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  • i thought this was something in the lines of gigantic list of everything that people is selling in the server like what alot of other games have so you don't have to looking around the stupid cat shops, but this is just bs... thought pwi gotten a little bit better, nope, just more greedy...
  • why hide behind base or do anything in a 1 v20? Just leave the battle and goto another especially if the territory u just came from is open. If you know u can't do much damage, just goto a land and leave immediately especially when it's a big battle. Even at 21 place, u still get like 350 credits for doing nothing if your…
  • Don't complain to me about problems with balance in this game... and if an advantage is inherent, by taking it away, you are giving yourself a disadvantage. Maybe I shouldn't have used the word advantage, let's say inherent skill set.
  • Then, you can just kite around and use blinking thing, and the hp and mana increase pots, it's same as being buffed. Since you have purge, this makes the other person unable to obtain the benefits of those pots. As not to waste those pots, might as well be buffed. And the thing with the autopot is that it's basically…
  • as a class with any skills that purge buffs, why fight unbuffed? imo, waste of an inherent advantage, lol And you need to get an autopot thing, those mdef charms don't click themselves
  • Good job Sweetiebot, ignore these people who are afraid to show who they are ingame f:sneaky
  • They got their ***** kicked by a dead faction's alt faction, you should know this b:chuckle
  • Still what are you trying to say? You pull out a random lvl number, great. Why does 83 matter? why not 79? 55? 22? The thing is that i never said that you were didn't have those pictures nor did i say you were lying... You just keep blabbering on about proof, but there is nothing to prove... This is why trash like you need…
  • What are you trying to say? I started when the server began... How the hell did you think i made it to 101 faster than all but 4 people? And the only people that i remember in Seppuku were the ones on vent and apparently you weren't. And i remember people that mattered, and apparently you weren't on that list either. And…
  • newgen? you don't know me means you are the newgen, lol. 5th lvl 101 person on the server. 4 of them were in the same faction, Sepukku except for gaynxtduh, lol. And this being the first MMORPG i've ever played, it was kinda weird, lol. And i guess that person was des_x or w/e he name was. Recluse was created by…
  • wtf no, it looks like those talking cats from the fairy tail manga b:shocked
  • I support this bigger map, it would teach people to buy charger orbs with all those 1 v 0 b:angry stupid noobs with no apoth, hp, def and walking in wrong direction picking up flag...b:surrender
  • Milari, some barb with a name started with D, then akasera When was asterelle leader of LG? Seppuku was the best till Nishtara gave up on game for Atlantis something i believe or something something something nostalgia b:cry
  • pack is 60 silver per pack, not 50, nothing is going up
  • oh god, this noob again, surprised they haven't banned you from the forums b:shocked
  • oh look at this badass, so damn edgy b:shocked
  • when was this, i must have missed it b:shocked With that much defense and ability to zerk crit, I don't see how people were complaining the class was lacking...
  • this was balanced out with the skills before the magic zerk thing. This is a complete different issue.
  • this is delving into the area of philosophy, which is why i said 1+1=2 is not provable. And my variables are 1 and 2. b:pleased
  • I think he believes you have infinite mirages, bank space, SP and time. Btw, I have made 2 81+ genies, 3 71+ genies with less than 1000 genies used. b:avoid Did it with a 21/30 cutoff. Ran out of SP otherwise, I would have more, lol
  • with a 1/10 genies, your potentially valid combination is decrease to literally 1 possibilities. And all genies lvl 30 and below can be decomposed instantly. And your try all genies till they become invalid, it only work if it's 90 LP or below. There is a constraint on bank space, SP coin and time.
  • you know that 1+1=2 is also nonproofable
  • the old map required less strategy, not more. It was basically rush to the other person's base before they do to yours. Now, with the bigger map, baselocking isn't effective anymore, it's more about blocking and how the stronger squads can block the opposing nation while the weaker squads eats up the territories behind…
  • ok, you can have this thread as a qq thread. I don't and didn't know about the one in general forums, so I will give u two. All those locked threads were troll threads by the jnd w/e his name is. They served no purpose except to incite arguments and I'm pretty sure that guy is laughing his *** off as you guys continue to…
  • so, by your definition 99% of the threads in this forum is a qq thread. I get it, we need to rename pwiforums qqforums.b:cry Your original point was that there was complaints and qqs other then this thread, even though the OP stated it was not QQ, where has there been another thread that the original topic was to QQ about…