a laggy area. Just move forward and hit it once, if you have no lag then you should fly no problem.

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