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  • Most end game players have 6 rank 14 enchantments on the lower half of their comps, are we now expected to get rid of these when the market is flooded with them and therefore cheap and go through the process of leveling up 6 runestones to replace them on every character? Will there be a facility to trade in enchantments…
  • It's because the double stones event was removed from the calendar without any explanation from the developers.
  • Similar problem in crl, no campfires anywhere near the 2nd boss and the final battle with strahd, you have to travel half way back through the dungeon to switch loadout.
  • I cant inspect anyone in my guild roster, I realise the devs were changing the view in alliance guild inspect feature but not in guild. I'm a leader of a gh 20 and we have recruited 35 new members in the past 2 weeks and now we cant inspect them to see who is eligible for runs etc. We had the same problem in a previous mod…
  • I have a great idea, why not change the GWF class to a buff,debuff class for the next few mods like you have for just about all the other dps classes. This would give them a great chance to do 2nd rate dps and rarely get invited to endgame content for the next 18 months like sw's, hr's and cw's. Only seems fair that they…
  • It does still hit targets around the primary but not for higher numbers which it has been doing lately. If you test it on dummies for instance at present it will hit primary for say 250k and the dummies on left and right for 280k. This is what they are changing so that all 3 dummies are being correctly damaged for 250k.
  • Are they actually doing a sw overhaul in mod 15 then?
  • npnm for trash and foe for boss fights. Not much use for foe with hr on trash as all other classes kill everything so quick the dot effect doesnt really have enough time to take effect. It's ok on bullet sponge bosses where you do have enough time for hr to take effect and do dot damage though.
  • I agree, no need for nerfs, people just need to work a bit harder on their gear and build and develop their characters properly. I'm really enjoying the tough challenge of Castle Ravenloft with my guild mates and working out ways for us all to improve and be better players to beat it. The devs have made primal armour and…
  • Are there any patch notes available for all of this weeks maintenance?
  • It's actually been NINE days, mod came out last tuesday and maintenance was yesterday being thursday. Sometimes things are fixed during maintenance and they dont provide patch notes which is why I mentioned it.
  • Still not working post maintenance. A lot of players are really unhappy about this issue having puchased new companions pre mod 14 and hoping to be able to upgrade them. I hope this issue is given priority and not put on a back burner for 3 months as it is extremely frustrating and obviously companions play a huge part in…
  • And hopefully a fix for the companion upgrade tokens in the shared bank. I purchased 2 companions ready for mod 14 and cant use them as yet because I cant upgrade them as my tokens are on different characters.
  • Brutals etc on comps still proc the stats but just dont show on the comp itself. Put brutals on your comp and then check your main stats, power crit etc and you will see that they are in fact working.
  • Definitely not working. Can deposit AD into shared bank ok but not companion upgrade tokens which is irritating.
  • I'm unlucky on any day with a y in it!
  • I find that the main problem with the tiger is that it doesnt seen to stay alive for more than 10-15 seconds in end game content and loves to dive of the platform in codg. I'm looking to replace it, I've never had such a squishy companion before.
  • Really good event with some exellent rewards, looking forward to it. Great to see the developers giving everyone some really useful items to help with their adventuring. Thank you. :smile:
  • I believe it's 30 days.
  • It doesnt surprise me that numbers are down. I'm leader of a guildhall 20 in an alliance with 8 other gh 20's and four in the high teens. All of the leaders in our alliance are saying pretty much the same thing, that about 30% of their high gear scored end game players have now quit and given their stuff away. The number…
  • My advice is dont bother, the game is in serious decline. Find something more worthwhile to play.
  • Answer me this: Lets say people go with this change and rank up all of their enchants and bondings to 14. They also upgrade 4 comps to legendary giving the 225% from their comps. The increase in all these stats including the enchants on their character will make them just as strong as they are now, if not stronger and the…
  • You can be as self righteous as you like, however no company should charge its paying customers for the same thing twice.
  • Basically if we go with these proposed changes and make all enchants and bondings r14 on our companions we will be stronger than before, so 6-9 months down the line after spending millions to do so the exact same problem will return. So what has anyone gained by this other than creating the same issue exactly a few months…
  • I run a main SW, I have 42k power and 70k when my companion procs. If I run aFBI with a PO and a DC I can get over 200k power. So please tell me how the problem the devs insist is there lies with the bonding stones.
  • Which is why we only have 9 people on in our guild right now as opposed to the 30+ we usually have on all the time at weekends. Most of them have moved to other games now as they are completely sick of being treated worse that dirt by the developers. And I dont blame them, I'm guild leader and I'm now playing something…
  • I have 23 rank 12's on my main and comp + 3 x rank 12 bondings. To take these up to 14 I will need 52 coalwards plus SMOP + UMOP + about 9 months refinement. About 60,000 ZEN to do this lot to get back to where I am now, this is nothing more than a cash grab pure and simple. I thought the game was about progression, not…
  • Not a good sign when guild leaders are quitting, start of the mass exodus from neverwinter I think. Thousands will quit over the next couple of weeks, people are really fed up with being treated so badly now by Cryptic.